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Chapter 214 - I like Feng Xinglang

He had to let go of the woman in his arms before he could block off Fang Yiyan's bull-like charge.

Maybe when Fang Yi said that it would be a small fight, it would not cause any harm to Feng Xinglang who had a strong physique. However, the weak woman in his arms would inevitably suffer along with him.

Instinctively protecting the woman, Feng Xinglang let go of Xueluo who was in his embrace, turned his body to the side with a vigorous grab, and pulled Fang Yiyan's hand behind his back. Unexpectedly, Fang Yi didn't dodge and instead used his body to get close to Ye Zichen's waist.

"Xueluo, leave quickly! "Hurry up and leave!" Fang Yi Yan shouted towards Lin Xueluo who had been released by Feng Xinglang.

Originally, Fang Yi had planned to use such a tragic method to trap Feng Xinglang and win him some time to escape.

Xueluo looked at the two men who were fighting. At this moment, she did indeed have the intention to escape, but she was even more clear that Fang Yi Yan would definitely not be a match for Feng Xinglang.

"Fang Yiyan, you can't beat him." Xueluo reminded Fang Yiyan in a miserable voice.

"You can leave now!" Run! He couldn't have killed me! "Let's go!" Fang Yi Yan shouted towards Xueluo who was hesitating to attack.

Xueluo wanted to escape, wanted to shake off Feng Xinglang's entanglement. She was very clear that she had angered that violent man tonight. What awaited her was definitely not a good outcome!

Furthermore, she was still a pregnant person right now, so she couldn't stand Feng Xinglang's ruthless aura even more. She didn't want anything to happen to the child in her womb. This little life was too important to her. It had already become the spiritual pillar of her future life.

But seeing Fang Yi who was at a disadvantage, Xueluo was unable to take another step forward. If he left, Fang Yi Yan would definitely receive a good beating from Feng Xinglang.

"Lin Xueluo, obediently go to the carriage and wait for me. "Otherwise..."

Feng Xinglang struck out with his left hook, landing heavily on Fang Yiyan's waist. Fang Yiyan immediately curled up like a shrimp.

"Feng Xinglang, quickly stop."

Xueluo cried out in alarm, charging forward, wanting to pull away Fang Yi who was being held tightly by Feng Xinglang.

"Xueluo, don't worry about me! Feng Xinglang doesn't dare to beat me to death! If he beats me to death, he will do it himself! "

Fang Yi Yan urged Lin Xueluo to leave while provoking him. No matter how much economic power Feng Xinglang had within the Shen City, no matter whether it was white or black, he could not escape the law.

Xueluo was worried about Fang Yi, but also worried about Feng Xinglang.

If Feng Xinglang were to go to jail for intentionally intentionally injuring others, what would Feng Lixin do? Facing Feng Yiming, who was glaring at him like a tiger, and the group of Elders from the Feng Group that were ready to make a move, if Feng Xinglang went to jail, they would eat Feng Lixin, who was crippled, alive!

Feng Lixin could not leave Feng Xinglang's side; as for Lin Xueluo himself and the child in his womb …

"Feng Xinglang, stop hitting me. I'll go with you! Can't I go with you? " Xueluo rushed forward and grabbed onto one of Feng Xinglang's arms, "Let go of Fang Yi Yan, I'll go with you!"

In Xueluo's opinion, this was the best way to solve the problem. Fang Yi Yan would not continue to be beaten up, and Feng Xinglang would not do something that would intentionally hurt others because of his ruthlessness.

But in Fang Yi's opinion, Xueluo's actions were undoubtedly the most foolish. Not only had she completely given in to his demands, she had even been hit by Feng Xinglang's left hook for nothing.

But the woman in Feng Xinglang's eyes, was a tragic ex-girlfriend who could not forget her ex-boyfriend and sacrificed herself to save him.

"Xueluo, can you not be so cheap? How can you allow Feng Xinglang to humiliate you like this? Where's your dignity? What about your ideals? Where's your pride? Where did it all go! Xueluo, I beg of you, quickly leave.

Fang Yi's words pierced the sore spot in Xueluo's heart.

That's right, where is my dignity? What about his dreams? What about his own pathetic and pathetic pride?

From the moment she promised her uncle that Xia Zhengyang would marry into the Feng Family, she had already been trampled under his feet!

"Fang Yi, if you were to tell me that I like Feng Xinglang, you would definitely not believe it, right? And the fact is like this: Everything that has happened between Feng Xinglang and I, was done willingly by me. "

Xueluo did not know why she suddenly said those words to him. However, Xueluo clearly knew that only if he said that, would Fang Yi Yan leave and avoid getting beaten up again.

"What?" You. You actually fell for Feng Xinglang? A man who deceived you and humiliated you? "

Fang Yi was terrified. He really couldn't believe what Xueluo had said. How could she like Feng Xinglang? She should have been forced! It was impossible for her to like a man who had deceived her and played tricks on her!

At the start, Feng Xinglang had been patiently listening to their long, jade-like conversation. When a woman said that she liked him, Feng Xinglang would inevitably be pleasantly surprised, his eyes filled with arrogance and narcissism.

However, their following words seemed to contain the slander and attack of Feng Xinglang; thus, Feng Xinglang stopped them from continuing.

"Fang Yiyan, like I said, if you dare to covet my woman again, I'll meet you and beat you up once. That hook punch just now, treat it as a present for you today! "I'm in a hurry to go back and have fun with my woman. Goodbye!"

Feng Xinglang did not want to waste anymore time with Fang Yi Yan. More or less, the woman's words' I like Feng Xinglang 'still made his mood brighter by quite a bit. Anxious to test how the woman actually liked him, Feng Xinglang decided not to bother with Fang Yi Yan anymore.

With a slight bow, Feng Xinglang lifted Xueluo up onto his shoulder.

This time, Xueluo did not struggle, but allowed Feng Xinglang to carry him like this. He walked past Fang Yiyan.

"Ahh …"

After a long while, Fang Yi's hoa.r.s.e roar came from behind him. Thinking about it, he was truly disappointed in himself.

At the very least, he would not involve Fang Yiyan, this innocent outsider, in this matter where deceit and conspiracy coexisted.

Xueluo used one hand to protect his stomach to increase the cus.h.i.+on from the man's shoulder to her waist.

"Sad?" Seeing the woman not saying a word the whole way, Feng Xinglang asked lightly.

Xueluo really did not want to speak. It was as if he was using this kind of silence to pay homage to his friends.h.i.+p with Fang Yiyan for the past two to three years.

In fact, some things that were exposed were actually the opposite. Just like the relations.h.i.+p between Xueluo and Fang Yi Yan: A little more than friends.h.i.+p, but a lot less than lovers.

It was only later on that Xueluo found out: Actually, Fang Yi Yan was the love and care she longed for. It had nothing to do with love!

"Feng Xinglang, with your intelligence, you probably won't misunderstand. Just now, I also said that I like you, right?"

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