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Chapter 375: Let them guess: The one who wins becomes the wife, and the one who loses becomes the concubine!

Lan Youyou's words, which were so tender to the bone, revealed endless viciousness and viciousness.

Hearing that, Bai Mo's whole body became weak!

Since she was taking off her clothes, he only took a few glances at her. This girl was actually going to let Feng Xinglang dig out his eyes?

This woman was too vicious!

He vaguely remembered: The three young masters in the Night Villa had teased her because they were forced to do so, but that thing had been cut off …

This woman was too scary!

"Mo, she wanted me to dig up your eyes. What do you think, I'm digging, not digging?"

Feng Xinglang tilted his head and asked Bai Mo who was sitting cross-legged on the Persian carpet.

Teach the kid a lesson, all right.

"If you want to dig, then dig!"

Bai Mo who was in the wrong shrieked. But then he jumped up from the carpet.

"Relax! This is the Bai's mansion, but I, Bai Mo's territory, you actually want to dig my eyes out? Feng Xinglang, you are seeking death! "

It was only then that he remembered that he was the boss of Bai's mansion! Even if he wasn't the boss, he was more than enough to be number two!

"With my relations.h.i.+p with you, can you do something so vicious? Just for the sake of a beauty! "

Feng Xinglang said leisurely.

"That's more like it!"

Bai Mo glared resentfully at Lan Youyou who was nestled in Feng Xinglang's embrace. The unwillingness and anger after being toyed with surged into his heart.

"Since Ah Lang has said that … Bai Mo, let those two eyes of yours stay in your eye sockets! "

Lan Youyou scoffed, she was so arrogant like a swan standing high above her.

"Let's continue our conversation! What else did you do to my brother? "

Feng Xinglang returned to the main topic.

When Feng Xinglang entered Feng Lixin's room, he had just hid the phone Lan Youyou gave him.

It was not easy to avoid the Butler Mo from hiding something. But Feng Lixin did it.

"Xinglang? "Why are you here?"

Seeing Feng Xinglang who had suddenly appeared within the Bai's mansion, Feng Lixin's tone carried surprise.

From the looks of it, Big Brother Feng Lixin did not produce any negative emotions from Lan Youyou's words and actions.

"To see you."

Feng Xinglang sat on the side of the bed. She looked straight into Feng Lixin's eyes, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Your female demoness is currently sitting in the living room. How could you still have the mood to lie here? Is my heart not itchy? "

Feng Xinglang joked.

"..." Feng Lixin was speechless.

Maybe she was really itchy, but she couldn't enter that woman's heart at all.

Feng Xinglang bent over and pulled Feng Lixin's entire upper body into his embrace.

"Did you miss me?" he asked.

"I didn't think much of it!" was just worrying about Xueluo's safety! You said that she, a weak girl, had fallen into the hands of Hetun … "

Feng Lixin was always like this, he had an inexhaustible heart and every day.

is my wife, you don't have to think about her! I'll be jealous! "

While Feng Xinglang spoke with a humorous tone, he stroked Feng Lixin's body from his spa.r.s.e hair all the way to the soles of his feet, not sparing even the tiniest part of his body!


Feng Lixin was a little embarra.s.sed, "Xinglang, don't mess around … "What?"

"Check if you're skinnier, it's not like the Gentleman Bai neglected you!"

Feng Xinglang's technique was quite nimble, and once again, touched both of Feng Lixin's legs from his hair, not a single part of his body missing.

After it was true that Lan Youyou did not attach any burglary device to him, he withdrew his hands.

"What did Lan Youyou, that spirit demon, say to you? What have I done to you? "

Returning to the main topic, Feng Xinglang began to 'interrogate' Feng Lixin, which could be considered as the confession of the two of them.

"She said that you were her lover; she also said that she had no choice but to sacrifice me in order to save you … Xinglang, don't disappoint her and show you her sincerity! "

The two men's confessions matched.

"I won't let her down? Then what about Lin Xueluo? Do I fail, or do I not fail? "

Feng Xinglang asked with a cold smile.

"..." Feng Lixin fell silent, and was once again speechless.

"Actually, this matter is easy to resolve as well. Let the two of them make a guess, the one who wins becomes the wife, and the one who loses can only become a concubine!"

"..." Feng Lixin was speechless.

When he returned to the Bai's mansion's living room once again, Lan Youyou was already in a coma due to the medicinal herbs.

Staring at Lan Youyou's beautiful face, Bai Mo was filled with emotion.

"Lordmaster, I'll take this woman away first. My big brother will have to trouble you to take care of him for a few days. "

Gentleman Bai slightly nodded his head, "If you can't go out, and if you cut off all the signals, your brother would be safer than staying in the safe!"

"Then I'll be troubling you!" This junior will be forever grateful! "

Feng Xinglang bowed deeply towards the Gentleman Bai.

Gentleman Bai had always admired Feng Xinglang. That was why he had entrusted his beloved grandson to Feng Xinglang to help them out.

Seeing Feng Xinglang carrying Lan Youyou and leaving Bai's mansion's living room, Bai Mo immediately chased after him.

"Brother Lang, your ribs are broken and have not healed. Let me help you carry it!"

Watching his grandson return and leave in a hurry, Gentleman Bai could only let out a long sigh.

How could he not feel that his beloved grandson Bai Mo was trying to find a way to avoid him!

When would he be able to experience the value of kins.h.i.+p?

To an old man in his nineties, accompanying was undoubtedly the best form of filial piety!

Feng Family.

It was not that Xing San did not have patience, but he had received the news that Lan Youyou had barged into the Bai's mansion alone.

Just as Xing San was about to leave the Feng Family, Feng Xinglang walked in.

One on one, honest with each other, neither of them brought any underlings or cold weapons.

Xing San thought that he did not need to, because he was confident that he could escape with ease.

Feng Xinglang felt that he had a weapon that was even more effective than a cold weapon against Xing San.

"I have urgent matters to attend to first. We'll talk another day. "

"Let's do it now!" Because the 'urgent matters' are in my hands! "

Xing San frowned, but still followed Feng Xinglang into Feng Family's study.

"Lan Youyou is in your hands?" Xing San asked.

When Xing San said this, Feng Xinglang was even more confident.

"Yes!" She is in my hands! I just fished it out of the Bai's mansion! You want it? "

Feng Xinglang asked leisurely. The initiative to control the topic.

"If I want to take her away, it won't be that easy, right?"

Xing San sensed that Feng Xinglang still had more to say.

"Then I will not beat around the bush: I will use Lan Youyou to exchange for Lin Xueluo with you! It should be fair if we trade them one at a time, right? "

Feng Xinglang spoke bluntly.

Xing San was the third foster son of the Hetun, so his ranking should be at the top. So he should know where Lin Xueluo was imprisoned.

"But I feel that this transaction is not fair and is not worth it! At least the little one in Lin Xueluo's stomach can be considered half something, right? "

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