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Chapter 473: Blood stained father and son meeting (1)

The lid of Linnuo's little friend was truly breathtaking.

The little Gentleman and the little shota were gone, and now there was an outlandish old fogey.

This was not the key point!

The key point was that with the movement of the little fellow's head, the lid began to flutter up, turning into the air. It looked really stupid and adorable.

"Fifteen, where's your mother?" The Hetun asked solemnly.

It was as if he didn't care what kind of haircut the little guy had been given. Or perhaps, he knew like the back of his hand what Lin Xueluo's intentions were.

"Mommy is not feeling well, so she can't go with us."

The little guy's words caused the Hetun to slightly frown.

Because tonight, Hetun was looking forward to see how shocked and shocked Feng Xinglang would be when he appeared in front of Feng Xinglang with Little Fifteen in his arms!

"Your mother is fine during the day, why do you say she's uncomfortable? "Twelve, get a doctor."

"I don't want it anymore. Just let Mommy rest at home. I don't like to be followed by Mommy at all! "

The little guy naturally knew that his mother, Xueluo, was pretending to be sick.

Because Xueluo really did not want to attend the banquet. But Xueluo knew that he could not stop Hetun, so he could only let him bring his son Linnuo along.

Hetun did not insist. After all, Little Fifteen was the star of the show tonight. Lin Xueluo was just a foil.

It would be good if Lin Xueluo didn't go, because he could control the little guy's actions and words more easily.

They had already walked out of the villa's entrance, but the little fellow had stopped moving. Thinking of something, he turned around and ran into the villa.

When he came out again, he held a well-crafted crossbow in his hand. This was custom-made for foster son by the Hetun himself. Although it was small and light, its lethality did not decrease.

The reason why the little guy went back to get the crossbow was because the little guy heard from Xing Lao Bow that he would meet his biological father, Feng Xinglang, at tonight's banquet. How could he miss this perfect opportunity?

Seeing the crossbow in the little fellow's hand, Hetun smiled in understanding: "Looks like this father and son meeting tonight won't be too boring!"

Three anti-riot vehicle s slowly drove out from the Shallow Water Bay.

The little guy was sitting on Hetun's thigh, silently staring at the crossbow in his hand.

"Fifteen, when we arrive at the clubhouse, do you want your foster father to lead you in or carry me in? Or perhaps, have Old Tweleve lead you? "

Hetun was in a good mood tonight, so she patiently asked Linnuo about the unhappy little friend.

The little guy pursed his little mouth and thought for a while, "Foster father, carry me in! I want my foster father to carry it! "

It was as if the scene of Feng Xinglang hugging the little girl tightly surfaced in the little guy's mind. He was afraid that the little girl would catch a cold, so he even took off his outer clothes and wrapped them around the little girl …

The little girl had a father that she loved and a father that she hugged. He also had a foster father that he loved and hugged!

If the little girl had it, he, Linnuo, had it too!

"Good!" It's a promise then. Father will carry you in later! "

Hetun used his legs to kick the little thing in his arms, then used his slightly bearded chin to rub his little face.

From beginning to end, Hetun never asked the little fellow why he took the crossbow!

Vaguely, he could smell the little rascal's anger. The anger of wanting to seek justice for your mother!

This kind of beginning was quite good!

It was exactly what the Hetun had been hoping to see!


The lounge was not eye-catching, but it was extremely luxurious.

It was a gray area!

Not black, not white, but a buffer zone and transition zone between black and white.

The people of the yamen were even more worried that the Hetun would cause trouble in the Shen City!

This was because the ident.i.ty of the Hetun was not something they could afford to offend.

The entire lounge was reserved by the Hetun.

Ye Xiaonian, dressed in his best attire, became like a beast in clothes. Seeing that the Hetun was not here yet, he dived into the flower bush and started his journey tonight.

And tonight, Feng Xinglang was rather different.

He did not try to strike up a conversation with the n.o.bles, nor did he try to win over those black-headed, white-headed people.

Just tasting the food.

Yan Bang, on the other hand, accompanied Feng Xinglang as he ate the dishes one by one.

"My appet.i.te is good tonight... "Nervous?"

Yan Bang took a sip of the red wine and asked.

"That's right!" I'm so nervous that I almost forgot my last name! "

Feng Xinglang laughed coldly, picked up a piece of cake and stuffed it into Yan Bang's mouth.

Yan Bang seemed to be overwhelmed by the unexpected favor. He bit down on the piece of cake, and at the same time bit down on Feng Xinglang's finger.

"Sorry! I'm very nervous too! " Yan Bang joked.

Feng Xinglang gave Yan Bang a cold glare and continued to taste all kinds of delicious food.

He was indeed nervous.

He was nervous that if he lost control of himself, he would kill the Hetun in front of everyone!

"He's here, he's here..."

Following the uproar of the crowd, Feng Xinglang looked in the direction of the red carpet.

Even after five years, the Hetun was still as robust and st.u.r.dy as before. His powerful body was about to burst out of his clothes.

However, there was one in his arms … Milk baby?

He looked to be about five years old: wearing a cute pot head and a pair of big eyes, filled with the proud aura of someone stepping on the shoulders of giants.

"F * ck that sister …" Could it be that the little milk bag in the Hetun's embrace is his fifteenth foster son? "

Yenian had a strong feeling of being cheated. He had originally thought that Hetun's fifteen would be an extremely beneficial role!

How could he have imagined that it was just a small milk bag?

It was as if Yan Bang was also startled for a moment, and jokingly said: "Could it be that Hetun wants to open a nursery?"

Feng Xinglang kept staring at Little Fifteen in Hetun's arms.

His heart inexplicably throbbed. He felt as if he had seen this little milk baby somewhere before.

It was only when Feng Xinglang saw Xing s.h.i.+'er behind Hetun that he realized that he had fallen into a new round of Hetun's conspiracy.

Feng Xinglang had seen Xing s.h.i.+'er before. And more than once.

Suddenly, Feng Xinglang thought of the 'little brother' that was nagging at him. Looking at it now, it should be this little milk baby that Hetun was carrying.

Amidst the flattery, Hetun walked over to Feng Xinglang while carrying Xiao Wu who was in his arms.

Not knowing what the Hetun was thinking, Yan Bang subconsciously moved closer to Feng Xinglang.

When it saw Feng Xinglang, the little fellow only gave him a hasty glance before turning away and hugging Hetun's neck tightly with both of its hands. Then, it buried its head into Hetun's shoulder sockets.

It was as if he had a kind of inferiority complex in his heart, causing the little guy to not dare, and also not want to face Feng Xinglang.

"Fifteen, hurry and call this uncle. This uncle is very fierce. I heard that he was. .h.i.t by three bullets and survived! "

Hetun slightly pulled away from the little fellow's body, allowing him to look straight at Feng Xinglang.

At the same time, it also made it easier for Feng Xinglang to see the little fellow clearly.

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