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Chapter 352: And she lost with great grievance!

Every time, the Mercedes-Benz would crash into the van and shake it a few times.

Although the Driver had done his best to avoid the anti-riot vehicle, he still couldn't avoid it.

Almost all the people in the Hetun were villains!

Judging from every sound made when the MPV was. .h.i.t, the MPV would break down within a few kilometers of the impact.

"Second Master, our carriage won't last much longer." The driver reminded Feng Xinglang.

Feng Xinglang looked at the time and hissed sternly.

"No!" We have to hold on for a little longer, to buy time for Old Mo and my brother! "

"Alright!" The driver brought the wrecked MPV to the coach and with a flick of his tail, drove it across the lawn.

Was Feng Xinglang trying to fight with them?

Seeing two anti-riot vehicle s flying towards the front and left of the car, Cong Gang frowned and quickened his pace to catch up.

"Second Master, there's another anti-riot vehicle!"

The driver was shocked to find that other than the anti-riot vehicle that had been fighting with them, the one on the left was actually closing in on them.

"Don't panic! We took the side road, which was not wide enough, so they had to follow us. "

Feng Xinglang instructed the driver to go towards the side road. A meter-tall green belt blocked the anti-riot vehicle on the left side of the main road.

Cong Gang's SUV followed behind the anti-riot vehicle. The phone call was to Ye Yiran.

"How's it going over there?"

"The police have already set up three roadblocks and points, all waiting for Brother Lang's car."

Glancing at the MPV that was right in front of Qi Zhong Road, Cong Gang muttered: "It probably won't be used anymore!"

Cong Gang could tell that Feng Xinglang was trying to circle around with the anti-riot vehicle to buy more time.

"What do we do now?" Ye Xiaonian urgently asked.

"Listen to your Brother Lang! Continue to stand guard there! As long as Hetun makes a move, Old Chu will come out to stop him. "

Cong Gang hung up the phone, and with an even faster speed, he chased after the anti-riot vehicle.

The phone call that he was looking forward to had finally arrived. The phone call was from Butler Mo. It should have just arrived, so his breathing was still a little hurried.

"Second Young Master, we are here. First Young Master is safe! "

"Great, it's been hard on you!"

This was indeed a good news that made Feng Xinglang excited. The reason why he endured until now was to wait for this phone call to report his safety.

Clang! With a loud sound, the anti-riot vehicle on the left rushed past the one-meter-tall shrub and crashed into the MPV.

The MPV tilted to the side as it dodged the anti-riot vehicle's powerful strike, but it's tail was not spared.

"Blow it to death!"

Feng Xinglang roared, he leaped up, with one hand he pulled the steering wheel and the other he pulled the handbrake, the MPV moved horizontally, directly blocking the left side of the anti-riot vehicle, and the anti-riot vehicle that was behind the MPV did not manage to stop in time and crashed into a anti-riot vehicle in front of it.

Just as the anti-riot vehicle behind was about to reverse the car and retreat, Cong Gang's off-road car whizzed past. It directly used the improved version of the anti-collision steel beam to move forward and blocked off the two anti-riot vehicle s.

There was a business car blocking the way in front and Cong Gang's SUV at the back. The two anti-riot vehicle s in the middle were stuck together and they couldn't even open the door.

Cong Gang jumped off the car and rushed to the front of the group of cars.

The business car was severely deformed, so Cong Gang struggled to open the door; luckily the business car had been modified for the sake of Feng Lixin's convenience in travelling, and he wouldn't be stuck inside the car.

"Feng Xinglang... Feng Xinglang... "

Cong Gang called out twice and slowly took off the leather armor that was stained with blood, revealing a handsome and exceptional clear and cold face.

"Lang, wake up … Wake up... "Look at me!"

Feng Xinglang's consciousness wasn't clear, but when he opened his eyes and saw the figure of the person swaying in front of him was Cong Gang, he slowly closed his eyes again and muttered lifelessly:

"You dog … "What took you so long!"

When Cong Gang carried the bloodied Feng Xinglang out of the car, the door of a anti-riot vehicle in front of him opened, and two muscular men walked out.

Cong Gang pulled out a modified tranquilizer gun from his waist, and shot at the two people's throats. The two muscle-men began a spasmodic whipping, then fell to the cold ground of the tarmac.

The off-road jeep at the very end skillfully backed off and drove out of the side road, roaring towards the Qibei Mountain City.

When Xing Lao San came to the Feng Family to save Lan Youyou, he saw that the Nanny An was cleaning up the mess on the ground.

"Where's Lan Youyou?" he asked.

Nanny An did not panic when he saw the uninvited guest in front of him.

"Miss Lan is in the sunny room on the third floor. The key is just outside the door. "

The Nanny An answered truthfully. Second Young Master Feng Xinglang had said before he left that he would let Lan Youyou go when she woke up. Presumably, Second Young Master also didn't want Lan Youyou to continue staying in the Feng Family.

When Xing Lao San carried the unconscious Lan Youyou downstairs, the Nanny An was still calmly cleaning the dining room.

Xing Lao San glanced at Nanny An for a second, then carried Lan Youyou and walked out of the living room.

"Wait a moment." Nanny An called out.

"What? You want to stop me?"

"It's cold outside, and Miss Lan is wearing thin clothes. She'll catch a cold."

Nanny An picked up First Young Master Feng Lixin's windproof blanket from the living room's sofa and covered it for Lan Youyou.

Xing Lao San remained silent for a while, then left the Feng Family with Lan Youyou in his arms.

An artificially made leather item that was stained with fresh blood was brought in front of Hetun.

Hetun's resolute face was first filled with anger, but then he slowly let out a light laugh.

Out of the two teams, they had only caught a weak woman called Lin Xueluo;

And Feng Xinglang, who had disguised himself as Feng Lixin, had also managed to escape right under the nose of his subordinates just like that.

This result was something that the Hetun did not expect.

Even to the extent, Feng Xinglang did not even use Yan Bang or Old Chu, who was very close to the Shangguan Family, to easily win a round from his Hetun!

It was as if the Hetun did not expect that this youngster, who seemed to be young and arrogant, would be able to play such a carefree game with the Golden Cicada's decapitated strategy.

Had Hetun lost?

Presumably, Feng Xinglang also did not win!

Didn't you capture his woman?

"Ol 'Three, where's Feng Lixin? Lost them? "

Hetun's every step was filled with a terrifying sonorous sound. The destructive aura was almost innate.

"The information said: Feng Lixin was sent to Bai's mansion."

"Bai's mansion?" Hetun repeated.

It's actually Bai's mansion?

How could Feng Xinglang be so cunning?

Could it be that the woman called Lin Xueluo was just a bait?

Looks like his Hetun has really lost the first round!

Moreover, he lost in a very aggrieved manner!

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