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Chapter 283: The potential of bewitching beauty

Ye Xiaonian pushed the door open and entered, his anxious look showed that he had a very important matter to report to Feng Xinglang.

"Brother Lang, there are two things: one is about my sister-in-law's whereabouts; the other is about Feng Yiming, which one do you want to hear first?"

Ye Xiaonian lifted the cold tea on the tea table and gulped a few mouthfuls.

He did not intentionally provoke Feng Xinglang's patience. Ye Xiaonian always spoke with a tone that seemed like he needed a beating.

"What sort of ruckus has Feng Yiming been planning recently?"

It was as if Feng Xinglang wasn't interested in Lin Xueluo's information at all, and directly asked about Feng Yiming's feelings.

"Feng Yiming seems to be serious this time! Who knew where he got the generous capital to actually buy a considerable amount of shares from many of the major shareholders in the Feng Group. It was as if he did not lack money! "Seems like he's caught on to a big fis.h.!.+"

Feng Xinglang could not be clearer about Feng Yiming's true strength. Adding up all the movable property under his name, it would only be about two to three thousand yuan worth of wealth. It was impossible to buy so many shares in the Feng Group.

"It's that big fish that isn't short of money again!"

Feng Xinglang squinted his eyes and flocked into the main seat, saying coldly: "Seems like not only is this big fish trying to earn big money, it is also trying to drive us down the road of death!"

"I'm afraid the Feng Group really can't protect itself anymore …" As for our GK Corporation and those banks, do you think that big fish will do the same? "

In Ye Xiaonian's opinion, a small company like the Feng Family would be gone if it was gone. In any case, it had been operating normally for the past few years. However, the GK Corporation and the bank were like an unlimited printing press!

"I don't think so. After all, the representative of the GK Group is not you, Feng Xinglang! " Ye Chong muttered to himself.

Although the representative of the legal person for the GK Venture was not Feng Xinglang, Feng Xinglang was secretly controlling the entire GK Venture.

"Even Little Black and Little Grey who are in the streets know that I, Feng Xinglang, am the new rich and powerful in the Shen City, so how could I not know about this big fish? "Besides, do you think that Italian gambler who appeared in the club just went there to win money?" Feng Xinglang said coldly.

"It's over! That big fish couldn't be targeting our GK VCs, right? " Ye Xiaonian panicked.

"I was worried that he wouldn't be able to keep an eye on me!"

Feng Xinglang scoffed, "Staring at me, he shouldn't even think of escaping unscathed! I want to see what kind of three heads, six arms, actually dares to act so tyrannically in my, Feng Xinglang's, territory! "

Ye Xiaonian wors.h.i.+pped Feng Xinglang, so he believed that Feng Xinglang had the ability to do so.

"Then how do we plan on dealing with Feng Yiming?" Seems like he is going to work with those old turtle to force Brother Lixin to his death! "

"Let him cause a ruckus for a few days first! He's just a pathetic clown in front of that big fis.h.!.+ " Feng Xinglang reprimanded her coldly.

Ye Xiaonian nodded in acknowledgement, then stood up. "Then I'll go to the hospital to pay my respects to Cong Gang!"

"Yes." "Go ahead." Feng Xinglang snorted.

He turned around and took two steps, then turned around again. "Brother Lang, you really don't want to know where sister-in-law is?"

"If you want to say it, say it! If you don't want to say it, then scram! "

Feng Xinglang didn't even raise his head. He picked up a drawing pencil again and began to look through the stack of VCs that had already been filtered out by Nina.

Ye Xiaonian was stunned on the spot. He originally wanted to give Qiao Qiao a slap, but didn't expect to receive such a bland rebuke. For a moment, he didn't know whether to say it or not.

In the end, Ye Xiaonian chose to say!

No matter what, that woman called Lin Xueluo had slept with him before, and today was a day for husband and wife, a hundred days worth of grace!

"Sister-in-law did indeed go to the orphanage two days ago that afternoon. Not long after, we got into a van. "

Feng Xinglang's brush tip paused. He was waiting for the following year.

Perhaps in his heart, it wasn't as heartless and cold as it appeared on the surface.

"Sister-in-law left with someone called Zuo Anyan! I've checked, that Zuo An Yan is the volunteer team leader of the orphanage, he shouldn't be a bad person! "

"Have you ever seen a bad guy carve words on his face?"

Feng Xinglang interrupted them with a cold tone, "Where did they go?"

"One of them was called... It sounded like a place called s.h.i.+yuxian County! It was said that the place was quite far from the Shen City. There is a specialty known as Hope Primary School. I'm guessing that my sister-in-law has gone to offer her love! "

Specialty Hope Primary School? Only he, Ye Xiaonian, could speak in such a tone.

Feng Xinglang did not reply, maintaining his state of looking through the doc.u.ments of the Venture Capital Project.

Acting! Acting again!

Ye Xiaonian didn't know if Feng Xinglang was really concerned about the woman called Lin Xueluo, or if he was just faking it, but he knew: Lin Xueluo was the woman who played the most seriously and lasting for a long time!

Since it was just a joke, why would he be so serious? How could it last long?

Being serious for a long time, could it be counted as Lin Xueluo being slightly superior to other girls?

Lan Youyou took the initiative to return to the Feng Family, causing Feng Lixin's life to immediately become more beautiful.

At the same time that she was beautiful, Feng Lixin naturally thought of his younger brother's wife, Lin Xueluo.

Xueluo hadn't returned to Feng Family for three or four days, and his phone couldn't be reached. So when the treatment was done, Feng Lixin took the chance to rush to Xueluo's school to bring her back to Feng Family. It just so happened that he apologized to her on behalf of Lan Youyou.

Feng Lixin didn't want to wait any longer. He had already decided to tell Xueluo the truth. As for whether or not Xueluo could accept it, or whether or not he could forgive Feng Xinglang's lies, was a story for the future.

What she needed now was the right to know.

Butler Mo asked for Xueluo's dorm phone number from the female apartment building's manager.

The one who answered was Yuan Duoduo. After Butler Mo revealed her ident.i.ty, Yuan Duoduo then told Butler Mo that Xueluo was not in the dorm. She had already been missing for three or four days, and she was searching the entire world for Xueluo.

Missing? And it went missing for three or four days? Butler Mo was shocked. He did not dare to hide the truth, and told the truth to Feng Family Feng Lixin.

Actually, Yuan Duoduo knew where Xueluo had gone to. After all, she had been in the orphanage for more than ten years. On their second trip to the orphanage to find Xueluo, they found out where Xueluo was. Furthermore, Yuan Duoduo had even called the leader Zuo An Yan to confirm.

The reason why she wasn't willing to tell Butler Mo and also didn't tell Feng Xinglang was because of Zuo An Yan's reminder and also because she believed that given Feng Xinglang's capability and intelligence, he wouldn't be able to find out where Xueluo was.

Yuan Duoduo wanted to see just how concerned Feng Xinglang was!

Vaguely, Yuan Duoduo realized that this excursion of Xueluo's had a great deal to do with him.

Probably not just rolling around on the lawn!

Could it be that Feng Lixin was the one who found out about the ma.s.sacre between Lin Xueluo and Lin Xueluo?

It's over. This little brother is giving big brother such a gorgeous green hat. Will the two of them fight?

To be honest, Yuan Duoduo really couldn't imagine that she, Lin Xueluo, had the potential to be the bane of women.

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