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However, just as the black Lexus reached the entrance to Mount Pan, it slowed down and came to a halt.

Feng Xinglang's Junyan hid in the darkness of the carriage, his expression could not be seen.

In the silence of the night, there were only two ticking sounds.

And what kind of ident.i.ty should he have to ask Cong Gang about the matter of the Yulong City?

Cong Gang had saved Yan Bang's life, and asking for a certain reward was also in accordance with the rules of the martial arts world!

Furthermore, it was something that Yan Bang had willingly offered with both of his hands, so what reason did Feng Xinglang have to interfere?

As for his original shares …

If Cong Gang was guilty of crimes, then it was just because he was too greedy that both sides had benefited from it.

However, wasn't it all because one was willing to fight while the other was willing to suffer?

To vent all of his anger on Cong Gang, it did not seem to be too kind!

Could it be that he felt that Cong Gang saved the wrong person?!

Maybe Cong Gang that dog was still waiting for him to angrily denounce him!

That would really be what he wanted!

There was one thing that Feng Xinglang was puzzled about, why would Cong Gang bear such a huge pressure to save Yan Bang?

At that time, the explosion of the cruise s.h.i.+p was so severe that even Feng Xinglang's wars.h.i.+p in Fang Ruhai could clearly feel it. Presumably, in order to save Yan Bang, Cong Gang had shouldered a certain amount of risk.

Yan Bang wanted to kill Cong Gang time and time again, but Cong Gang chose to take the risk to save Yan Bang! Could it be that he wanted to repay the grievances with virtue?

With Cong Gang's strangeness, this kind of 'retaliation with virtue' seemed to have nothing to do with him!

But from the looks of the situation, was he planning to take Yan Bang down? He had also obtained 10% of the GK shares!

When did that dog become so stinky?

But what did Cong Gang want with the Yulong City? He had never liked places that were thick and noisy and vulgar!

And the shares in the GK. What was the use of having it? A dividend? Or did he switch hands?

It seemed that neither of these possibilities was likely. No matter if it was the dividends or switching hands, it was better than directly changing the United States dollars to Feng Xinglang!

Could it be... Cong Gang wanted to become the overlord of the Shen City?

Even if he had the courage and heart of a thief, he might not have the ability to do so!

Let alone him, Cong Gang, even if he, Feng Xinglang, wanted to stabilize his position in the Shen City, he would still have to drag Yan Bang along with him.

This was also one of the main reasons why Feng Xinglang had always protected Yan Bang!

Even if he wanted to fight with Cong Gang, he could only claim back his original shares in GK Venture Capital!

As for Yan Bang's Yulong City...

He was not Yan Bang's father, the key thing was to come out with a name!

After resting for a while, Lexus turned around and sped towards the Feng Family.

His wife and children were already asleep.

The two of them held each other in an exceptionally warm embrace.

After showering, Feng Xinglang walked over to his wife and son on the bed, and rubbed his son's fleshy little face again and again.

Lil Thing's sleep quality was not bad. Such a snuggling kiss wouldn't wake him up. Normally, the little thing would be kissed, but it wouldn't be kissed so unrestrainedly.

Xueluo only slept lightly, after sensing the man's aura, she opened her eyes and quietly looked at the father and son duo.

"Xinglang, why are you back? Didn't you go and guard Yan Bang? "

Xueluo lowered her voice and asked.

"Yan Bang is guarding you!"

Feng Xinglang laid down on the ground beside Xueluo and sighed, "I went out just now to find someone to fight with. Whenhe thought of you and Nuonuo, she immediately ran back dejectedly! "

"Find someone to fight?"

Xueluo was slightly shocked, she gently grumbled, "Feng Xinglang, how old are you, and why are you so angry that you want to find someone to fight with?"

"He took a loss just like that... I'm not in a good mood! "

Feng Xinglang turned his body, using his robust body to half press down on Xueluo's soft body, burying his head in her pyjamas and rubbing it against her soft body.

"Xinglang, are Yan Bang's injuries serious? From what Nuonuo said, Yan Bang's body is covered with burns, and he's even crippled? "

"As long as you can't die!"

Feng Xinglang sighed, "Being able to retrieve his life, is already a blessing beyond the limits of G.o.d!"

"I hope he can survive this calamity and enjoy afterlife!" Xueluo sighed.

"And you're still enjoying the afterlife of a P!?" The lair has been destroyed by someone! "

Feng Xinglang sneered, "Now Yan Bang is a homeless person! A stray dog that relies on others to take it in! "

Xueluo was startled. "Then, what about Yan Bang's Yulong City?"

"I've been targeted by the thieves!" the reward for saving my life! "

Feng Xinglang let out another deep sigh, and said with a slightly stern voice, "Truly, you're f * cking stupid!"

"Actually, I feel that it is quite worth it to exchange my life for something else!"

Xueluo spoke out her views.

Feng Xinglang turned his face to the side, he stared at him quietly for a moment, then laughed: "So that means, your husband is overvaluing money, that sort of thing? "No wonder I'm so tired of living!"

Xueluo embraced the man's robust shoulders and patted them lightly.

"Xinglang, don't give yourself too much pressure. Your wife and children are easy to support!"

Beautiful in the man's palm squeezed into a moving flower shape, "Wife, in the future you are not allowed to hug your son to sleep like this! "Firstly, I will be jealous. Secondly, my son is already six years old and is in primary school for the second half of the year. Furthermore, he is sleeping in the same bed with his mother. What will his son's future girlfriend think?"

What a... So fast!

"Don't even mention six years old, even if his son was sixteen, or twenty-six, he would still be my child! I just like sleeping with him in my arms, so you should be jealous! "

"Lin Xueluo, I'm serious! Nuonuo is a boy, you can't always spoil him like this! Not only will it cause him to become dependent on us, it might even cause him to mature earlier! "

Xueluo remained silent. Yet she still held her son gently in her arms.

In truth, she understood her husband Feng Xinglang's reasoning.

Maybe it was because during those five years in Pater Castle, mother and son became accustomed to each other's mutual dependence; therefore, Xueluo especially wanted to spoil her own child.

"Good girl, give Nuonuo to me. He should sleep alone in his own room. "

Xueluo glared at her husband with resentment, "Throwing your son out would make it convenient for you to play rogue, right?"

"Lin Xueluo, you know the bigger picture. I don't need to repeat myself! In the future when your good son matures early, don't you dare cry to me and regret it! "

"Is it as serious as you say? Nuonuo was only a child! I am his mother! "

Seeing that his wife's eyes were misty, Feng Xinglang could not help but feel troubled.

"Sure … But you get your quilts. You sleep with me in one quilt, and my son in the other. "

"Let's each get a blanket!"

Xueluo grumbled as she angrily stood up to grab another blanket.

"... Come on, don't get up! I'll give you the blanket, you and Nuonuo each have one. "

"What about you?"

"I'll freeze to death! Anyway, no one will feel bad about it! "

"Feng Xinglang, you are the most cunning one!"

Of course, Xueluo couldn't bear for a man to be frozen; thus, Feng Xinglang finally got his wish and hugged the beauty to sleep.

… ….

In the big CEO's office, Nina had no intention of leaving after reporting the additional list of operating funds for such projects.

Feng Xinglang glanced at Nina.

"Still not leaving? Worried about Yan Bang? "

"He... "How is it?"

Just as Feng Xinglang had expected, the reason that Nina did not leave was to inquire about Yan Bang's situation.

"Very bad! They were both poor and in dire straits! With his body in a mess, the Yulong City also landed in someone else's name! It can be said that he has nothing at all, and is only left with a body full of sickness and pain! "

"From your tone, are you preparing to draw a clear line between yourself and the dest.i.tute Yan Bang?"

Nina stroked her bulging belly as she lightly hummed.

"You know me!"

Feng Xinglang let out a long sigh, "A poor and dest.i.tute Yan Bang … To me, there is nothing of value that I can use! "

"Then why did you take a 10% stake in the GK Venture Capital?"

"If I knew that Yan Bang had done such a foolish thing, do you think I would still do such a thing?"

Feng Xinglang pinched the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows, "Ten thousand regrets!"

Nina was silent. Not a sound. He had no intention of leaving either.

Feng Xinglang swept his eyes across Nina, "Are you still not leaving?"

Nina continued to stand there quietly.

Feng Xinglang slightly pursed his lips, opening up the phone that was always in flight mode.

The phone call was to Bai Mo.

He probably drank too much, so Bai Mo slept a little heavily. He only managed to get through to the third ring when his phone rang.

"Sleeping to death? How about your Brother Bang? "

Feng Xinglang used hands-free. Because you can let Nina hear you. The reason for her indolence was obvious.

It was just that this kind of 'not being free and easy' was enough to make Feng Xinglang feel resentful in his heart.

If this half man, half woman thing were to get entangled with Yan Bang in the future … She wouldn't be so stupid as to ask for trouble!

"Brother Bang? Brother Bang... "

Bai Mo staggered up from the sofa and walked around in a large circle before finally finding Brother Bang in the bathtub in the washroom.

"Brother Bang is taking a bath. Brother Lang, when are you coming? "

"Where are you people?"

"Here … It's in Night Villa. "

"Night Villa? Didn't I tell you to drive your Brother Bang all night long? Are you deaf again? "

"It's not that I'm deaf … It's the Brother Bang who isn't willing to go to the vacation villa himself, what can I do! "

"Tell your Brother Bang to pick up the phone!" Feng Xinglang reprimanded his.

"Oh …"

Bai Mo who was sleeping soundly handed the phone over to Yan Bang and whispered, "Brother Bang, it's a call from Brother Lang."

"Ah Bang, why didn't you go to vacation villa?"

"It's too far away. I didn't want you to waste so much time on the road when you came to visit me."

"You're thinking too much!" Because I won't have time to see you! "

With slight anger, Feng Xinglang hung up the phone.

Then he looked at Nina and asked, "When will the baby be born?"

"There's less than a month left. You promised me not to let Yan Bang know about this child's existence! "

"Don't misunderstand! "This old one can no longer support the wall. I'm planning on using this young one to nurture him!"

"What?" You want to cultivate my child as a tool for you to ama.s.s wealth? " Nina was shocked.

"Relax! At the moment, it's just an idea! "

Feng Xinglang smiled, "Then do what you have to do for me! With a capable helper like you, there's no need for me to spend so much time and effort to nurture a little kid! "

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