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Chapter 280 - Not dying, not daring to die!

Since there weren't any in the afternoon, Xueluo and Yuan Duoduo were fiercely filling up their beauty sleep in the dorm.

Accurately speaking, even though Yuan Duoduo was the only one who was trying to make up for it, it was impossible for him to sleep.

He should have thought of it: How could a man who treated his elder brother with such respect be so frivolous as to have his elder brother blackened or greened by a woman who was frivolous like his elder brother?

Xueluo didn't dare to think about it: The one who married him was actually Feng Family Feng Xinglang!

A man that was arrogant enough to make her look up at him, how could he possibly marry such a lowly and ordinary person?

Xueluo understood the unwillingness, helplessness and anger of being forced to marry by his big brother Feng Lixin!

But she really could not accept Feng Xinglang deceiving her again and again!

First, he pretended to be his big brother Feng Lixin to scare him, humiliate him, and then he ridiculed him!

Then, he purposely refused to let her know that the person he was marrying was him, Feng Xinglang!

And Xueluo had always misunderstood the person he married, his big brother, Feng Lixin!

He, Feng Xinglang, could not love her, and could even hate her, but he should not deceive her like this, and play with her!

She, Lin Xueluo, was also a human!

He would also feel sad, and he would also feel sad!

She also had her own pride!

Since he was unable to settle his surging heart, Xueluo did not force himself to sleep, and sat up.

She quietly looked at the sleeping Yuan Duoduo, as though she was extremely envious of Yuan Duoduo's carefree ways. Eat well, sleep well.

Although his days in Xia Family were not that comfortable, compared to the wounds and wounds all over his body, and his heart that was broken and scattered, Xueluo truly felt that his days in Xia Family were not as bad as before!

At least, at that time, she still harbored a sunny heart that yearned for love and a better life!

After caressing his stomach, Xueluo bit his lips and crawled up.

When it was almost 5 in the afternoon, Yuan Duoduo who was sleeping soundly was woken up by the ear-piercing and persistent ringing of his mobile phone.

"They are rus.h.i.+ng us! Are they still letting us live?! "

Thinking that it was from the Dance Training Center, Yuan Duoduo grumbled in dissatisfaction. But when she saw that the phone call was actually from Feng Xinglang, she immediately leaped up and sat on it, and even instantly recovered her spirits.

"Second Young Master Feng, it's you?" She looked like a little girl.

"Miss Yuan, did I disturb your rest?"

Gentleman Feng Xinglang called out. They seemed to be able to hear the drowsy, hazy tone of Yuan Duoduo's voice.

"No... "Don't always call me Miss Yuan. You can call me Duo Duo."

Although Yuan Duoduo knew that the person Feng Xinglang was concerned with was only Lin Xueluo, this did not stop her from having a good impression of him.

"Duo Duo, where's Xueluo? Still sleeping? " Feng Xinglang returned back to normal and asked.

Early in the afternoon, when Xueluo had returned to his dorm, Yuan Duoduo had already secretly called Feng Xinglang and reported Xueluo's condition. And told him that they had no in the afternoon and were going to sleep in the dormitory for beauty sleep.

"Why don't you ask Xueluo …" Seeing that Feng Xinglang kept asking about Xueluo without exception, Yuan Duoduo was a little disappointed, "I will call her for you now!"

Then, when Yuan Duoduo used his hazy eyes to look at Xueluo's bed, he realized that Xueluo's bed was empty.

"Xueluo... Xueluo... "

Yuan Duoduo crawled up from his bed, and while shouting his name, he ran towards the washroom. But, there was no trace of Xueluo in the washroom.

"Second Young Master Feng, Xueluo isn't in the dorm. I wonder where he's gone to." Yuan Duoduo answered truthfully, he did not lie.

"Hang up first, I'll call Xueluo to ask."

"I called her, but she kept her phone turned off!" Feng Xinglang was slightly angered.

"Young Master Feng, wait!" Xueluo left a note. "

Yuan Duoduo picked up the note Xueluo left behind on the table and table and started to read, "I'm going to the orphanage to play with the radishes, I won't be back tonight! Do not think about it! "

"She went to the orphanage?" Feng Xinglang asked.

"Hm!" He was probably in a bad mood again! Whenever Xueluo was in a bad mood, he would go to the orphanage and play with those radishes! Mr Feng, are you going to look for Xueluo at the orphanage? "


Feng Xinglang deserved to be straightforward. Then he hung up the phone.

There was something more important waiting for him, Feng Xinglang. He couldn't afford to spend too much time with a girl!

At this time, he should be going to the hospital to fetch his big brother Feng Lixin back to Feng Family to recuperate.

Feng Lixin was not in a good mood these two days. On the surface, he was just asking Feng Xinglang about Xueluo, but Feng Xinglang knew that he was constantly thinking about that woman Lan Youyou.

Feng Lixin stared at the door of the hall blankly for a long time. It seemed as if he did not have any life, only living with his last breath.

When Feng Xinglang rushed back to the Feng Family, Feng Lixin had already returned. He sat in the wheelchair in the living room and kept looking toward the door.

"Xinglang, you're back …"

Feng Lixin retracted his gaze, not wanting Feng Xinglang to see what he was waiting for.

"Waiting for me?" Feng Xinglang clearly knew who Feng Lixin was waiting for, but he deliberately asked this question.

He leaned over and kissed Feng Lixin on the cheek, "You missed me?"

"Where's Xueluo? Aren't you going to be honest with her? When that happens to the police station, how can you make a woman like her lose face? "

Feng Lixin was truly reluctant to part with Xueluo, who had been oppressed by him this whole time.

Feng Xinglang slightly narrowed his eyes, as if he didn't want to continue this topic.

"Feng Lixin, you are so concerned about Lin Xueluo … I'll be jealous! " A teasing tone.

"You, Feng Xinglang, can also be jealous? Why didn't I see it? Can't you live a good life with Xueluo? If I had children earlier, it would have been better for me to become an uncle earlier! "

Feng Lixin really hoped that Feng Xinglang could have his own child soon, so that he wouldn't be so stubborn as to seek revenge.

"For the time being, you, Feng Lixin, are not qualified to be an 'uncle'! But you can try to be a father sooner! " Feng Xinglang ridiculed.

Being a father? Feng Lixin's heart skipped a beat!

Ever since he was burned to death, he had never thought that Feng Lixin would have his own child in this life.

No woman would fall for him, and he didn't want to implicate any other woman!

He knew that Feng Lixin's life was basically set in stone: To be able to drag his crippled body, to live for one day, was already a day!

Of course, Feng Lixin would not tell him that the life that he lived every day now was only for Lan Youyou.

As long as he was alive, Lan Youyou would be safe. If he died, Feng Xinglang would definitely vent all of his anger onto Lan Youyou.

Therefore, even though Feng Lixin knew that he could not die, he did not dare die!

Feng Lixin already had a plan: he would go to America to treat his injuries with Feng Xinglang in advance.

From then on, she gave Lan Youyou the chance to escape, and told him not to come back ever again!

When an extremely beautiful woman suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Feng Family, Feng Lixin thought that he was hallucinating …

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