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### Chapter 34 - Take care of yourself

Bath him? Xueluo's red lips tightly pursed, and did not respond in a good manner, nor did she refuse him. However, she still stayed where she was, with no intention of obediently going upstairs to clean up Feng Xinglang's clothes.

She was his sister-in-law! What kind of sister-in-law would bathe her brother-in-law?

Seeing that Xueluo was still in place, the Nanny An reminded her anxiously, "Madam, quickly go upstairs and treat Second Young Master's wounds! Second Young Master has lost a lot of blood, it must be so painful. "

Maybe Xueluo was worried about the man's injuries. After all, Feng Xinglang had been injured because he had been cut by Feng Yiming. But because of her awkward ident.i.ty with him, Xueluo was unable to even take a step upstairs.

"I will go find Butler Mo." Xueluo immediately ran down to the study room. Previously, when she sent off the two burn injury experts with Butler Mo, she heard him say that he was going to the study to count Doctor Jin's rewards.

Butler Mo was indeed in the study.

"Butler Mo, Xinglang's shoulder is bleeding again. Quickly go upstairs and bandage it up. "Help him take a bath as well."

When Xueluo was saying the first few words, Butler Mo had already closed the accounts and stood up already because he was nervous about Feng Xinglang's safety. However, when he heard Xueluo say "I'll help Feng Xinglang wash up while I'm at it", Butler Mo sat back down.

Shouldn't a bath be done by her wife? In the beginning, Butler Mo still agreed with Feng Xinglang's idea of marrying using Feng Lixin's name. At least this was a shortcut, allowing her to determine what a woman wanted to do after marrying into the Feng Family.

But when Butler Mo felt that Xueluo was a kind and gentle good girl, he started to sympathize with Xueluo's plight again. If not for Second Young Master, the husband's day, it would be hard for this kind and tenacious girl!

"Madam, I'm not done here yet. Why don't you go upstairs and clean the Second Young Master's body and treat his wounds? It's not good to be inflamed from a wound. " Butler Mo opened the account book once again and started to seriously calculate the numbers.

"..." Normally, Butler Mo would care so much about the safety of the young master of the Feng Family, but what happened today?

"Butler Mo, go and treat Feng Xinglang's wounds first. It's not too late to go down and settle our debts after that! " In fact, Xueluo wanted to add: Are these accounts more important than Feng Xinglang's injuries?

"Madam, I'm old and dizzy. It's better if you go and treat Second Young Master's wounds. Hurry, don't make Second Young Master wait too long. " Butler Mo started to urge Xueluo.

Since he couldn't get Butler Mo to help, Xueluo could only find the Nanny An. However, he did not expect the Nanny An to say that he would prepare a medicinal meal for Feng Lixin tomorrow.

This was clearly forcing Lin Xueluo to go upstairs and serve that arrogant and disrespectful person who had dragged twenty to eighty thousand people, who was also disrespectful to her, her sister-in-law!

Thinking about it, it was because of him that Feng Xinglang was injured, Xueluo gritted her teeth and in the end, forced herself to go upstairs.

Sure enough, Feng Xinglang had occupied her bridal chamber! Why didn't this man have the slightest notion of not being close to a man or woman? No matter how much he wanted to enter his big brother's and his sister-in-law's room, he would enter without the slightest bit of embarra.s.sment!

Xueluo was truly convinced of this man who had no sense of 'courtesy'!

The man on the sofa had taken off his bloodstained s.h.i.+rt and was drinking by himself, his upper body bare.

Within the crystal clear cup, there was a bit of red wine swaying about, like the mouth of a greedy vampire. Was it to swallow the loneliness and sadness in a man's heart, or was it to convey a more miserable and desolate feeling to the drinker?

That was the reason why there was this saying: To use alcohol to dispel one's worries is even more worrying!

"What? You want to come upstairs and take a bath for me? Is that so difficult?" With a raise of his head, Feng Xinglang gulped down all of the red wine in the cup.

Somehow, when Xueluo saw the man in front of her who was completely wrapped up and unable to save himself, she didn't have any more complaints, and didn't want to further criticize or argue with him. Instead, she silently walked over to Feng Xinglang's side and began to inspect the wound on his left shoulder.

The ointment on the wound had been removed by him. The bright red blood stained half of his left shoulder. Xueluo couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver. She really couldn't imagine how painful it would be if a man were to tear off that wound! Did this man not feel any pain?

"Xueluo, accompany me for a drink!" Feng Xinglang made a hook with his strong arm, causing Xueluo to half roll into his embrace.

Xueluo pressed both hands against his robust chest, and gently berated: "Feng Xinglang, stop messing around! Your wounds are bleeding! "

"No problem!" This small wound will not kill anyone! " Feng Xinglang buried his head between Xueluo's gentleness, it was very quiet. He did not make any other excessive movements, but only quietly eased the depressed sadness he had felt for the past few months.

Xueluo did not move, nor did he dare to. She was afraid that her careless actions would provoke a man to act like a beast. Furthermore, she couldn't bear to push him away …

Feng Xinglang's strong arms tightened around her waist. It was so tight that his face was almost seamless with her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Xueluo suddenly felt that at this moment, Feng Xinglang was as obedient as an obedient and obedient child. It was only the man's muscular body and the force that was so tight at her waist that she could barely breathe that reminded her: the man who was holding her in his arms was a dangerous adult man.

After half a minute of silence, the man in her arms stirred: he arched irregularly over her chest. It was as if he was seeking comfort, or was it … Was he trying to molest her?

Was this the frivolity of a man's skill? Xueluo didn't want to think about it in a bad way. However... However, when a woman was extremely sensitive and had her face and lips arched by a grown man, it was difficult for her to not have any bad thoughts!

"Feng Xinglang, don't be like this … Let me treat your wounds first, they're still bleeding. " Xueluo pushed away the man who dominated her soft and weak b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and instantly blushed all over. It was red and beautiful, as if it had been scalded.

Xueluo's movements were exceptionally careful, afraid that he would hurt the man's wound a second time. He had learned it from Dr. Xing, so he was quite adept at it. Xueluo took out a new wound from the first aid kit and stuck it on Feng Xinglang.

"I'll stick it up for you, but you have to be a little smaller!" Can't you care less about your parents? " Xueluo couldn't help but complain to the man a few times. It was because she could tell that the wound had split open due to him overexerting himself when he was outside.

Feng Xinglang stared deeply at Xueluo, who was treating his own wounds, and his throat tightened. Her eyes were filled with an indescribable emotion.

When Xueluo unintentionally saw the man's eyes, his heart immediately jumped like a few deer that had been thrown inside. She quickly turned her head and mumbled unnaturally, "Let me get you a basin of warm water."

Xueluo almost ran into the washroom. She covered her chest with her hands, trying to calm her disordered mind. What was wrong with me? Why am I in such a mess with just a glance at that man? Could she really be what the man had told her the first time they had met: that she had fallen in love with the man?

No! Definitely not! He wasn't crazy! He was his brother-in-law! That's all!

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