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During lunch time, when Feng Xinglang entered the secretary's office, only Lin Xueluo and Xia Yishu were there.

Seeing President Feng, Xia Yishu was about to stand up, but she was stopped by Feng Xinglang's gesture.

These days, Xueluo had basically reached the point where she almost forgot to eat and sleep.

The man's warm big palm landed on Xueluo's head; followed her smooth long hair and slowly caressed down.

"Why are you working so hard?"

Looking down at the serious woman from above, Feng Xinglang came over and gently pecked her on the cheek.

Xueluo panicked a little, and subconsciously looked around; seeing that there were no other colleagues around, she took a deep breath and became nervous.

Xia Yishu was blocked by Feng Xinglang's tall and st.u.r.dy body, so Xueluo did not see it. She thought that she had gone to the company's dining hall with her other colleagues.

"Stupid bird, fly first!"

Xueluo sighed, and then muttered dejectedly: "When it's time to learn, I had a child. Now that I want to learn something to fill myself, I feel that it's really too difficult!"

Then, as if she was acting spoiled, she wrapped her arms around her husband's st.u.r.dy waist and buried her head there, rubbing against it with all her might.

"Hubby, don't you think I'm stupid too … Other people only need to look at the project for a day or two, but I haven't been able to fully grasp it even after looking at it for three days! "

"Slow work results in fine work! In my heart, no one can compare to my wife's kindness! "

Feng Xinglang bent over and sucked on Xueluo's other cheek, "Moreover, I like how cute you are, no matter what I don't kiss you enough! I've been possessed by you! "

"Disgusting! You only know how to make me happy! "

The president and president's wife acted as if no one else was there to show their love, making Xia Yishu, who was treated as a transparent person, feel embarra.s.sed.

At this moment, it was impossible for Xia Yishu to make a sound, and it was also impossible for him to not make a sound! It was not appropriate to get up and leave, but it was even more awkward to ride in a transparent person.

Xia Yishu felt that Lin Xueluo was purposely showing her love in front of her.

When she was in the Xia Family, she had always thought that Lin Xueluo was at most a white lotus;

"Little Girl Lin, I'll give you a chance. Hurry to my resting room and serve this CEO lunch! In the entire Secretary's Department, only you do not know how to please a president like me! "

Feng Xinglang embraced the woman's waist and half carried Xueluo away from the desk, "You still want this CEO to come and please you? Is that really true? "

Xueluo liked to hear the man's humorous and witty loving tone. These words were as sweet as honey.

Towards such an attractive man, Xueluo had no way of resisting.

With a half hug and a half pull from the man, she dropped the project file in her hand and followed the man.

"Wait a minute!"

When the two of them walked out of the office, Xueluo suddenly remembered that the project doc.u.ment was still on the desk.

When Xueluo hurried back, she found Xia Yishu quietly sitting in front of her desk …

How embarra.s.sing!

Xia Yishu should have watched the live broadcast of him and her husband just now!

[Oh my G.o.d. I just flew away and kissed and hugged with a man …]

"With... Yishu, you … You haven't eaten yet. What about lunch? "

"I'm not hungry. It's too full in the morning! "

Xia Yishu replied back to him with a professional smile, "You should hurry up and go eat lunch. Don't make president wait too long."


Xia Yishu's words had already made it clear: She was just a spectator!

"Oh... "Then I'll go."

After locking up the project plan, Xueluo turned around and left a little embarra.s.sedly.

He really knows how to pretend! And acting so innocent! The Queen of Shadows!

"Feng Xinglang, when you just came in, did you see Xia Yishu?"

The somewhat embarra.s.sed Xueluo seemed to be complaining about the man, "You must have seen it! And... Also … Feng Xinglang, you must have done it on purpose! "

"In my territory, I can get close to my wife however I want, but don't tell me that I have to greet an outsider?!"

Feng Xinglang acted as if no one else cared as long as I was willing.

After lunch, Xueluo accompanied the man to rest.

She could feel that her man was truly tired. After hugging her for only a few minutes, she could hear the sound of breathing heavily.

Hearing the man's even breathing, Xueluo fell asleep at the same time.

When he woke up, it was already an hour later.

Xueluo who was still drowsy immediately went to the bathroom, using cold water to quickly wake herself up.

"Xinglang... Nuonuo asks you to meet him in the afternoon after school. "

"Half crippled... "What's there to look at?"

Feng Xinglang was awake, but he didn't seem to be completely awake at the same time.

"What half cripple?" Yan Bang is your brother! Furthermore, you promised Nuonuo that you would bring him to see Yan Bang on Friday. "

Xueluo, who originally wanted to run out, changed back to a light makeup.

Since he was still president's wife, it wasn't suitable for him to look the sky in the company.

"Oh right, Xinglang, how are Yan Bang's injuries? And his ankle, did he have a corrective operation? " Xueluo asked in concern.

"Yan Bang is already dest.i.tute … We don't have to worry too much about him! "

Feng Xinglang scoffed, his eyes still squinted, and it looked like he was still dreaming.

"Feng Xinglang, you can't be so mercenary!"

Xueluo reprimanded the man unhappily, "You are not allowed to be like this in front of Nuonuo! "You have to be a loyal and loyal father!"

"Got it …" Get someone to send a crutch over later! "

Feng Xinglang turned over and continued to sleep soundly.

… ….

Before going to the kindergarten to pick up his son, Feng Xinglang made a trip to Qibei Mountain City.

But he did not see Cong Gang.

It was no longer important whether Cong Gang was truly not there or if he was just pretending.

The most important thing was that he did not want Feng Xinglang to see him. Even if Feng Xinglang had dug three feet into the ground, he would not be able to see him!

If he was unhappy, it was for sure!

"My Boss went to the no man's land in Luo Bu Lake, and we crossed over on foot. I don't think we'll be able to return in a month or two! "

When Feng Xinglang heard this, he became a little irritable.

"Why didn't you come with me? At least someone can collect the corpse of that dog! "


Wei Kang did not respond to Feng Xinglang's curses. He was well aware of Feng Xinglang's shamelessness. The more he talked to, the more addicted he was to it.

When they rushed to the kindergarten, Mo Ranran and the driver Xiao Hu had already brought the two children out from the safe island.

"Father … You're late again! "

When he saw his father, Feng Xinglang's little friend, he was so happy that he was jumping up and down like a little leopard.

"Uncle, take Big Brother Nuonuo to see Big Bangbang, I won't be going over there … …"

Towards Yan Bang's fear of him, Feng Tuantuan seemed to have a deep-rooted fear of him.

"The Uncle has to a.s.sign them a task: If Uncle and Big Brother Nuonuo are not home tonight, you have to take good care of your Uncle! Supervising her to eat and sleep well, and not to learn too late! "

"Good Uncle! I guarantee that I will complete the mission! "

On the way to vacation villa, Linnuo's little friend was extremely happy.

Perhaps it was because the guilt at the bottom of his heart had been relieved, and he no longer had to feel uncomfortable with Yan Bang's death, the little guy was exceptionally happy.

Thinking of something, the little guy stopped bouncing. "Ah …" I forgot. "Father, quickly go back!"

"Forgot what?" Feng Xinglang asked.

"I forgot to buy a present for Big Bangbang!" The little guy sighed with melancholy.

"Buy a gift? Why would I need a little kid like you to buy a present! In the Big Baibai, you don't lack anything! "

"No way! A gift must be bought! Every time Big Bangbang comes to my house, every time I go abroad and come back, he will give me a present! I must buy him a present too! "

Feng Xinglang was slightly surprised by his son's persistent shouting. It turned out that in his subtlety, Lil Thing had learned to be grateful to others for being nice to him.

"Daddy has already prepared a present for you!" Feng Xinglang continued with a light tone.

"Really?" The little guy urged excitedly, "Hurry up and take it out for me to see!"

"It's in the trunk! Wait until the vacation villa takes it out, won't that make it even more mysterious? "

"No way!" I have to take a look first! What if Big Bangbang doesn't like it? "

The little guy lay on the back seat and tried to open the trunk.

Feng Xinglang took a glance at the little fellow who was determined to first take a look at his' present ', "Stop messing around! Sit down! Don't you think that how can Big Bangbang not like the gift that his father had personally chosen?! Also, your girlfriend will be going tonight. You want her to wait for you? "

"My girlfriend?"

The little guy was stunned for a moment before becoming a little shy, "How do I have a girlfriend? Feng Xinglang, don't talk nonsense! "

"Big Baibai will be bringing Yaya tonight … Are you surprised? "

Although the little guy didn't say anything, his eyes were still quite bright.

"Just Yaya? Then what about Doudou? " the little guy worriedly asked.

"What, my good son, you still want both of them?!"

… ….

If Bai Mo wanted to bring Yaya, who had only been out for ten months, by himself, the chances of it happening wasn't very high.

Firstly, Gentleman Bai who was extremely fond of her great-granddaughter would not agree!

If he sneakily brought Yaya out, and was discovered by the old man, the result would be even worse!

The old gramps doted on his great-granddaughter to the point that she could ignore him, his biological grandson!

After thinking about it, Bai Mo felt that asking Yuan Duoduo for help was more reliable. Her current status was already far more important than his insignificant biological grandson.

Taking advantage of the fact that Doudou and her wife were still napping, and before dinner, Yuan Duoduo took a bath with a comfortable flower petal.

Maybe Bai Mo will come back tonight, maybe not … Sometimes, when he came back, he would just kiss his two precious baby and leave; but Yuan Duoduo would always clean herself up.

He was waiting and hoping, but it seemed like he didn't want to have too much hope!

Love. Sometimes, it was really hurtful!

When Yuan Duoduo came out from was.h.i.+ng up, she b.u.mped into Bai Mo who was leaning on the door frame.

To tell the truth, Bai Mo was indeed a good-looking man: his eyebrows were handsome, and his facial features were handsome.

At that time, Yuan Duoduo's little heart immediately thumped faster, her beautiful face gradually turning red.

Sometimes women want men, too.

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