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Chapter 386: He can leave now!

The wheelchair was new, it should have been specially prepared for Feng Lixin.


Feng Lixin mumbled softly, so his words sounded even more indistinct.

His vocal cords were not that good to begin with. Furthermore, in order to successfully escape from the Bai's mansion, he had bitten his own tongue, which was originally not very clean, to create the illusion of him spitting blood being poisoned.

Xueluo jogged up to greet them, squatted to the side of Feng Lixin's wheelchair and asked with a pained heart:

"Big brother, why are you also … Weren't you in the Bai's mansion? "

"To see you."

Feng Lixin spoke calmly. Only when he saw Xueluo being safe and sound with Wuyang did his heart calm down.

Regardless of whether it was rational for him to do this or not, or whether it had any meaning, in Feng Lixin's opinion, to be able to see Xueluo and her son safe and sound with his own eyes, everything was worth it.

"I'm doing quite well. Big Brother, quickly leave this place."

Xueluo had already realized that Feng Lixin had fallen into the hands of the Hetun. But she still hoped that he would be able to escape.

"Since you're here, how can I leave?"

Feng Lixin lightly stroked the top of Xueluo's head with his hand, and said with a deep apologetic voice, "Xueluo, you two have suffered!"

Hearing Feng Lixin's words, Xueluo had acc.u.mulated tears for many days, and could no longer hold them in, rolling down.

She quickly shook her head. He wanted to say something, but there was nothing he could say.

After a long while, Xueluo finally calmed the pain in his heart, and stopped his choked voice.

Xing San had already left. The cell door was locked once again, and only Xueluo and the half disabled Feng Lixin remained in the room.

"Brother, weren't you in the Bai's mansion? Was it the Hetun that forcefully broke into the Bai's mansion? "

Xueluo wiped away the tears on her face and asked softly.

"I found a way to run out of Bai's mansion myself."

"What?" You ran out on your own? " Xueluo was surprised.

Feng Lixin did not want to continue explaining himself. Instead, he looked at Xueluo's abdomen which was half kneeling on the ground with an extremely gentle gaze.

"Xueluo, is my nephew well?"

After a slight pause, he heard another regretful grumble, "You silly child, you're unwilling to tell us about your big pregnancy?"

"Big Brother, you know about it?"

Xueluo muttered, and after that, he lowered his head in remorse, and replied with a weak voice:

"You said that a sister-in-law is pregnant with a brother-in-law's child … Is this suitable? "

"Sigh, it's all my fault. Hesitating and looking ahead and back, he became Xinglang's accomplice! Xueluo, your big brother has let you down, mother and son, and caused you to suffer a moral guilt! It's big brother who's confused! "

In the beginning, Feng Lixin was indeed protecting his brother, Feng Xinglang. He thought that his actions were just interacting with Xueluo in a different way. As a young man, he started acting up and scolding Little Qiao. Feng Lixin was able to keep one eye open and one eye closed.

Only now did she realize: her actions of not being firm in her stance, and being indulgent and biased against Feng Xinglang, all of this had actually caused such great harm to Xueluo and her son!

"Big Brother, don't say that …" It was all over! Feng Xinglang and I … It was not suitable to begin with. It was also because I was selfish, and wanted to secretly leave the Shen City with the child in my womb … "

While talking, Xueluo fell silent.

There was no point in saying this now.

All of these could only be blamed on Feng Xinglang.

She didn't blame anyone!

"Big Brother, you haven't eaten dinner yet, right? I've never tasted the mushroom soup in this thermos before. Let me feed it to you. "

Xueluo took out a small amount of mushroom soup from the thermos, and used his lips to test the temperature, "It's just right for a warm mouth."

But Feng Lixin did not drink the mushroom soup that was being fed to him.

"Xueluo, drink it yourself. You and your child need nourishment! I've eaten. "

The morning medicinal food had all been spat out by Feng Lixin, and even now, he still had not taken a step forward. His body was weak to begin with, and he needed even more nourishment, but Feng Lixin seemed to no longer cherish and cherish his own life.

They were dying anyway, what was the point of wasting food!

"I don't believe it! I promised Xinglang that I would take good care of you! "

Xueluo insisted on raising the spoon to Feng Lixin's mouth.

And it was such a tender insistence!

Xueluo was always like this: able to use the simplest of actions to touch the softest part of a person's heart.

Unable to force Xueluo's insistence, Feng Lixin finally opened his mouth and drank the mushroom soup that Xueluo had brought to his lips.

"Xueluo, you are too kind! You and your child will be safe. "

After a slight pause, Feng Lixin meaningfully added, "Xinglang will choose you two."

Xueluo's heart ached because she knew that Feng Xinglang would definitely not choose either of them.

Not only a few days ago, Feng Xinglang had already made a choice between her and Feng Lixin;

"Brother, let's ignore who Feng Xinglang is going to choose. Let's eat first."

Xueluo forced a smile on his face and continued to feed Feng Lixin the mushroom soup, separating the mushrooms and stuffing them into his mouth.

"The child is almost four months old, right?" Feng Lixin asked again.

Xueluo nodded, "In six months, he will be able to come out and call you uncle. This uncle of yours is not to be ignored! "

"Silly girl, how could I dislike my nephew? Knowing that you are pregnant with Xinglang's child, I'm so happy that I'll go mad with joy! "

Feng Lixin's joyful words made Xueluo feel gratified, but also made her sad.

The eldest uncle of the child could be so happy with the birth of a child, but the father of the child …

I hope that the existence of the little thing in my stomach will not cause any trouble for Feng Xinglang's choice.

But Xueluo also wanted to live!

He wanted to let the child in his stomach live!

"Big brother, if the child in my womb can be safely born, I will let you adopt him as your son, okay? The doctor said it was a boy! It's developing very well! "

Xueluo said as tears streamed down her face.

Feng Lixin was slightly startled, then laughed: "Didn't this guy have Feng Xinglang as his father? Why did he still have to be my son? Isn't it great to call me uncle! "

"Yes. "I'm sorry." Xueluo was a little nervous.

Even if he and the child in his stomach could escape the calamity that was Hetun, they would not be able to escape Feng Xinglang's scolding and coercion, right?

"Don't worry, you and the child in your stomach will be safe and sound!"

Feng Lixin comforted the anxious Xueluo, "Remember to live a good life with Xinglang. He has a bad temper, so you have to indulge him a little. Don't be afraid of that kid, he's just a paper tiger! When he was young, he was as stubborn as an ox.

If Lin Xueluo and her son were the only ones left in the selection, then Feng Xinglang wouldn't have to make the choice that he wanted to make.

Feng Lixin smiled gently and calmly.

With two family members accompanying his younger brother, he would be able to leave in peace!

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