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If I die, take care of my brother

"You miss me? "So engrossed."

As usual, Feng Xinglang sat down next to Xueluo in the row of seats. The extent of the sinking was a reflection of the man's muscular and upright posture.

"Second Young Master Feng, why have you come? Why didn't you make a phone call first? "

When Yuan Duoduo saw Feng Xinglang, his originally sad and small face suddenly regained the dreamlike longing of a young girl.

Xueluo had truly underestimated Feng Xinglang's attraction to him. Yuan Duoduo, who had just angrily criticized him, had now changed his appearance and even used 'you'!

He really lost to her!

Xueluo stood up; but was held back by Feng Xinglang's strong arm.

"Where to? Sit down! I don't mind showing off my violence in public! "

Feng Xinglang said in a low voice. He thought Xueluo wanted to escape from him again.

This man was always like this. With just a few words, he could make people glare at him. He couldn't stand it, but he had to endure it as well. It was as if he never cared about the feelings of others!

"I'll get you some warm tripe soup."

Xueluo said gently. She remembered that a man had a bad stomach and that he didn't know how to take good care of himself.

Looking at his travel worn look, Xueluo knew that this man must not have eaten.

In fact, it would not be an easy task to get rid of Lan Youyou, that woman who was so close to him, and rush over to Xueluo's place.

The hand that was tightly grabbing onto Xueluo's wrist loosened slowly, and the look in his eyes became ethereal: "Then I'll have to trouble Madame Feng."

Xueluo turned around and went to the window to buy some tripe soup. Usually, she and Yuan Duoduo would only buy food from the big window. Because small windows were usually eaten by tyc.o.o.ns and rich second generations, the prices were incomparably expensive.

"Feng Xinglang, why didn't you go to s.h.i.+ Zhu County to find Xueluo? She's been missing for so many days, and you're still ignoring her? Please don't tell me you didn't manage to find Xueluo's whereabouts. The beautiful fairy tale love between the Prince and Cinderella in my heart has been ruined by you! "

Yuan Duoduo was still a little dissatisfied with Feng Xinglang's nonchalance towards his "disappearance" these days.

"Fairy tale love? Prince and Cinderella? "How old are you?"

Feng Xinglang asked Yuan Duoduo instead of answering, while casually staring at his figure.

"Almost every woman has a fairy-tale love hidden in her heart. It has nothing to do with age! "

Yuan Duoduo was that kind of girl who shared both reality and fantasy. Reality when it was time, fantasy when it was time.

Otherwise, he really wouldn't be able to live a happy life!

"You mean... Does Lin Xueluo's silly, white, and sweet heart also have a foolish dream? "

It could be seen that Feng Xinglang was only interested in the fairy tale love that Xueluo held in his heart.

However, in his eyes, no matter how beautiful the fairy tale love was, it was all extremely stupid!

"Of course!"

Yuan Duoduo pouted, and his expression seemed to have darkened a little. Because she could tell that Feng Xinglang was only concerned about Lin Xueluo.

It was not jealousy or hatred, but pure envy.

Obviously, Feng Xinglang was not suited to talk about love stories with men! Because he's a realist.

"I've let Master use the microwave to heat it up again, and it's even scalding. Be careful, don't drink it." Xueluo brought the big bowl of soup over to Feng Xinglang.

Thou white tripe soup, still scattered with spring onions. Although the taste was not as rich as the alcohol cooked by Nanny An, it was still much warmer with Xueluo's concern.

"Xueluo, this sister-in-law is so nice to my little uncle!" Yuan Duoduo purposely let out a sound of jealousy.

Sister-in-law? Little brother-in-law?

Xueluo bitterly bit her lips. She did not refute what Yuan Duoduo said, nor could she refute it.

This man was unwilling to admit it. He was also unwilling to admit her as his legal wife. There was no need for her to go through all this wishful thinking on her own!

"Duo Duo, let me buy a bowl for you too." Xueluo stood up again.

"Thank you, no! I can't afford this rich man's soup! "I think I'll drink my tomato and egg soup. It's nutritious and beautiful!"

Yuan Duoduo joked. She and Xueluo almost never bought anything from a small window, they almost always ate from a big pot in a big window.

The campus in the afternoon was bathed by the sun as it lazily calmed down.

Xueluo did not leave with Yuan Duoduo to return to the dorm, but instead stayed behind to take a walk in the campus with Feng Xinglang. Xueluo knew that even if she wanted to escape, Feng Xinglang would not let her.

Xueluo wanted to give the little girl in his stomach a more chance, so that it could get closer and closer to its father who it had never met before.

Xueluo clearly realized: There were not many opportunities like this left!

"If I die accidentally, I'll have to trouble you to take good care of my brother! I will leave behind enough money for you and my brother to live without worries for the rest of your life! "

He had thought that Feng Xinglang would start his conversation with a ruthless tone, or with a scolding, but he didn't expect that he would actually use such sad words as an opening.

Xueluo didn't know how to respond to the man's sudden words of pessimism, and tears uncontrollably rolled down her face in an instant.

"NO!" I'm not taking care of your brother for you! He's not my brother! I won't take care of him! "

Xueluo denied it anxiously. She knew that Feng Xinglang was the most worried, and the most worried was still his big brother Feng Lixin!

For him to say such desolate words, could it be a foretelling …

Xueluo did not want to think further, nor did he want to think further!

"When I wasn't here this morning, didn't you take good care of my brother?"

Feng Xinglang bent his index finger slightly and wiped away the tears that were rolling down his cheeks.

"Anyways, I won't help you take care of your brother! You don't even have to think about it! Take care of your own brother! "

Xueluo was extremely sad, and could not help but tear up.

The tears that dripped from his eyes made Feng Xinglang's heart ache for no reason.

Of course he knew: With a woman's kindness, if that day ever came for him, she would take good care of Big Brother Feng Lixin.

Feng Xinglang suddenly cupped Xueluo's face affectionately and used his thumb to carefully wipe away the tears rolling down his cheeks.

However, he discovered that his actions were counterproductive.

"Feng Xinglang, stop wiping!"

Xueluo pushed Feng Xinglang's hand away and sobbed, wanting to stop crying in front of the man, but he still choked up as he spoke.

"Why do you keep wiping more and more? This water can't be shut off? "Wasting water!"

Feng Xinglang teased in a humorous tone. The tears of a woman touched the softest string in his heart.

The tears that flowed down caused the originally tough and strong Xueluo to shatter like a gla.s.s doll.

"Seems like the cleaning method was wrong!"

Feng Xinglang lowered his head slightly and moved forward, covering her eyes with his lips and gently sucking away the tears.

Xueluo was shocked, her tears seemed to have been turned on, and immediately stopped flowing.

She opened her eyes wide and stared blankly at the strange man. For a long time, there was no reaction.

It was as if Xueluo did not dare believe that a violent man like Feng Xinglang would have such a tender moment!

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