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Chapter 361: Fetuses Should Not Be Healthy

Inside the prison, the doctor was bandaging Xueluo's wounds.

"All of you, take care, she's pregnant!"

Lan Youyou arrogantly berated the two doctors, a man and a woman.

"These are medicine that pregnant women can use. We'll be careful."

The female doctor carefully wiped away the dirt on Xueluo's wounds. They were afraid that they wouldn't be able to explain it to Lan Youyou if it hurt.

Xueluo looked at Lan Youyou with a calm gaze, as though he was wondering why this woman had become so gentle after going out.

Sometimes, gentleness was like a poisonous sharp sword that could kill people without them noticing.

Xueluo's expression was wooden, and the wound in his soul was extremely deep.

She still hadn't recovered from the sadness in Lan Youyou's words!

They were actually the bait Feng Xinglang threw at the Hetun? Xueluo had already asked this in his heart hundreds of times: How can that man treat mother and son this way? One was his wife and the other was his son. Shouldn't they be the closest people to him, Feng Xinglang?

But the reality was: Feng Xinglang had thrown the mother and son pair over to Hetun to seek for their big brother Feng Lixin's safety!

Xueluo could understand that Feng Xinglang wanted to protect his big brother Feng Lixin's heart, but she couldn't accept the fact that Feng Xinglang was using both mother and son as bait!

The hunger that came back from his stomach due to his obedient child forced Xueluo to stop asking himself this sad and sorrowful question.

Xueluo seemed to have realized it as well. He had an even more glorious ident.i.ty now — — It was his mother!

It was already like this for its father. If it wasn't for her, the mother, being in love with it, how pitiful would that little thing be?

"Just now, Ah Lang invited me out."

Halfway through his words, Lan Youyou seemed to be waiting for Xueluo's reaction.

Xueluo was silent the entire time. But from the way Lan Youyou called Feng Xinglang 'Ah Lang', this should be a happy date.

"He asked me to treat you well."

Seeing Xueluo did not react, Lan Youyou said again.

Feng Xinglang actually asked Lan Youyou to treat him well? Xueluo laughed coldly in his heart.

No wonder Lan Youyou was so 'gentle' to her. He even asked the doctor to bandage her wound. However, this was indeed what Xueluo needed right now. She couldn't allow her wounds to become inflamed, because she still had a baby in her stomach that was almost four months old.

"He also said... He doesn't want you to become the second Feng Lixin, and even more so, he doesn't want you to shoulder a lifetime's worth of emotional debt because of what you have to do! Ah Lang doesn't want to owe you anything! "

Lan Youyou pa.s.sed on Feng Xinglang's words to him. It was as if he wanted to tell her: Even though Ah Lang and you are husband and wife in name, he has never treated you as his wife!

Other than being bait, you, Lin Xueluo, have nothing to offer as a wife.

On Xueluo's somewhat pale face, there was complete silence.

That man, he's running away from the train again!

It was the same with her, and it was the same with Lan Youyou.

Because Xueluo clearly knew: In this world, there was no one who could become the second Feng Lixin in his heart!

Feng Xinglang said these words just to coax Lan Youyou!

But why did he say those words to coax Lan Youyou? Did he really want to trick Lan Youyou to treat him well?

Xueluo really wanted to scold Feng Xinglang loudly: One day ago, this vile, inhumane man had just thrown them out as bait.

He had ruthlessly slapped her in the face with his feelings, and then gave her a piece of candy, like how he gave food that came in vain, to her to have a sweet heart?

Xueluo really wanted to use a blade to kill that man!

"Oh right, Lin Xueluo, why didn't you tell Feng Xinglang that you are pregnant with his flesh and blood? Maybe he will think of you and your kin, and would not be willing to throw you two to my foster father as bait! "

Lan Youyou spoke in an hypocritical manner, as if every word that she was saying wanted to ruthlessly p.r.i.c.k Xueluo's heart.

Xueluo was in pain, which was why she said those words.

"Didn't you already know? But you didn't tell Feng Xinglang either!"

Xueluo did not answer directly, but asked instead. He would probably be unable to explain anything to Lan Youyou with just a few words. Furthermore, she did not want to explain, and Lan Youyou would not believe it.

"Sharp mouth!" Don't give me any color, you just have to open the dyeing room! Be careful that I pull out all your teeth! "

Lan Youyou's evil aura arrived quickly, just like a baby's face in a June sky.

"He says I am not fit to have his child! Therefore, he never mentioned it! He hadn't mentioned it before, but he wouldn't say it again in the future! From now on, the child in my stomach has nothing to do with Feng Xinglang anymore! "

Xueluo didn't want to let Lan Youyou's anger spread. That way, he would only vent his anger on her, and even more so vent his anger on the innocent little life in his stomach.

Any new life is innocent.

But Lan Youyou would never know! Because she loved Feng Xinglang to the point where he had gone insane.

"You said that it has nothing to do with Ah Lang, so it can? After all, he was Feng Xinglang's own child. Even though his bones were broken, he still has tendons! "

Lan Youyou's words were once again strange.

Xueluo instinctively extended his hand to protect his stomach.

Perhaps it was because he hadn't eaten much in the past few days, but his thin body made his stomach protrude even more. However, Xueluo had been concealing it well, and could not be seen from his appearance. Only she could feel the little thing growing.

The doctor had already finished examining Xueluo's entire body. The bruise that had struck her had healed and stopped the bleeding.

"Miss Lan, the fetus is healthy. It was not affected by the trauma of the pregnant women. The wounds have already been treated. As long as you pay attention to the necessary nutrition and rest, both mother and child will be safe! "

The doctors were not clear about the grudges between the two women, they only reported the situation to Lan Youyou after checking on them.

"Is the fetus healthy? Hehe, this little thing really has a lot of luck! Its mother was about to be tortured to death, so how could it still stay inside? What a heartless little wolf! "

Lan Youyou reprimanded. He did not seem satisfied with the results of the doctor's examination.

The doctors seemed to realize that Miss Blue was not really expecting the baby in the womb of a pregnant woman, so they fell silent.

Lan Youyou stared deadly at Xueluo's stomach that was still not very obvious, that gaze Xueluo remembered from a long time ago, was filled with dense killing intent.

Xueluo subconsciously curled up his body, and slowly moved towards the back of the plank bed.

"Did you bring the pill you brought with you? I want it now! "

Suddenly, Lan Youyou's venomous voice sounded out, like the notes from h.e.l.l.

"Bring …" "I did."

The two doctors were obviously frightened by Lan Youyou's hostility, as they already started to tremble when they spoke.

"No …" No! Don't give it to her! Please, don't give it to her! "

A deep sense of fear struck him as Xueluo pleaded with a trembling voice.

She had witnessed Lan Youyou's viciousness more than once!

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