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Chapter 413: You can't let her make mistakes again and again!

Xueluo who was in the trunk was so angry that she almost died from Ye Xiaonian.

Her forehead had been smashed open. He had clearly heard it, but for some reason, he gave up on opening the trunk!

If Xueluo knew that Ye Chong was willing to give up just because Lan Youyou was a shallow peck on the surface, she would probably be even more angry.

Xueluo could feel that Maserati was speeding away at a high speed.

And also Lan Youyou's curses.

"Lin Xueluo, I really didn't think that you, White Lotus would actually be such a scheming person! Heh, you still dare to encourage those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds to ask the Feng Family for ransom to redeem you? You sure know how to scheme! "

Xueluo was startled: How did Lan Youyou know?

Those people weren't stupid enough to tell Lan Youyou, right?

"Let me tell you: there are traitors among them! You have already reported your every move to me! "

"Lin Xueluo, you are destined to fall into my hands this entire time.

"..." Was there a traitor among them? Xueluo was almost speechless.

Xueluo didn't know where Lan Youyou was taking her, but she knew he was definitely not going to let her off easy.

However, her entire body was weak and powerless, and she did not even have the strength to resist Lan Youyou.

The Butler Mo waited for an hour near the Fish Watching Lake, but he did not manage to wait for the group of people to bring Xueluo's wife to take the ransom.

As time pa.s.sed, Butler Mo vaguely felt a trace of unease.

"Their captain should be here by now, right? Should I pick them up in the car? "

Butler Mo said to the two crew members beside him who were staring at him with s.h.i.+fty eyes.

Butler Mo did not care about the small amount of money in the box. The key was that they needed to exchange with his wife Xueluo safely.

One of them smacked his lips, "Logically speaking, it wouldn't even need half an hour to go from the dragon's head dam to here!"

Butler Mo instantly memorized the address' Dragon Head Dam 'from this person's words.

"I'll have to trouble you to give me a call to urge you on!" The night is very cold, and I've always wanted you to accompany me to eat the wind and freeze.

Butler Mo's words were extremely polite and tactful.

Before he received his wife Xueluo, he would treat them like his ancestors.

One of the crew members took the cigarette sent by Old Mo and called the captain again.

However, even after calling several times, he still could not get through.

"F * ck my dog, I was able to get through just now, but now …" Did you turn off your phone? "

"Call Old Wai and the others again and ask." another suggested.

However, after beating up the three people in the van one by one, he was unable to get through to any of them.

"It's all shut down!" The man swore.

"This is bad... Something must have happened! Perhaps that evil woman had beaten him to it … "He's going to kill us to silence us!"

The Banshee that the crew members spoke of was referring to Lan Youyou.

As he said this, the other person panicked. The two of them jumped onto the motorcycle and ran away in a sorry state.

Butler Mo did not chase after the two crew members who ran away. Instead, he jumped onto the jeep and sped towards the 'Dragon Head Dam' that the two of them talked about.

The Dragon Head Dam was indeed a good place to throw a corpse. It was a wasteland with weeds growing everywhere.

The ground was still rough and rough, and he hadn't had time to pitch the asphalt yet.

At one of the ramps was a simple fis.h.i.+ng boat of the kind used by fishermen. There was no one up there.

But Butler Mo could vaguely smell that his wife, Xueluo, had once gone ash.o.r.e on this fis.h.i.+ng boat.

There were traces of a van pa.s.sing through the mud on the sh.o.r.e.

Butler Mo followed the trail of the van on the muddy road and found a trail of a van driving down the flood control dam.

The van was well on its way. How could it suddenly dash down the flood dam?

Perhaps the new crew was unfamiliar with the terrain and might be able to break down the dams; but the crew should know the terrain perfectly well.

Butler Mo chose to call the police.

After calling the police, he discovered that not far away from where the van's tracks had disappeared, there was another car's wheel tracks …

Could it be that evil woman?

The van was picked up at seven in the morning. Fortunately, there was a cus.h.i.+on under the dam to prevent the van from rolling straight into the sea. Otherwise, there really wouldn't be a corpse remaining.

It was initially identified by the police as having lost control of the wine and fallen into the sea.

What made the Butler Mo even more gratified was that the corpse of his wife, Xueluo, was not in the van. Only three crew members.

It seemed that his wife, Xueluo, had been kidnapped by the Evil Woman and the one who had gotten to the top first.

The Butler Mo could only wait for the police to investigate the ident.i.ty of the deceased before they could track down the other two crew members who had escaped. He asked who the evil woman was from their mouths.

It was as if Butler Mo knew subconsciously who the evil woman was. But I'm not sure yet.

When Butler Mo returned to Feng Family, it was already past nine in the morning.

Feng Lixin impatiently waited in the Feng Family's living room, unwilling to eat the medicinal porridge that the Nanny An fed him no matter what.

"Old Mo, where's Xueluo? Why didn't Xueluo come back with you? Did they think they had too little money? How much do they want? We can give as much as you want! "

Not being able to see Xueluo behind Butler Mo, Feng Lixin immediately became sorrowful.

The Butler Mo shook his head, "Of the crew, three died, and two are escaping! Xueluo was kidnapped by a third party!

"What?" Xueluo was kidnapped by a third party? Who is it? Hetun? "

Feng Lixin asked in shock.

"It shouldn't be Hetun! Hetun and a few of his foster son s were still trapped by Old Chu in the ocean liner! "

Slight, Butler Mo seemed to be weighing whether or not he should tell Feng Lixin about the Evil Woman.

"Who could it be?" Feng Lixin asked.

"The fleeing crew member said: It looks like a banshee!"

Butler Mo told Feng Lixin the truth. Regardless of whether Feng Lixin could accept it or not, he had the right to know.

After all, the victim was his, Feng Lixin's, sister-in-law. A woman giving birth to a child of the Feng Family.

"Evil Woman? The evil woman … It should be Lan Youyou! "

Feng Lixin let out a long breath of air, "Didn't she come to Feng Family the night before yesterday? It must be her! "

It seemed that even though Feng Lixin was using a ventilator in the medical room, he still understood what was happening outside the Feng Family's villa.

"First Young Master, what should we do now? I wonder if Miss Lan will do anything to the Second Young Master's Wife! "

Feng Lixin was quiet for a moment, as though he was trying to calm himself down.

"Youyou is very jealous! Xueluo is pregnant with Xinglang's child too, so she can't treat Xueluo well, mother and son! "

Feng Lixin still understood Lan Youyou.

He knew that she was an extremely selfish and unscrupulous woman who would do anything for the sake of love.

"Looks like we can only ask Yan Bang to step out! I can't let her make mistakes again and again! " Feng Lixin said with certainty.

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