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Chapter 163: Who shall accompany Feng Lixin in death

Actually, Xueluo had seen Feng Lixin before.

That was when his uncle Feng Yiming brought a large nation of shareholders, as well as some medical examiners to Feng Family in order to test the medical ability of his nephew, Feng Lixin. That was the only time Xueluo ever went into Feng Lixin's medical treatment room.

At that time, the first feeling Xueluo got from the treatment room was cold. It was several degrees lower than the temperature outside. And it was mixed with the pungent smell of disinfectant.

The room was dark. Xueluo could only faintly see the Feng Lixin laying on the made bed.

To be honest, at that time, Xueluo did not see Feng Lixin's appearance clearly. He only felt that Feng Lixin, who was wrapped in all sorts of vital signs monitoring devices, was truly pitiful. A fresh life was bound to the cold medical apparatus.

At that time, Xueluo only cared about mourning for Feng Lixin's misfortune, and did not think about other things. He only felt that Feng Lixin's condition had worsened, and he couldn't even speak clearly.

How would Xueluo know that that was only the real Feng Lixin. And the 'Feng Lixin' who walked out of the treatment room was only the disguise of that vile man, Feng Xinglang.

Why doesn't he, Feng Xinglang agree to let me in to see Feng Lixin? I am Feng Lixin's wife, and I am his first guardian. Why wouldn't Feng Xinglang agree? "

It's Feng Xinglang again! Xueluo could no longer hold it in, "At this point of time, he, Feng Xinglang, is like a tyrant. He wants to cover the sky with one hand, and if you don't allow him to do so, then who gave him the authority to do so!?"

Just as Xueluo was arguing with Butler Mo, someone slowly opened the door from the inside. And then, Feng Xinglang's tall and straight body, appeared in front of Xueluo.

Xueluo was startled.

It had only been a few days, yet the man looked haggard and haggard for years: his short hair, which had been healthy before, was in disarray from lack of maintenance; the green beard that stuck out of his face; the wrinkled clothes … It had only been three days, and Feng Xinglang was already acting like a Syrian refugee!

The man's blood-red eyes and cracked lips stung Xueluo's heart.

At this moment, Xueluo could no longer say anything to reprimand this man.

But suddenly, the man moved as fast as a cheetah, he suddenly rushed forward and grabbed Xueluo by the neck, using all the strength he could muster to lift her off the ground.

"Lin Xueluo, haven't you done enough? Didn't you escape from the Feng Family's cage? Why did you have to come back? "

"Lin Xueluo, if my brother doesn't wake up, or if he dies, I will make all of you accompany him in death!"

Xueluo did not struggle, he only looked at the man's eyes that were filled with anger, and his tears fell.

"Second Young Master... Second Young Master, don't be like this … Mistress is innocent, I will accompany First Young Master in death! " Butler Mo rushed over to stop Feng Xinglang who was as ruthless as a trapped beast.

Under the combined power of everyone, they finally managed to pull the infuriated Feng Xinglang away.

"Cough cough …" Xueluo, who had just finished taking a breath of his life force, couldn't help but cough heavily a few times. Seeing that the door of the corridor was slightly ajar, Xueluo took advantage of everyone's inattentiveness and rushed in after recovering a little strength.

Opportunity lies in grasping. Xueluo knew that if he were to miss this opportunity, he would not be able to take advantage of Feng Xinglang ever again.

Xueluo who had rushed in, followed the quiet and deep corridor, and saw that in front of the huge window, Doctor Jin was conversing with a foreign doctor. Xueluo immediately flew towards the window.

This time, Xueluo truly saw Feng Lixin. He was so skinny that only his skeleton was left, Feng Lixin quietly laid on the sickbed in the Intensive Care Unit, wrapped up by all kinds of life detection equipment.

"Lixin... "I'm sorry." Tears once again blinded Xueluo's eyes, she laid in front of the window and choked up her sobs.

At that moment, Xueluo suddenly understood why Feng Xinglang did not let her see his big brother Feng Lixin. He did not want his Big Brother Feng Lixin's miserable state to be exposed in broad daylight. To Feng Lixin, this was a type of cruel pain that pierced through to the bone; to Feng Xinglang, it was even more so an unbearable pain.

Xueluo understood Feng Xinglang, and understood Feng Xinglang!

"Get out! My brother does not need anyone's sympathy or pity! " A cold voice came from behind Xueluo.

Xueluo wiped away the tears on her face and turned around, "Alright, I'll get lost now."

Xueluo looked deeply at the haggard Feng Xinglang, and his heart once again ached.

"You are not allowed to tell anyone about my brother's illness! Otherwise, I will kill you and silence you. " Feng Xinglang's voice was cold, and cold to the bone.

"Alright. I won't say it, no one will say it. " Xueluo replied in a submissive manner.

She knew at this moment, in this world, there was no one who cared more about Feng Lixin's life and death than her. He had to helplessly watch his big brother, who had used his own health in exchange for his younger brother's life, die so miserably in front of Feng Xinglang.

Xueluo obediently turned around and left, and didn't continue to provoke this man who was already grieving beyond words.

After walking out of the intensive care unit, Xueluo held onto the armrest at the corner of the corner, and broke into tears. She pitied the unfortunate Feng Lixin, and at the same time, pitied that man called Feng Xinglang.

After a long while, when Xueluo could not make a sound, Butler Mo slowly walked forward.

"Madam, I'm afraid that First Young Master won't be able to hold on this time. Second Young Master will be blinded by hatred. It's best for you to leave this place quickly and leave the Feng Family. Don't come back! You are an innocent outsider and should not be implicated. "

"No …" I'm not leaving! If you can accompany Feng Lixin in death, why can't I? I am Feng Lixin's wife! I should be buried with Feng Lixin even more so. " Xueluo said while wiping her tears.

"Madame, what nonsense are you saying? You're not. "Sigh!" Butler Mo let out a long sigh, "Forget it, I won't say anymore. There are some things that is better for you to not know than to know. "

That's true! If his wife knew that Second Young Master was the real husband she had, and that she was just a temporary younger brother whom he had taken care of after his death, that was why he chose her as his younger brother's wife …

It seemed that the more he said, the more he couldn't explain it clearly!

When he saw Second Young Master's fiendish look that almost caused his wife to die, Butler Mo felt that he was right. It would only increase the worries and sorrows of his wife, Xueluo.

"Butler Mo, don't worry about me, go back to the custody room and take care of Lixin. And Feng Xinglang … You mustn't let him do something stupid. Just in case he loses control of his emotions and causes someone to die, then his life will be over! " This was what Xueluo was most worried about.

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