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Chapter 142: Ridicule and sarcasm

It was almost 8 PM, and Xueluo would glance at his phone from time to time. Did that man forget? He had clearly promised that he would come.

Xueluo was about to call Feng Xinglang to ask, but instead, Xia Yiqin pressed down the b.u.t.ton to make a call.

"Xueluo, don't rush me. Men hated being urged on by women the most! If he has the heart, he will come. " The smile on Xia Yiqin's face was still as gentle as spring.

The key thing was Xueluo was worried about that man being careless! If he really didn't come, then how awkward would it be for him and Xia Yiqin in front of so many people?

He was embarra.s.sed to the point that he didn't care. He had already trained himself to be a thick-skinned man. But Xueluo really couldn't bear to see Xia Yiqin lose face together with him. No matter what, he had to get that man over here.

One wanted to call, while the other refused to. Just as the two were in a deadlock, Xueluo's phone suddenly rang.

It was Feng Xinglang.

Xueluo immediately picked up the phone and asked anxiously: "Feng Xinglang, where are you?"

"Where am I going? Where are you? Where did you go to the wild again? " Feng Xinglang asked instead of answering. His voice was filled with anger.

"I'm at the Sea View Restaurant in You Shan and Medi! Have you forgotten about your blind date today? " Xueluo lowered his voice and asked, "Hurry over, Sister Yi Qin and I are waiting for you."

Feng Xinglang really did not know whether he should cry or laugh. His wife kept urging him to date other women. The time, the location, the character, and the three factors had all been arranged for him by that woman!

How virtuous!

Not wanting to make Xia Yiqin feel awkward, Xueluo stood up immediately and walked towards a corner of the corridor while half-concealing his words.

"Feng Xinglang, I beg of you, please come with me. My aunt is here as well, if you don't come, Yi Qin will be in a lot of trouble. "Please, can I have a moment?" Xueluo pleaded.

Bullying this man was clearly not going to work! He was born not to be tough. Therefore, Xueluo could only change his course, and hope that Feng Xinglang would give in!

"If I go, what good will it do?" Feng Xinglang asked leisurely.

It was obvious that the woman's plea was sincere. But the more sincere he felt, the colder Feng Xinglang's heart became. He wanted to smash the woman's head with his marriage certificate to keep her awake.

Although this game was a bit sad, it was still quite interesting to continue playing. Because Feng Xinglang had already planned how to turn a bitter drama into a comedy!

"As long as you can come, I will give you whatever benefits you want!" At the time, Xueluo did not even think about it, and directly agreed to the man's conditions.

Her only worry was that the man wouldn't come. He wanted to trick him into coming over. As for other matters, they could be discussed.

Moreover, did she, Lin Xueluo need money? If he, Feng Xinglang, wants it, he can have it. The key point was that even if he took it, it would be useless.

"You promised." Feng Xinglang spoke in a deep voice, instantly sending a chill down his spine, and then answered, "I'll be there in half an hour! Lin Xueluo, just you wait! "

The man originally promised to come, so Xueluo should have been jumping in joy. However, she felt a deep chill. This man's words were too terrifying.

Xueluo could not help but s.h.i.+ver. However, the horror was quickly overshadowed by the good news of 'I'll be there in half an hour'.

Xueluo returned to the dining table.

Xia Yiqin maintained her grace, "Xueluo, since Second Young Master Feng is busy, let's order. I'll send you back to Feng Family in a while. "

A scheming woman tested him with a purposeful tone. Undoubtedly, Xia Yiqin was a very shrewd woman.

"Feng Xinglang will be here in half an hour! Big Sister Eqin, if you're hungry, I'll get you some snacks to fill up your stomach. " Xueluo smiled.

He had finally managed to get that man to 'beg' him for mercy. Thinking about it, he felt a sense of accomplishment. At least he could give Xia Yiqin and his aunt who was nearby an explanation.

"Alright, let's have some snacks first." Xia Yiqin said gently.

Although he did not show it on the surface, but Xia Yiqin's heart was as beautiful as a flower. As long as Feng Xinglang was able to attend the banquet, regardless of whether or not he was sincere in dating her, it would be enough to support her, Xia Yiqin, in gaining face.

About ten minutes later, a waiter arrived with two types of delicious pastries. Xueluo and Xia Yiqin started to eat happily.

With Xia Yiqin's ident.i.ty as a young lady, how could she not know that it would be very impolite for her to order a meal first. But she did it on purpose.

Firstly, he wanted to show it to the rich wives and daughters, and secondly, he also wanted to test out Lin Xueluo's position in Feng Xinglang's heart.

When he thought about how Lin Xueluo had tried to kiss Feng Xinglang back in the Feng Family's kitchen, he couldn't help but gnash his teeth in anger. But what could they do about it? Who asked Lin Xueluo, this seemingly loli and yet quite scheming woman, to be the first to reach the top!

Therefore, if Feng Xinglang was willing to marry, she, Xia Yiqin, was willing to marry. Once she marries into the Feng Family, she would properly discipline the people in the Feng Family! She would not allow Lin Xueluo to lead Feng Xinglang in so shamelessly!

Xueluo was really hungry, he ate up a piece of Mousse's Little Cake in a few bites. When she raised her head, she suddenly saw Xia Yiqin staring at her with a gaze that seemed to be filled with hatred.

"Sister Yi Qin, why aren't you eating? Aren't you hungry?" Xueluo saw the strawberry Mu Si, who did not move from his plate.

"I'm not hungry, I'll give it to you to eat. "Look at the way you eat like a greedy cat." Xia Yiqin pushed the strawberry mousse in front of Xueluo, and even helped him wipe the corner of his mouth clean with a tissue.

"Hehehehe, Xia Yiqin, how is it, Feng Xinglang isn't here, right? This is what you call bringing shame upon yourself! "

Seeing that Xia Yiqin and Lin Xueluo had already ordered a meal, Xia Yiqi thought that Feng Xinglang would definitely not come to the feast, so he couldn't help but go up to ridicule his sister Xia Yiqin. It was also good to show the humiliation he suffered at that time when he sent the mango biscuit to Feng Xinglang.

When he thought about it later, Xia Yiqi felt that Xia Yiqin had intentionally made her send the box of mango biscuit to the Feng Family. had always wanted to find an opportunity to take revenge on his sister Xia Yiqin, having caused her to suffer such humiliation.

Qin, Chess, Calligraphy, (Painting). Xia Family 3000 Gold. Especially for Xia Yiqi.

Xueluo originally wanted to explain, but was stopped by Xia Yiqin.

"Yi Qi, I'm just going to accompany Xueluo to have dinner. It's fine if you don't think Xueluo is your little sister, but I think of Xueluo as my own little sister. " Xia Yiqin said gracefully.

Her every word was an indication of her superb talent. It showed her the rich beauty of her famous young mistress.

"Hehe!" Xia Yiqin, stop lying to yourself! I am afraid that the entire Shen City knows that you are here to date Feng Xinglang tonight? It was a pity that this Feng and Second Young Master did not even put you, Xia Yiqin, in their eyes! "You really take yourself seriously!"

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