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Chapter 463: I can't love you, but I can't let it go!

"Do you think I care about her, Lin Xueluo? "Heh!"

Feng Xinglang sneered, "She's not worthy!"

"If you don't deserve it, then why are you pretending to be such a scoundrel who wants to take advantage of the situation?" And now and then come to my place to arrest people? "

Yuan Duoduo was so angry that he almost went into a rage.

Tonight, she was exceptionally angry! Because Xueluo was hidden in her room, he could hear every word that she and Feng Xinglang were discussing and cursing him.

"I must catch her! How dare you hit my, Feng Xinglang's, child? I, Feng Xinglang, want to spend this entire life with her until I die … She, Lin Xueluo, will never be able to compensate my child's life! I can't even die ten thousand times! "

Clang! With a loud sound, Feng Xinglang smashed the wine bottle in his hand onto the floor and released an ear-piercing sound.

Not only was Xueluo, who was hiding in the room, crying, Yuan Duoduo, who was beside him, was also choked with sobs.

"Feng Xinglang, don't be like this … Maybe Xueluo had no choice but to beat your child to death. "

Yuan Duoduo could tell that this man had truly hurt his own heart!

If this man didn't care about Xueluo, he wouldn't have come here to cause trouble for her for five years. Some feelings can't be faked.

"Forced? Humph! Then why didn't she die with the child in her womb? "

Feng Xinglang hissed sternly. It really stung Xueluo's ear drums.

"Feng Xinglang, you are just a lunatic! If you want Xueluo to die with the child in her stomach, then why aren't you dying with her as her biological father? "

Yuan Duoduo said unfairly, "On what basis do you force the fault on Xueluo alone?"

Thinking of something, Yuan Duoduo became furious as if he had met his enemy.

"Feng Xinglang, you lying sc.u.mbag! You said that you couldn't let that brat who died prematurely go, and even said that you wanted to waste your life with Xueluo, then tell me, why did you and Lan Youyou fall in love? And gave birth to a daughter? "Speak!"

However, Feng Xinglang remained silent.

"Feng Xinglang, you have nothing else to say? While saying that you care about the child that you died with Xueluo, while holding onto another woman and giving birth to a daughter … "

"Feng Xinglang, I despise you!"

Yuan Duoduo wanted to curse something, but when he saw the depressed and depressed Feng Xinglang on the sofa, he couldn't utter a word.

For some matters, she could only be considered a bystander. Only Feng Xinglang and Lin Xueluo knew what had happened between them, and why they had come to this step.

Yuan Duoduo's phone suddenly rang, interrupting the suffocating atmosphere in the living room.

The call was from the Dance Training Center.

"Duoduo, you have to work hard tonight. That little Chen went out with her boyfriend. "

"Why should I? Are you bullying me because I don't have a boyfriend? "

Yuan Duoduo was really furious today.

"It's just a s.h.i.+ft change!" Tomorrow night she can't do it for you. "

"No!" I am not in a good mood and do not want to change s.h.i.+fts! "

"Yuan Duoduo, is it true that you're here? "Fine, fine, fine. Can I give you two hundred yuan in private?"

The moment he mentioned money, Yuan Duoduo's anger seemed to decrease a little, "I need to see the money first!"

"My great-aunt, I will turn it over for you right now! I give up on you! You are simply Brother Kong's blood sister! A bunch of people are still waiting for you. If you take a taxi and come over, I'll reimburse you! "

Ten seconds later, Yuan Duoduo received the manager's transfer of two hundred yuan!

Even if he took someone's money, he wouldn't be able to s.h.i.+rk responsibility. Thinking about how he still had the five hundred thousand from the bank to rush him, Yuan Duoduo decided to go to the training center to train. She was like a top, tiring from time to time for her livelihood and for the house.

During this time, Feng Xinglang had of course tried to help her more than once, but he had always rejected her offer. She was just that strong.

Looking at the drowsy Feng Xinglang on the sofa, then glancing at the unlocked room, Yuan Duoduo felt that he could leave in peace to work overtime.

Because the drunk Feng Xinglang was taken care of by Xueluo. It was unlikely that the two of them would be able to turn her house upside down.

Therefore, while taking his jacket, Yuan Duoduo went to put on his canvas shoes.

"About that, I have to work overtime. Ge Hua's antialcohol tea is on the kitchen stove. You can just use hot water to make it." He'll be asleep in a minute, and he won't make a fuss. "

Yuan Duoduo's voice was very loud, allowing everyone within the forty square meters to hear him clearly.

At this moment, Xueluo really wanted to rush out and catch Yuan Duoduo who was going to work overtime.

If Yuan Duoduo ran away like this, what could she do? Wouldn't she have to face Feng Xinglang alone?

No matter what, he had to let her get away first. It wouldn't be too late for Yuan Duoduo to work overtime after all! At most, he could just give her all the thousand yuan in his pocket.

With a loud clang, Xueluo had no choice but to face the truth: Yuan Duoduo had truly left her alone in front of Feng Xinglang!

Xueluo's heart almost jumped out of his throat.

What should he do? Yuan Duoduo, the guy who liked to meet Qian w.a.n.gyou!

Actually, Xueluo was being tormented by the Spiritual World, so how could she understand the oppression and torment Yuan Duoduo was going through in this materialistic society? Even if they were a few days late, the bank's emergency payment would be endless.

Yuan Duoduo's love for money like her life was also forced out by this society!

In fact, Yuan Duoduo could still understand some of what had just been said.

At least he could hear that she wasn't talking to Feng Xinglang entirely. Because she used 'he won't fall asleep' in her words. What do you mean? Who was she talking to?

Drunkenness and sleepiness struck him at the same time, causing Feng Xinglang to slowly close his eyes and fall into a deep slumber.

Xueluo, who was in the room, was truly worried now. It was already so late and he still hadn't returned to Shallow Water Bay. Her son was everything to her, she really didn't want to see the little guy getting beaten up by the Hetun again.

After about twenty minutes, the living room was quiet.

Through the unlocked door, Xueluo looked at the sofa in the living room: the man was lying on it peacefully, as if he had fallen asleep.

Xueluo knew that he had to leave. She did not want her son Linnuo to worry about her, nor did she want this little thing to be beaten up and shut down the little black room again.

He lightly pushed the door open, and Xueluo quietly walked through the living room towards the anti-theft door.

The man's facial features were still as clear and handsome as ever. The pa.s.sage of time had added a touch of calmness to his demeanor.

It was just that there was a deep sense of sadness!

"You dare to knock out my child?" I, Feng Xinglang, am going to spend this whole life with her?

Xueluo's tears couldn't help but roll down once again.

Seeing the man's haggard face that had been tormented by alcohol, Xueluo was unable to move his feet.

Xueluo thought about the Ge Hua Brewing Tea that Yuan Duoduo had mentioned before he left.

Xueluo found the Ge Hua Wine Brewing Tea on the stove, and used hot water to brew it. Quietly, he carried it to the side of the sofa, and carefully placed it on the table beside Feng Xinglang.

She didn't know when Feng Xinglang would wake up or if he would drink, but Xueluo had still brewed this cup of Antidote Tea for him.

It was like a magic spell: He couldn't love her, but he couldn't let her go!

Just as Xueluo was about to leave, a powerful arm suddenly attacked her and grabbed her wrist!

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