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Chapter 147: Too. Too petty!

Seeing the particularly amiable smile on Nanny An's face, Xue Yue felt that she had fallen into a plot that the people of Feng Family had fabricated.

Nanny An knew, and so did Butler Mo … Or perhaps, even Feng Lixin knew about it? If that was really the case, Xueluo felt that he might as well die! What kind of family with no conscience! Even the servants had become accomplices.

"Nanny An, I'm not eating anymore. I'm rus.h.i.+ng to school." The only thing Xueluo wanted to do was to quickly leave Feng Family and leave this place full of traps. At this rate, other than Xueluo constantly falling, he no longer had the strength and reason to save himself.

"Madam, it's not even seven yet. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?" Nanny An asked. When he wanted to come over to persuade her, Xueluo was already holding her textbook and walking into the morning light.

Nanny An wanted to give chase, but she was unable to keep up with Xueluo's footsteps. She could only turn around and call the driver, Xiao Qian, so that he could come over early to send his wife to school.

But as they walked, the Nanny An couldn't help but mutter under his breath: This Second Young Master is really something. If you want to love, then love me! Why did you leave so many red marks on his wife's neck? If this lady went to school and was seen by her cla.s.smates, she would be extremely shy.

When Xueluo rushed to the dorm, Yuan Duoduo was still on a date with Old Man Zhou. That domineering sleeping posture, that unrestrained soul of a woman.

Xueluo did not wake Yuan Duoduo up. Instead, she laid on her bed and looked at the ceiling thoughtfully.

How did he end up provoking Feng Xinglang, that kind of man who didn't even care about face! The last time he had been invaded in a cast iron cage, it had been caused by that bowl of porridge after all; but the last time by the sea? Where was he in Feng Family this time? There really was no place that the man wouldn't dare to do what he wanted!

Last night's events had swept over bit by bit, causing Xueluo to feel extremely ashamed, and she hurriedly covered her face with her hands. He was too embarra.s.sed to see anyone.

That violent man couldn't even be bothered to take off his clothes, and just … Xueluo felt that his teeth were itching to bite!

"Ah, Lin Xueluo, where did you come from?"

Yuan Duoduo, who had just woken up, let out a scream. This shocked Xueluo, who was caught up in the conversation between a man and a woman last night.

"Duo Duo, what are you doing? Your sudden reaction will scare people to death, alright?" Xueluo patted his chest guiltily.

Yuan Duoduo who was screaming just now suddenly stopped talking, his style suddenly changed as he used a high precision scanner to look at Xueluo's face and neck.

"Duo Duo, what's wrong? I... Are there words on my face? " Being stared at so strangely by Yuan Duoduo, Xueluo felt even more guilty. He quickly wiped his face with his hand.

Yuan Duoduo did not answer Xueluo's guilty question. Instead, he suddenly rushed towards Xueluo and grabbed his sweater collar.

That kind of woolen sweater was already loose to begin with, and with Yuan Duoduo forcefully pulling on it, the scene at half spring was extremely good. And Yuan Duoduo was also able to see the many red marks of love on Xueluo's snowy face.

"Lin Xueluo, this time you can't deny it, right? You must have merged with Feng Xinglang last night!"

Yuan Duoduo stared at the terrified Xueluo with his bitter little eyes, "Look at all these, they are all solid evidence! Forget about leaving it behind with Feng Lixin, with Feng Lixin's current condition, you wouldn't be able to create such an explosive mark of love! "

Being a.n.a.lyzed so viciously by Yuan Duoduo, Xueluo was truly at a loss for words. Yuan Duoduo had almost blocked off the excuse for him to lie.

Xueluo used both hands to tightly protect his woolen sweater, and in his heart, he had already scolded Feng Xinglang that man tens of times. It was also his own carelessness that made him run out in high spirits just because he wanted to escape the Feng Family. He really didn't notice the evidence on his body.

Seeing Lin Xueluo's panicked expression, Yuan Duoduo was sure that she had actually been a man and a woman before with Feng Xinglang. He felt a wave of sadness in his heart. It seemed that his little self-abas.e.m.e.nt thought had already stifled the cruel reality before it could even sprout.

"Xueluo, you and Feng Xinglang are … How can you allow Feng Lixin to endure? "

Yuan Duoduo cast aside his own thoughts, and started to feel sad for Feng Lixin. Because on Friday, Feng Lixin was still brazenly coming to school to pick Lin Xueluo up from school while everyone was mocking him. Lin Xueluo was also with Feng Lixin. Both husband and wife had performed a lovely show with their deep affection for each other, but after this weekend, why did it suddenly jump 180 degrees?

Or could it be that Xueluo had become that kind of person, that kind of person, that kind of person that was inferior to others?

No! Yuan Duoduo trusted in Xueluo's character. However, the reality before his eyes made Yuan Duoduo puzzled.

Even his best friend was doubting his own character, Xueluo's heart seemed to be ruthlessly pierced. Was he an immoral person? It clearly wasn't like that, but she actually did it!

Xueluo remained silent, unable to give any more words of doubt to Yuan Duoduo. What could he question? Was it his fault for not being careful, or was it that man's fault for being too impudent?

Seeing that Xueluo was tacitly silent, Yuan Duoduo did not seem to have the heart to continue criticizing her.

"I know, you have such a feudal tradition in your bones, Feng Xinglang must have forced you to do this." Yuan Duoduo sighed.

"Is that so? But I think I've been so indulgent that I don't even know myself! " Xueluo lowered his head and laughed in a sad and bitter manner.

"Xueluo, don't blame yourself like that! Feng Xinglang is such a charming man, it is reasonable that you fell in love with him! " Yuan Duoduo comforted the dejected Xueluo.

Had he fallen in love with that man? Had he fallen in love with her? Xueluo couldn't really tell what kind of feeling it was like.

"Actually, it's too unrealistic for you to fall in love with Feng Lixin, who was reduced to such a state by the great fire! And his brother Feng Xinglang was so outstanding, so handsome and so rich … Compared to that, choosing Feng Xinglang was completely a woman's normal choice! Xueluo, you don't have to blame yourself! " Yuan Duoduo comforted her again.

Forget about Xueluo, even she, Yuan Duoduo herself, was bullied by that man. She felt that it was already something she would never forget for the rest of her life! Feng Xinglang really had this kind of charisma, making all the girls that came in contact with him to keep him in mind.

"However, Xueluo, even though you have fallen in love with Feng Xinglang, I feel that such a relations.h.i.+p exists … Too … It's too petty! "

Yuan Duoduo was truly conflicted: Am I trying to persuade Lin Xueluo to love me? Or exhort her to put up with women's ways?

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