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Chapter 206: Love, Irreplaceable Magic

For the sake of Feng Lixin's physical and mental health, the most important thing was to be able to happily perform a further skin grafting operation. Feng Xinglang had no choice but to agree to Feng Lixin's request: Go to the general hospital in the military region to treat them during the day, and then go back to Feng Family at night to rest.

Feng Lixin's intention was not only to see Lan Youyou that bewitching woman everyday, but also to consider her safety and freedom. They were afraid that Feng Xinglang would brutally vent his anger on her and lock her up or tie her up.

Doctor Jin said that Feng Lixin's condition was more suitable for recovery. In particular, his physical and mental ability to obtain the comfort he wanted had resulted in better results with half the effort. It was much better than the conservative treatment of him staying in the medical room and doing nothing.

Feng Xinglang really did not think that the demonic woman's fake love affairs were actually better than Doctor Jin's exquisite medical skills.

But there was one thing Lan Youyou was right about: at this moment, Feng Xinglang was just like a brother slave. Actually, it was Feng Xinglang's ancestry that caused him to cherish and care for his only and most beloved elder brother in his life.

Feng Xinglang was the illegitimate child of Feng Yishan. In order to bring him back to the Feng Family to live, Feng Yishan was forced to accept the series of unequal treaties from the Old Man of the Feng Family. One of them was: Feng Xinglang would never inherit any of the Feng Group's property. In order to prevent endless troubles in the future, the Old Man of the Feng Family had also deprived his eldest son, Feng Yishan, of his inheritance and had changed his eldest grandson, Feng Lixin, to the first-in-line successor.

In other words, not only was Feng Xinglang unable to inherit even the slightest amount of shares in the Feng Clan from the Old Man of the Feng Family, he was also unable to receive any form of financial support from his father who had been deprived of his inheritance!

In the beginning, his father, Feng Yishan, had loved and doted upon his illegitimate child, Feng Xinglang. However later on, for some unknown reason, Feng Yishan's personality underwent a drastic change, and he started to curse and beat Feng Xinglang up.

Like being locked in a sunny room on the third floor for two or three days, it was a common occurrence. Especially Feng Yishan, who would take revenge on Feng Xinglang after drinking too much, and beat him to a pulp.

Every time this happened, the only person to stand out would always be Feng Lixin. He had secretly delivered food to Feng Xinglang and helped him lie and cover for him. It had even developed to the point that he had taken the blame for Feng Xinglang and beaten Feng Xinglang up.

Along the way, Feng Lixin protected Feng Xinglang's bright and colorful childhood with his two year old body and firm conviction. This allowed him to get rid of a lot of beatings and a lot of curses.

The brotherly relations.h.i.+p was always the same!

As long as he, Feng Lixin, liked it, Feng Lixin would give whatever he had to Feng Xinglang.

Until the end when Feng Lixin used his own fresh life in exchange for Feng Xinglang's healthy body.

How could Feng Xinglang give up his life! Even if there was a sliver of hope, Feng Xinglang would still give his all!

Because Feng Lixin was completely worth it for him to do this!

In the morning, Feng Lixin would do the treatment for the complications as well as cleaning and expanding the skin at the military general hospital under everyone's care. Every time, he would be unable to part with Lan Youyou. Although under most circ.u.mstances, Lan Youyou would still be sleeping soundly in the morning, Feng Lixin was just quietly watching her sleeping face.

Before dinner, Feng Lixin would return to Feng Family to rest. Although he had to work hard, Doctor Jin said that this would help Feng Lixin recover his physical functions and coordination that had been lying still for a long time.

Actually, Lan Youyou was the one who faked the morning's sleep. She was too lazy to look at Feng Lixin's ferocious face. Just looking at it made his heart clench. If it wasn't for the fact that Feng Lixin was his big brother, Lan Youyou really wouldn't be bothered to take another look at him, Feng Lixin.

But every evening, Lan Youyou would obediently wait in the living room for them to return. Of course, the one she was waiting for wasn't Feng Lixin, but Feng Xinglang who had returned with her.

"Lixin, you're back? Are you tired? "

They still had to get things done on the surface, especially when Feng Xinglang had a cold face. Lan Youyou would go up to him like he was performing to ask him if he was warm.

"Not tired. Youyou, you must have waited too long. "

Feng Lixin had not been able to open it yet, but he still wore his peaked cap and mask, and his hands were wearing white silk gloves.

Maybe Feng Lixin, who was immersed in his fantasy love, would never think that the person Lan Youyou was waiting for was not him, Feng Lixin, but the one pus.h.i.+ng the wheelchair behind him.

"It has indeed been quite long … It's been so long that my heart hurts. "

As Lan Youyou said this, his eyes continued to look at Feng Xinglang who was standing tall behind the wheelchair. With her grave and stern facial features, clear and cold face, even the taciturn Feng Xinglang, in Lan Youyou's eyes, had an undiminished amount of charm.

Feng Xinglang didn't even give a cold gaze to Lan Youyou, instead, he leaned over and gently said: "Brother, you must be tired, I'll accompany you upstairs to rest."

"No, I'm not tired. I want to stay upstairs for a while." Feng Lixin quickly spoke up to stop her. Because he knew very clearly that as long as he went upstairs and entered the treatment room, he would not be able to see his Princess Youyou.

Previously, the joyous and sorrowful Feng Lixin refused to leave the treatment room no matter what, and only thought that she would eventually be trapped in that limited s.p.a.ce that couldn't even see the light of day.

But now, because of Lan Youyou, the fighting spirit and confidence he had in living was instantly ignited. The side effects of the medicine's feedback would make his body very uncomfortable, but for Lan Youyou, in order to recover his original complexion as early as possible to face the woman he loved, Feng Lixin had to endure it with great difficulty.

Love really had its irreplaceable magic. Women dress for themselves, as do men.

He was once again bewitched by this seductress. Feng Xinglang frowned slightly. The more Feng Lixin was like this, the heavier his mood became.

Putting aside the fact that Lan Youyou owed Feng Lixin a debt of blood all over his body, even if it was just her hypocrisy, the day that happened in the east window was enough to kill Feng Lixin!

"First Young Master, I made some warm broth for you. Please drink it before you go upstairs to rest." Nanny An brought over a bowl of medicinal soup that had just warmed up.

"I'll feed Lixin then." Lan Youyou volunteered himself.

There was a little woman who knew clearly that only by serving Feng Xinglang's precious big brother well would he, Feng Xinglang, serve her better! Diamond level VIP service, just the thought of it was enough to make one's heart beat faster. Lan Youyou really hoped that Feng Xinglang could have something happen to her.

Lan Youyou took the medicinal soup from the Nanny An's hands, and half-squatted in front of Feng Lixin with incomparable kindness, "Lixin, take off your mask when you're at home. I will not despise you. Because all I can think about is how handsome you were back then! "So, you have to get better quickly."

A woman's words were comparable to a miracle medicine. Feng Lixin was so touched that her whole body was trembling.

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