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Chapter 265: Women Want Tender

Most likely, as long as it was a normal man, they would be unable to control their body more or less when they saw the girl's perky b.u.t.t.

However, Feng Xinglang's gaze s.h.i.+fted from Xueluo's upturned bottom to the wedding room, which had been turned into a mess by the woman.

"What are you looking for? I'll help you find it. "

"No need! "I'll look for it myself..."

The busy Xueluo answered him out of reflex. But before she could finish, she was suddenly in a bad mood.

Because she realized: The one who asked her what she was looking for wasn't Yuan Duoduo, but was instead … Feng Xinglang!

How did Feng Xinglang come in? Did he lock the door from the inside?

Alright, this man has always been able to freely enter and exit every room in the Feng Family.

Xueluo raised his eyes and met Feng Xinglang's unfathomable gaze. It was as if he wanted to pierce through her sharp gaze.

"Seal... Feng Xinglang, you're back? "

Xueluo was so worried that her teeth were trembling. How could he let this man capture him so easily?

"What are you looking for?"

Feng Xinglang's tone was not harsh, with a bit of laziness. However, the coldness in those eyes made Xueluo shudder.

"I'm looking for... "Pen!" Xueluo glanced at the book on the bed, "When I was reading, my brush fell off."

"Can this even be thrown into the closet?"

Feng Xinglang glanced at the completely ruined wardrobe and asked coldly.

"I didn't find a pen, so I was wondering if I could find a new one in the closet to use first."

Xueluo was not good at lying. Her face was red from holding back her anger, making her seem a bit mischievous.

"Is the pen you're looking for black?" Feng Xinglang casually asked.

Xueluo was startled, he did not know what Feng Xinglang meant by those words. Instinctively, he nodded his head in agreement, "That's right, that's right. The pen I dropped was black."

"Oh …"

The man dragged his voice as he matched his devilish handsome face. Xueluo felt like he fell into a pit.

"Unfortunately, when I first came in, I saw a rat running out with a black pen in its mouth!"

Feng Xinglang spoke leisurely, as if he was telling a story.

Wasn't this just telling a story? What kind of rat would run around the house with a pen in his mouth? This was clearly mocking her for being too childish when a lie came from Lin Xueluo, even mice with an IQ like hers couldn't stand watching this.

"Since the mouse has taken it away, then I will not look for it! "Good night!"

The thirty-six strategies, escape was the best strategy! Xueluo rushed out of the door.

However, she had overestimated herself and underestimated Feng Xinglang. Before she could even take her second step, a strong arm wrapped around her waist, pus.h.i.+ng her back with all her might, causing Xueluo's entire body to be thrown towards.

Although it was extremely flexible, it still shook Xueluo to the point that he was confused. Even the little girl in his stomach seemed to jump up and down with him.

"Speak, what are you looking for?" Feng Xinglang questioned coldly.

"Money... I'm looking for money! "

Xueluo hurriedly found an excuse that he could believe in. In his heart, she had always existed as a 'Gold Daughter'. That Gold Daughter who had searched the entire room for money should still have some credibility with him.

He couldn't possibly tell this man that he was looking for a marriage certificate, right?

If he knew that the one he doubted was Feng Xinglang, and the one he married was him, Feng Xinglang, it would be strange if he didn't laugh himself to death!

"Looking for money?" What kind of money? Are you short of money? "Why don't you go and get it from Butler Mo?" Feng Xinglang asked again.

"I'm looking for my private money! It was hidden in this room a few days ago, but I can't find it now! "

Xueluo realized that ever since he had married into the Feng Family, he had also learned an exceptionally powerful skill: The ability to lie without changing his face!

"Since we can't find it, then we don't need to! If you lack money, you can get it from Butler Mo. Or perhaps, you can use your own abilities and other methods to earn back from me … "

Feng Xinglang bent down, and magnified his own handsome face in front of Xueluo.

"For example, tonight, you can choose to serve me well. It's still quite an impressive amount of money! In this respect, I have never treated women unfairly! "

The man's words made Xueluo's face redden. As long as she talked about money with him, he would think about that kind of rubbis.h.!.+

You really think that she, Lin Xueluo, is that kind of woman?

"Lin Xueluo, if you behave yourself, perhaps you can happily go to school tomorrow. But if you don't behave yourself … Tomorrow, I will have to lie on this bed! "

Feng Xinglang habitually used his fingers to wrap around Xueluo's smooth hair, repeating this simple and monotonous action over and over again. It was as if he enjoyed the short peace and stability brought about by such simple actions.

Being a expectant mother, Xueluo could obviously understand the underlying meaning behind Feng Xinglang's words.

After spending so much time with this evil-looking man, it seemed like it wasn't easy to return to her purity.

If the sludge could be said to be untainted, then why would those lotus roots that were pulled out be filled with mud that could not be washed without clean water?

"Feng Xinglang, you … What do you want? "

Even though she knew what a man wanted to do, a woman still had to ask such a stupid question.

"Look at the peaceful night, the gentle wind, the loving lights, everything is so beautiful …" It's very suitable to do things that are both male and female! "

In order to coax the few women below him who were not very obedient, Feng Xinglang had even used such a poetic sentence.

Xueluo felt as if his heart had been thrown into a small deer, jumping endlessly. He could clearly hear his own heartbeat speed up, and due to his nervousness, he opened his mouth wide, trying his best to get more oxygen.

"We haven't been together for a long time … You must want it too, right? "

Feng Xinglang brought his handsome face closer, a bit closer, a bit closer … They forced Xueluo to look at his face!

He was a handsome man and a strong man.

Xueluo supported himself as he got closer and closer to the Hunchback with his palms, feeling his strong heartbeat.

The gentleness of a man at this moment made Xueluo a little unable to control himself; a man would let his vital energy and blood surge, and a woman would actually do the same.

Xueluo felt that it was getting hotter and hotter. The blood in his body surged even more cheerfully as a wave of heat spread throughout his entire body!

Feng Xinglang's burning hot breath brushed across her face and neck. Her face flushed red, and even her earrings became as red as precious gems.

Kiss, naturally formed!

Feng Xinglang really did not think that he could get Xiao Bai to be so docile with just a few poetic words.

It seemed that he had to use this move more often in the future!

What a woman wanted was the gentleness a man gave her. Men, on the other hand, were looking forward to the fight on their bodies!

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