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Chapter 406: Conquest!

The main surgeon shook his head. "I really don't know! We wanted to help him push her down the stairs and send her onto the carriage, but that Cong Gang didn't even let us go! "

On Yan Bang's resolute and handsome face, an uncertain layer of anger started to envelop him.

What right did Cong Gang have to treat Feng Xinglang as his personal belongings?

No matter what, it was not's turn to behave so atrociously in Yan Bang's territory!

"At that time, do you know where Cong Gang will hide him?"

Yan Bang endured his anger and asked.

Ye Yinian thought hard for a few seconds and finally shook his head, "I really don't know! Boss Bian always likes to come and go alone, like a ghost or a shadow! "

Yan Bang's ill intent emerged suddenly, and he hissed towards the attendants beside him:

"What are you waiting for!" Call out the surveillance system for me first! Then, he would track them down one by one, street by street! Even if you have to dig three feet into the ground, you have to find Feng Xinglang for me as well! "

Ye Xiaonian was confused. He did not understand why Yan Bang would be so angry. He then quietly reminded them:

"Brother Bang, don't worry. Cong Gang would not harm Brother Lang! If the Brother Lang was with Cong Gang, he would definitely be safe! I think the reason why Cong Gang hid the Brother Lang is so that the people of the Hetun can't discover him! "

Ye Tianming's words, which were perfectly normal, attracted Yan Bang's cold stare:

"You mean to say that if your Brother Lang is here, it wouldn't be safe?"

"No no, Brother Bang, you're mistaken … I didn't mean that. "

A thin layer of sweat had already formed on Ye Shaonian's forehead.

He didn't know why Yan Bang's temperament had suddenly changed, but he was certain of one thing:

That was, Yan Bang did not like Cong Gang!

When Ye Xiaonian walked out of the private hospital, it was only under the cool night breeze that he found out that his s.h.i.+rt was almost completely soaked.

This Yan Bang, was simply too terrifying!

Fortunately, he had chosen to follow Feng Xinglang back then. If he had followed Yan Bang, he probably wouldn't even know how he died.

Watching Yan Bang's cool Bugatti drive out of the private hospital, Ye Xiaonian let out a long sigh.

He jumped onto his own Subaru and looked around. Finally, Ye Xiaonian couldn't resist and called Lan Youyou, the Goblin.

This was exactly the kind of magic that Lan Youyou had. It would make a man who had come into contact with her yearn for it.

It was a submissive subjugation instinct that was hidden within a man's body!

Before they could conquer Lan Youyou, they would think of all sorts of ways to continuously become victims under Lan Youyou's use.

Lan Youyou went to find a few nearby hospitals, but none of them were able to find any trace of Feng Xinglang.

Could it be that Cong Gang was willing to give up his distance?

Feng Xinglang's injuries were serious, so doing this would undoubtedly reduce the chances of Feng Xinglang surviving.

One more thing: Feng Xinglang is dead! There was no need to send him to the hospital.

Sad came over, Lan Youyou couldn't help but sob in a low voice.

If Feng Xinglang died, she really didn't know what would be the point of her life.

Unable to find Feng Xinglang and unsure of whether he was alive or dead, Lan Youyou crawled on the steering wheel and cried bitterly.

G.o.d would also show mercy to the fairer s.e.x, and at this moment, Ye Jiinian's phone call came.

"Ye Xiaonian, you found Feng Xinglang? Is he dead or alive? "

Lan Youyou's voice was hoa.r.s.e from crying.

"Youyou, are you crying?"

Ye Xiaonian heard it. He could always detect Lan Youyou's minute emotional changes at the first moment.

"Tell me, where is Feng Xinglang? To die or to live! "

Lan Youyou roared. She didn't care about Ye Shaonian's concern at all.

Originally, Ye Xiaonian had wanted to keep some suspense and get something from Qiao Qiao, but he was stopped by Lan Youyou's furious roar.

"Brother Lang is still alive! He had just retrieved two bullets from the hospital! The doctor said he should be able to escape from his life! Youyou, you don't have to be too worried! "

Ye Chong was at a loss. Because at the end of the day, the only person Lan Youyou cared about was Feng Xinglang.

"Which hospital? I will rush there right now! " Lan Youyou asked anxiously.

"You don't have to come. Brother Lang has already left! was taken away by Cong Gang! "

Ye Shaonian told the truth. In front of the beauty he liked, he would say anything.

He told everything he knew to Lan Youyou. She was afraid that the beauty would tear up because she was too worried about Feng Xinglang.

"Feng Xinglang was taken away by Cong Gang? "Where did you take it?"

Lan Youyou had no time to experience the sorrows in Ye Xiaonian's heart.

"I'm looking for it too!" You know, Cong Gang has always been elusive, and he even played dead before! Ordinary people would not be able to find him! Brother Bang and I are also looking for it! "

When Yan Bang was mentioned, he immediately hung up.

It looked like Lan Youyou hated Yan Bang to the extreme!

Ye Xiaonian suddenly realised: Even if it was the heavily injured Feng Xinglang, there would still be so many people who would pay attention to him!

Just as expected, after Lan Youyou hung up the phone, Bai Mo called him immediately.

Lan Youyou no longer filled his Shen City to look for Feng Xinglang.

If Cong Gang really wanted to hide Feng Xinglang, it would definitely be difficult to find him in a short period of time.

If it was really easy to find, then Yan Bang's people would have definitely found it before her.

Thus, Lan Youyou turned the car around and rushed towards Feng Family.

If he wanted to find Feng Xinglang, his big brother Feng Lixin was undoubtedly the best candidate.

If Feng Xinglang didn't die, then he would definitely contact his precious big brother on his own accord.

Three bullets for his big brother! Lan Youyou really didn't know what was hiding in Feng Xinglang's mind to actually be this loyal to Feng Lixin?

The great doors of the Feng Family were tightly shut.

But there was light. This meant that there was someone inside!

Lan Youyou anxiously smashed open the big door of the Feng Family. Nanny An opened the door.

Seeing the anxious Lan Youyou, the Nanny An did not let her directly enter.

"Where's Feng Lixin? I want to see Feng Lixin! "

Lan Youyou reached out to pull the door, but there was an anti-theft chain installed behind the door, so he could only open a crack so that he could clearly see the outside. He couldn't go in.

"My First Young Master's body is unwell, it's not convenient to see you! "Please leave, Miss Lan!"

This time, Nanny An decisively rejected Lan Youyou.

would not treat anyone who was related to the Hetun well.

"Where's Feng Xinglang? Did Feng Xinglang come back? " Lan Youyou asked anxiously.

"Ask your foster father!" You made my Young Master into such a miserable state, you will definitely get your revenge! "

Nanny An immediately closed the door, locking Lan Youyou outside.

"Hey …" Hey … Opening the door! Open the door! Feng Lixin... Feng Lixin... Quick, get your servant people to open the door! "

Lan Youyou would not leave until he was asked where he was. She slapped on the door of Feng Family's villa forcefully, creating a loud noise so that Feng Lixin, who was in the villa, could hear her.

"If you dare continue making noise outside the Feng Family's door, I'll cut off your tongue!"

A sinister male voice came from behind Lan Youyou.

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