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Chapter 458 - Feng Xinglang, that lowly man …

The little girl, who had been messing around for the whole afternoon, finally fell asleep in Feng Xinglang's arms.

who was already drenched in sweat, even if he took a shower, he would still constantly think about the Feng Tuantuan who was fast asleep. Wrapped in a large towel, he wiped the water droplets from his hair and came out.

On his chest and abdomen, there were still hideous scars after the operation. But it's much better than it was five years ago.

"Sleeping in a circle?"

Feng Lixin walked over, and lightly pecked the little thing's broken little face.

However, Feng Xinglang's gaze was fixated on a certain spot where Feng Lixin was wrapped in the bath towel.

After thinking about something, he used his free hand to pull off the wide bath towel at Feng Lixin's waist, and revealed everything that he should have exposed.

"Xinglang, what are you doing?"

Feng Lixin was shocked, then she immediately donned the clothes on him.

"Bro, can you use that thing now?"

Feng Xinglang asked straightforwardly. But it seemed a lot better than before the operation.

Feng Lixin's fair face immediately flushed red, "Kid, can you be more serious? I'm just asking you about all these trivial things! "

"Feng Lixin, do you think you're a coward? I have already stripped Lan Youyou of that spirit demon, and you don't even dare to touch me?

Four years ago, it was understandable that you didn't dare to touch her. After all, you didn't have the strength to do so.

But now that you've recovered, you still don't dare to touch her? Are you afraid that she'll bite your thing off? "

"Feng Xinglang, what nonsense are you spouting? They're still sleeping! "

Feng Lixin was a little ashamed, "Do you think that everyone is like you … Just like an animal! "

"The crux of it all is that you, Feng Lixin, are not even comparable to an animal! The other animals even knew that they had to find a suitable female body!

Look at you, you don't even dare to touch a woman when she's by your side?

If you continue to act like this, I'll send you to Thailand and just cut that thing up! "

Feng Xinglang grumbled somewhat resentfully at the fact that he had failed to meet expectations.

"The person Youyou loves is you."

After a long while, Feng Lixin finally choked out a sentence.

"If that's the case, then I'll go back and sleep with her tonight! "As you wis.h.!.+"

Feng Xinglang coldly snorted.

"..." Feng Lixin was startled, "Xinglang, you can't do this to Youyou! Unless you really love her! "

"F * ck off with your love! This daddy will only treat it as solving physiological problems! " Feng Xinglang reprimanded.

"Then... Then you are not allowed to touch Youyou! " Feng Lixin coldly snorted.

"Feng Lixin, you only have two choices: either you sleep with Lan Youyou, or I'll sleep with Lan Youyou!"

"Xinglang, what nonsense are you talking about? Youyou is a human, she is not an animal nor a beast, she has feelings for him!"

"Enough, I'm too lazy to waste time with you!" One week, just one week! If you don't want to sleep with her, then let me! It's been decided! "

"Feng Xinglang, I don't allow you to act recklessly!"

"So what if you're reckless? What can you do to me?" Feng Xinglang scoffed.

Three minutes later, the conversation returned to its original topic.

"The Hetun has come to the Shen City again. You take the ball and go out of the way. "

Feng Xinglang gazed at the cute girl in his arms and affectionately kissed her. He offered all his favors.

"What?" Hetun is here again? "

Feng Lixin trembled slightly, "What is he doing here again? Forced you to do some choice again? "

still had a lingering fear whenever he mentioned that unbearable memory. Everyone in Feng Family felt as if they had died once.

"I'm not sure yet!"

Feng Xinglang slightly narrowed her eyes, and her gaze turned deep and cold, "It's time to settle scores with him!"

"I forbid you to fight him head on! We can find clues about Hetun and have the police deal with him! "

After five years, Feng Lixin was no longer the Feng Lixin who had gone all out to die. He enjoyed his life.

"As long as you take away all of them, you don't have to worry about anything else!" Feng Xinglang said indifferently.

Sighing slightly, Feng Lixin stared deeply at his brother Feng Xinglang, as well as the repressed Shang Yi behind his handsome face.

"Xinglang, why don't you go find Xueluo? I know you never forgot her! Xueluo destroyed your child, I think she must have been forced to … "

Before Feng Lixin had finished speaking, Feng Xinglang had already given him the small ball that was sleeping in his bosom, and then turned around and left without looking back.

Regarding Xueluo and the child who died prematurely, they were the most painful points that Feng Xinglang had not been able to touch for the past five years.

If anyone mentioned this, he would be furious.


Xueluo went to Shen Da University, and found that the people in the dorm had long since changed.

Not to mention the rosewood box, even the bookcase with the rosewood box was gone. The entire dormitory had been rebuilt and renovated.

Xueluo thought of Yuan Duoduo.

Actually, the first person Xueluo thought of the moment he walked out of Shallow Water Bay was Yuan Duoduo.

If there was a shortcut to get in touch with her, it would be the orphanage.

Even after five years, the orphanage was still the same.

It was a stark contrast to the tall buildings that rose from the ground of Shen City. It was also a glaring contrast.

As expected, he found a way to contact Yuan Duoduo here.

Yuan Duoduo grew up in this orphanage. Her roots were here, so in a way, this was her mother's home.

Yuan Duoduo rushed to the orphanage in a hurry. When she saw Xueluo, who she had not seen for five years and was still alive, she instantly cried bitterly.

The two women held each other and cried until their voices were hoa.r.s.e.

"Lin Xueluo, you heartless thing! Where have you died all these years? "

"Aunt, I have already searched the Shen City many times … I'll look for it whenever I'm free, and I'll look for it whenever I'm free! "

"Lin Xueluo, you heartless b.i.t.c.h! "Since you're still alive, why didn't you call me?"

"Duo Duo... I'm sorry. "I'm sorry..."

Xueluo never thought that his sudden departure would cause Yuan Duoduo, his good friend, to be so worried.

She was truly gratified that there was still such a good friend waiting for her return in Shen City.

After crying for a while, Yuan Duoduo finally calmed down. She sized Xueluo up from top to bottom.

"You haven't changed, you're still the same."

But Yuan Duoduo had changed a lot. He could dress up even more, and he would become even more charming. Vaguely, he could smell the scent of the small citizens suppressed by the mundane world.

"Xueluo, quickly tell me this: you shouldn't have been a good Second Madame, where did you run off to?"

Without waiting for Xueluo's answer, Yuan Duoduo said with righteous indignation: "No need to ask, he was definitely forced to leave by that tigress Lan Youyou!"

"That fox spirit is really powerful now. It is as if he has realized her beautiful dream of seizing the lair! And that lowly man Feng Xinglang, although he pretends to be dispirited and infatuated with her on the surface, but deep down, he's a guy who likes new and dislikes old times! "

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