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Chapter 194: You want me to carry you?

His lips were hot, and had the warmth of blood flowing through them.

However, it was extremely overbearing and tightly held her in place while trying to dodge!

Under the envelopment of the youth aura, the night on the campus was particularly sentimental, causing one to be moved.

The back of Xueluo's head was pressed down by his big palm and her mouth was occupied by his strong tongue; Xueluo was unable to break free from Feng Xinglang's shackles, and she was so anxious that she was about to cry.

After a long kiss, Xueluo's lips were slightly swollen, the bright red of her lips were as tender and beautiful as morning flowers.

Feng Xinglang caressed her swollen lips with his thumb, looking very pleased with her angry reaction. His woman should be like this: pure and beautiful, not tainted by any other man at all.

"Such a big person, can he even get stuck in a fish bone just by eating a fish? "It really makes me worry."

Feng Xinglang's voice was not like his real body's; he really suspected that this man had eaten the wrong medicine.

"It caused me to guard you here for more than an hour … "How can you compensate me?"

He pressed his arms against her back, causing her softness to press against his strong body, occasionally rubbing against it.

Xueluo's heart was in a mess. He had to admit that he missed the man's overbearing kiss just now. He always did, always kissed her unexpectedly, not even giving her a chance to escape.

"Did you go to eat alone?" The man glanced at the bag in Xueluo's hands and asked, "Why didn't you call me?"

Can Xueluo say: Two people went alone? There was still one more life growing in her stomach.

Xueluo really wanted to ask this man: If he told him that she was pregnant with his child, would he look down on her child as much as he would despise her?

In his eyes, she, Lin Xueluo, had always been a lowly person, maybe even not qualified for him to have children! Xueluo did not want to bring shame upon himself by asking a man. What's more, she didn't want to tell him that this unfaithful woman had borne his child in a disloyal and pure manner!

But at this moment, Xueluo was actually deeply attached to the man's embrace. She wanted to give her child a moment of poor fatherly affection. Therefore, she allowed the man to tightly embrace her without struggling or breaking away.

Sometimes, the so-called trouble was just a matter of mediocrity.

If you, Lin Xueluo, didn't ask, how would you know that Feng Xinglang didn't like this little life that suddenly dropped from the sky? In your eyes, you think that the way he looks at you is humble to the point of being dust. Maybe looking at him is a different kind of pampering method, it's just that Lin Xueluo herself cannot accept such a special method from him!

Being embraced by Feng Xinglang, she would rub against him from time to time, and from time to time, she would push him to the point that the beauty of her exquisite curves were almost crushed by him to the point that they couldn't even form a shape.

"Call you? Is it suitable? " Xueluo muttered.

The image of this sister-in-law calling her brother-in-law, who was busy working every day, to go eat Pai Sheng's food was breathtakingly beautiful. And her husband, his brother, was lying in the hospital.

"Why not?" Feng Xinglang's handsome eyes became serious. "We can go right now and see if it's suitable!"

Now you're going to eat Pai Sheng? He had just eaten a nine inch large cake. If he were to let her eat it, wouldn't he be pus.h.i.+ng her to the point of bloating her to death?

"I'm already full. If you want to eat, go eat by yourself!" Xueluo felt his stomach churning again.

That kiss just now …

Oh my G.o.d, don't throw up in front of this man! Men shouldn't be suspicious. Xueluo didn't want to hear any of the man's sharp taunts and sarcastic remarks towards her in a holy and pure place like the school. In any case, he was the only one who was used to it. How could he care about the feelings and feelings of a small figure like her!

Xueluo subconsciously reached out to touch his own stomach: Darling, you have to behave yourself. If you don't want mommy to be yelled at by your daddy in front of so many uncles and aunties, you better behave yourself!

"You're not obedient are you?" Feng Xinglang's arms suddenly tightened, "You want me to carry you?"

"..." Xueluo was stunned: You're carrying it again? This time, it was different. He still had a little dot in his stomach! To be hoisted onto his shoulder like that, how uncomfortable would the little thing in his stomach feel!

"No, no, no, no, no! I have my own feet, I can walk! " Xueluo replied in panic.

Xueluo obviously did not want to go. Putting aside the fact that she had already eaten a hearty meal, she was worried that she would attract the suspicion of a man by causing nausea from time to time.

Don't think that the current Feng Xinglang was as normal as a gentleman. Take him to dinner first, and then what? And then was he forced to return to the Feng Family? And then do whatever you want?

As for how he bullied her, she could still go against him and play wild. But now, she was two people's body, she couldn't take this evil man's torment any longer.

Others said: Stupid from one pregnancy for three years; but Xueluo felt that not only had he not become foolish, he had become quite a bit more quick-witted.

For example, right now, she waved the Pi Shengke and the lunchbox in her hands, "Feng Xinglang, wait a moment, I'll take this upstairs to Duo Duo!"

Xueluo thought: As long as I enter a girl's dormitory, everything will be fine. How can this man be so ruthless to the point of not estimating his own n.o.ble status, and do something as vulgar and vile as barging into a girl's dormitory?

The key point was that it did not match his esteemed status!

Xueluo felt that she was clever enough, but when she caught sight of Feng Xinglang's sly cheetah eyes, she turned out to be naive and clever.

She had yet to turn around to leave when her waist landed once again in the crook of the man's arm. "Remember to obediently come downstairs!" Otherwise, I will rush into the dorm to catch you! "Maybe we can get on the headlines like this!"

The man's words were like a spell that lingered above Xueluo's head: Is this man for real? Or was he trying to scare himself?

If he didn't come downstairs, would he really rush into the girls' dormitory to arrest him?

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