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Chapter 179: Sloth? Do you want to vomit?

In the control room, Feng Xinglang's every word and action were reflected in Feng Xinglang's eyes.

When the woman mentioned that she wanted to stay in the Feng Family, Feng Xinglang frowned: This mountain cannot hold two tigers, not to mention two female tigers!

At most, it could only be considered to be a little wild cat that had been tamed by Feng Xinglang, let alone fighting against a vicious and fickle woman like Lan Youyou.

She would be tortured by Lan Youyou to the point that not even dregs would remain! This was a completely predictable result.

Forget about Feng Xinglang making such a prediction, even Doctor Jin was worried. As for the Nanny An, Butler Mo, and no one else who thought highly of Xueluo, they all broke out in a cold sweat for her.

Thinking that he still had a date with that cat-like woman tonight, Feng Xinglang's brows sank even deeper.

But right after, his eyebrows relaxed a little: Didn't that woman want to live in the Feng Family? Just let her be! This was a rare opportunity to play it by ear!

When Ye Nian finished treating the bite on his arm and returned to the monitoring room, Feng Xinglang was already preparing to go out.

"Brother Lang, I'm sorry … "I …"

"Enough, you don't need to explain!" Go prepare the chains and the anesthetic, and wait for me at the back entrance of Feng Family in an hour. Go and do something! " Feng Xinglang ordered, and quickly left the control room.

Chains and drugs? Ye Xiaonian bit his lips: There's no need to guess, these things must definitely be used on Lan Youyou later. Although he cherished the fairer s.e.x, Lan Youyou had brought this upon himself. How could Feng Xinglang let go of someone who had hurt his brother!

"Ah Lang, your big brother is calling you." Lan Youyou timidly called out to Feng Xinglang. There was anger on his handsome face, but he was a gentle gentleman. This made Lan Youyou feel even more uneasy.

The calm and collected Feng Xinglang was terrifying! Lan Youyou wasn't afraid of death, he was afraid that this man wouldn't even give her a chance to die.

"Yes, I'm here." Feng Xinglang responded indifferently, then walked in with vigorous legs.

What Lan Youyou had never expected was that Feng Xinglang would actually agree to it. He did not hesitate at all. Vaguely, Lan Youyou could smell a trace of unease, but following that, he became calm. She thought that Feng Xinglang would definitely not kill her. After all, his brother Feng Lixin still needed her encouragement to survive, right?

This was what it was like to be born with all things, one thing above another! Of course he, Feng Xinglang, had his own weakness too!

"Xinglang, you better not make things difficult for Youyou again while I'm not around! Even if she did something wrong, I'll take responsibility for her. You can't touch her. "Okay?" Feng Lixin still did not feel at ease and warned her a few times.

"Don't worry Big Brother, with Nanny An and Butler Mo here, I will definitely feed your beloved woman to her."

Finished speaking, Feng Xinglang leaned over and placed his ear close to Feng Lixin's ear, "Just wait for your body to recuperate and then enter the bridal room!"

These humorous words once again caused Feng Lixin to indulge in wild imagination. As long as a person had a dream and hope, they would have the power to survive. Because of Lan Youyou's existence, she was willing to endure the pain on her body and live.

Nanny An was left at Feng Family by Feng Xinglang, waiting for his return. Tonight, Nanny An's mood was especially brilliant. Firstly, it was because First Young Master's condition had improved, and secondly, it was also because of Second Madame's return.

"Madam, I've finally got you back! Come, come, sit, are you hungry? Thirsty? How have you been? Not lazy? Do you want to vomit? "

Nanny An was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with enthusiasm. To her, if Xueluo was pregnant with the young master of the Feng Family, it would be a happy ending.

He was lazy to the point of being lazy. As for whether he wanted to vomit … Hearing Nanny An's words, Xueluo really felt his stomach churning.

"No, I'm fine." Xueluo raised his spirits and said, then asked: "Nanny An, why didn't you go to the hospital to take care of Lixin today?"

Xueluo only returned to Feng Family after eating dinner in the canteen. He thought that he would have to sit outside the stairs and wait, but he didn't expect that the Nanny An would actually stay in the Feng Family and wait for him.

The running away from home half a month ago had completely broken Xueluo's heart. She felt like she had fallen into a trap that Feng Family had weaved together to deceive people. No matter if it was the Nanny An, Butler Mo and Little Qian, they helped Feng Xinglang to tease her. They clearly knew that the 'Feng Lixin' who walked out of the treatment room was Feng Xinglang, but they kept on condoning and protecting Feng Xinglang's deceit of them!

Forget it!

Anyway, he was going to divorce Feng Lixin soon, and at that time, he would no longer have anything to do with the Feng Family. Deceit didn't mean anything, so what?

Perhaps in their hearts, they had always been a woman that wors.h.i.+pped gold. Being toyed with by others was asking for it, so how could they hope to obtain their respect!

Xueluo was sad but she did not ask anyone in the Feng Family about Feng Xinglang deceiving herself while pretending to be Feng Lixin. She did not have the qualifications or the confidence. If she were to marry into the Feng Family, she would always be a useless, awkward status. Perhaps in their eyes, that was just a small matter but Xueluo's pure heart had been deeply hurt.

"The First Young Master is under the care of Doctor Jin and Butler Mo. Second Young Master specifically told me to stay at home and wait for you. "Madam, you must be hungry. I … you've cooked a stew with cinnamon to warm your body and warm your stomach. I'll cook it for you right away." Nanny An walked briskly towards the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Nanny An received a call from Second Young Master: They said that they would bring Lan Youyou back to Feng Family in a while, and told his wife Xueluo to stay in the room to avoid the call.

Nanny An was shocked, she suddenly thought of Lan Youyou's words: [All the women who miss Feng Xinglang will die!]

To be honest, Nanny An feared Lan Youyou from the bottom of his heart. That woman was too exposed, and with Madam Xueluo being so gentle, if she were to know that the one Madam Xueluo married was not First Young Master Feng Lixin, but Second Young Master …

Nanny An did not dare think about how Lan Youyou would torture his wife. But one thing was certain: Mrs. Xueluo was definitely not a match for that woman!

Furthermore, Madam Xueluo was preparing to become pregnant … Nanny An immediately carried the stew into the living room.

"Madame, please go back to your room. Second Young Master will be back in a while. "

Go back to your room? Xueluo was startled, "No need, I will just wait for him in the hall. With just a few words, I won't waste any time. "

After a slight pause, Xueluo gazed deeply at the Nanny An who was bringing him the beef soup. Regardless if she had helped Feng Xinglang deceive her before, she was really worried about her daily life.

"Nanny An, thank you for taking care of me these past few months. "Thank you." Xueluo's voice was hoa.r.s.e. He could not help but feel a sour taste in his nose.

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