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Chapter 146: The Mind Also Good Beauty

Not only was his body clean, but his soul was also beautiful.

"I'm sorry, my mother and sister are here. I'm truly sorry, then Second Young Master Feng, I'll be taking my leave first. "

Xia Yiqin could tell that it would be hard for the man to eat dinner with her now. Thus, she went with the flow and set the stage for herself.

"Then Miss Xia, please leave." The warm words of the gentleman Feng Xinglang.

Seeing her eldest daughter, Xia Yiqin, walking towards her, Mother Xia was winking, indicating that Xia Yiqin should strike the iron while it was hot, in order to solidify his relations.h.i.+p with Feng Xinglang. Go to a movie or a walk or something.

But Xia Yiqin clearly knew that it was impossible. Rather than the other men rejecting him, he might as well just cut off the possibility of him rejecting them on his own accord.

Feng Xinglang then turned and left the dining room after waving goodbye to Mother Xia.

When they reached the lobby, the lobby manager stepped forward to greet them.

"Mr Feng, this is the car key that a lady surnamed Lin left you." The lobby manager respectfully handed over the Ferrari's car keys to Feng Xinglang.

It was obvious that the woman wasn't waiting for him in the car!

"Thank you! When did she leave? " Feng Xinglang asked.

"About an hour ago. Just after you and Miss Xia had dinner. For fear of disturbing your meal, this car key has never been delivered to you. "Sorry." The lobby manager said politely in a professional manner.

Carrying an unbreakable hostility, the jet black Ferrari sped towards the Feng Family like an arrow leaving a bow in the night wind.

This woman was too audacious. Making her obediently wait inside the car, yet she had to go against him? She was the one who decided to marry him, and she was the one who chose him as well. He, her husband, had not done anything to her, yet she was already prostrating herself to him?

He wanted to let her understand what it meant to be 'from three to four'!

Pulling on his tie in a ruthless manner, Feng Xinglang reached the bottom of the throttle, and the sports car let out a strong rumbling sound.

In the living room of the Feng Family, the Nanny An was doing some cleaning. Seeing that Second Young Master Feng Xinglang had returned, he immediately went forward to welcome him.

"Where's Madame?" Feng Xinglang asked angrily.

"Madame said she was not feeling well. He locked himself in the house as soon as he got back. I saw that she was in a very bad mood when she came back. " Nanny An said with pain in his heart.

"She will be sad too? "It seems like he isn't as heartless as I thought he was!" Feng Xinglang said coldly.

The door to the guest room was locked, which could block Nanny An and Butler Mo, but not Feng Xinglang.

When he was about eight years old, he could climb the third floor of Feng Family's villa with his bare hands. What's more, the guest room was on the first floor and half empty.

On top of the guest room, Xueluo was tightly wrapped in silk quilt, like a coc.o.o.n that had no sense of security.

The young man was in the prime of his life, his body full and juicy. He didn't need to prologue to be able to move a man's heart.

Moreover, this was not the first time he had felt such emotions. He had savored her taste, and it had penetrated deep into his marrow.

Xueluo who was on the stage, slowly became tired under Shang Yi's struggle. Be it his body or his heart, both seemed to be exhausted to the extreme.

Xueluo's sleep tonight was very shallow, and also had a hint of Shang Yi's. So she slept badly. And this sudden invasion simply dragged her from a nightmare into a bottomless abyss.

A nightmare even more horrifying than a nightmare.

The pain was like seaweed that tightly coiled around Xueluo. The unfeeling grinding pain engulfed every single cell of his body. Xueluo instinctively stretched out his hand to push the man restrained on his body.

Xueluo clearly saw who the man was. Rather than saying he could see it clearly, it was better to say that he felt who the man was.

"Feng Xinglang, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Xueluo was so embarra.s.sed that she became fl.u.s.tered and angry at the man.

However, her little fight with the well-built Feng Xinglang could not even be considered tickling, much less causing him to be restricted.

"Be good. It'll be fine in a moment." Feng Xinglang hissed softly, as if his voice was leaking out. It was as magnetic as a magnet.

"Scram!" Xueluo was already too embarra.s.sed to show her face, "Feng Xinglang, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Get out of here! "

With anger and embarra.s.sment, Xueluo really wanted to kick this man out. However, the man's robust physique was truly unshakable.

Actually, at this moment, Feng Xinglang was not feeling well. Xueluo felt terrible, and he also felt worse. Of course, it didn't mean that his heart wasn't feeling good, but rather that his body wasn't feeling good at all. That kind of training, she would feel pain, and he would feel pain as well.

A man was not made of steel. Every cell in his body was made of carbohydrates. So of course it hurts.

"Why aren't you waiting for me in the car? This is your punishment for not being obedient, understand? " The man paused, swallowing the low hiss of her earlobes. The hostility slowly subsided, but it gave birth to even more emotions.

"Feng Xinglang, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How could you do this to me? Get out of here! "

The shame and anger he felt were drowned in grief and grief, Xueluo began to mourn and whimper. She felt really uncomfortable. Not only her body, but also her heart that had been hurt.

She really could not understand why Feng Xinglang would so wantonly say that he had bullied her! Could it be that in his heart, he had already reached a point where he could trample over her at will?

"I went to your carefully prepared blind date dinner, and you agreed to fulfill any of my conditions … "Now is the time for me to ask for benefits." Feng Xinglang explained the transaction between him and her in a coa.r.s.e and heavy voice.

All resistance was futile, for with the arrow on the bow, how could he take it back?

Perhaps, in Feng Xinglang's opinion, this was just a small affair between husband and wife. But in Xueluo's eyes, it was an injury he could not afford.

Xueluo spent the night crying, and Feng Xinglang did what he wanted.

After escaping from the room, Xueluo wished that he could eat the entire bottle of pills. But how could she know that what she had eaten was only vitamin pills exchanged with Nanny An.

"Are you up, madam? "Why are you up so early? I haven't finished breakfast yet. Why don't you go back to your room and sleep for a while?"

When the Nanny An saw that Xueluo's wife was pouring water to drink the vitamins she exchanged, his smile became even more cheerful.

This was a good explanation: Madam pa.s.sed the night with Second Young Master again. The son of the Feng Family should be born soon. Nanny An was obviously grinning from ear to ear.

After being seen by the Nanny An, Xueluo was slightly embarra.s.sed.

Thinking that the pill was given to her by the Nanny An, she should have known of her unclear relations.h.i.+p with him.

But the smile on Nanny An's face …

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