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Feng Xinglang had already left for a long time.

However, his words still lingered in Cong Gang's mind: Yan Bang is worth whatever!

How much is any price? Ten million? 100 million? One billion, ten billion?

Actually, to Cong Gang, these numbers had no meaning at all. Because he wasn't short on money.

If he was short of money, there were too many ways to get enough for him to spend!

It was only after Cong Gang finished the cup of tea that he realized once again: that this cup had been drunk by Feng Xinglang that scoundrel.

As a result, he unwittingly slammed his cup onto the small vine platform.

Cong Gang, who had reclined back on the rattan chair, was surrounded by evil thoughts. What about the price that Feng Xinglang had mentioned, including the loss of his life, his wife and children?

Yan Bang should not be so valuable! At most, it could be exchanged for that Labrador called Feng Family.

No matter how much money he had, it would only be dead money for someone who wasn't good at money management and investment.

A golden chicken that knew how to lay eggs was more suitable!

"Boss, can we start bidding now?"

Wei Kang came upstairs and asked Cong Gang who was resting with his eyes closed.

"Why should we be in such a hurry … The one who should be panicking was Feng Xinglang! Just let him be bored for a few more days! "

It was as if the conversation just now did not make Cong Gang feel good about it.

"Still waiting? If we wait any longer, I'm afraid Feng Xinglang will directly use his blade to fight us! "

Wei Kang added, "I think with Feng Xinglang's IQ, he should have already suspected us!"

"Then let him suspect it!"

Cong Gang seemed to be rather dry, "Since he was saved by us, we have the authority to punish him!"

Wei Kang did not answer. He only felt that it was really hard to meet a master who didn't like money.


Just to play with Feng Xinglang? But when did it not end in compromise?

He just couldn't help but feel that his Boss still hadn't gotten any benefits! He hoped that he could completely change the situation this time around.

… ….

Feng Xinglang who was rus.h.i.+ng back to GK Ventures called for Nina with his internal network.

As he sat in the main seating area, Feng Xinglang was enveloped by an indescribably depressing aura.

"Hey, where's President Feng's Prince Chen Shuang?"

Nina, who has been pregnant for eight months, has made a pretty good example of what a pregnant woman should be like.

Even a woman like Lin Xueluo, who already had a child, could get away with it, let alone those young girls and men.

But no matter how exquisite his acting was, it could not escape Feng Xinglang's eyes!

Actually, the key problem was that no matter how a rooster dressed up as a hen, it was unable to have the function of laying eggs!

Feng Xinglang narrowed his eyes and looked at Nina who was supporting his belly. Her every move was filled with the smell of pregnancy.

"I need money!"

Feng Xinglang's face was solemn and cold, "A large amount of funds! The more the merrier! "

Seeing president's serious expression, Nina also restrained her teasing intention.

"President Feng, what happened? I have already settled the accounts, and the tax authorities have already taken care of it. "

Feng Xinglang lifted his hand to press down on his cheek, then his swollen temple.

After a long while, a single sentence came out from her lips: "I need to raise the ransom to redeem Yan Bang! He's still alive! "

What … What? Yan Bang, he … Is he still alive? "

As if she had been struck by lightning, Nina's entire body became stiff. Even her protruding belly was forgotten to be caressed.


Feng Xinglang let out a low grunt, "Let's temporarily stop those second category projects, and transfer the funds out first!"

"How much is the ransom?"

Nina wiped away the tears that had fallen unbeknownst to her.

"They haven't made a bid yet! Prepare two billion in cash flow for me! The more the merrier! "

Feng Xinglang exhaled lightly, he then said, "If there's no other way, we can stop the 'Jin Ke Du' project!"

"Alright... "Alright."

Nina kept her face half hidden. She realized that she had lost her composure today, but she really couldn't control it.

"By the way, the data on this type of project should not involve anyone. Including the president's wife! "

"I know that."

"These days you put down the rest of your business and are only responsible for raising money. Do not use bank flows. "

"I know. I know! "

Nina lost control of her emotions, wiping her face with her palms from time to time.

Feng Xinglang looked at Nina's bulging abdomen, "It's already been eight months right? When will it be born? "

"Soon... If nothing goes wrong, it's the middle of next month. "

Nina took two deep breaths.

"How is the child's health?" Feng Xinglang asked again.

"The child is very good …"

Nina took a deep breath, "President Feng, what you promised me, I hope you can keep your promise."

Feng Xinglang slightly nodded, "Yan Bang will get married and have children in the future. It won't have anything to do with you! "

"That's good!"

When Xueluo came in, she just so happened to be in time to receive a head ma.s.sage from Nina.

With this head ma.s.sage, Nina has been doing this for many years. Especially during the period of time after Feng Lixin's incident, the Nina spent a lot of time every day to help Feng Xinglang relieve the pressure on his head.

To be honest, regardless if Nina was a man or a woman, or if she was a man or a woman, Xueluo still minded it a little when she saw how intimately she was rubbing her husband's head.

Furthermore, the entire company had rumored that the child in Nina's womb belonged to her husband, Feng Xinglang …

"Yo, president's wife, you're here to investigate?"

Nina quipped, "Why are you so late. The things that President Feng and I need to do have been done! "

"Then, then do I need to avoid it?"

Xueluo felt that her legs were swaying unsteadily, whether she was entering or not, not moving at all.

"No need! president's wife is not an outsider! "

Nina had already retracted her emotions that she had lost control of earlier; at the same time, she helped Feng Xinglang ease the tension in his head, she also eased up a lot.

"In the future, we might even become a family!"

Actually, what Nina said was just a joke.

However, when Xueluo heard this, she felt a little awkward. She could not help but think that the words that Nina wanted to express was that she, like herself, would become Feng Xinglang's child's mother.

"You can't be thinking of adding a half-sister or little brother to my Nuonuo, right?"

"Cough, cough!"

Feng Xinglang coughed twice, interrupting his wild guesses.

"Nina, you are messing with my woman without a care in the world … "Do you think I don't exist?" Feng Xinglang reprimanded.

"Life is too boring. Let's have fun!"

Nina smiled. "president's wife, please do not take this to heart. The father of the child in my stomach is much uglier than the President Feng! You can tell at a glance when the child is born! So don't be impatient! "Don't let your body get hurt too badly!"


Was he very anxious and boring?

"Do what you have to do! "If you tease my woman again, I'll kick you into Thailand!" Feng Xinglang said in a low voice.

"Dumb Monarch!"

After Nina scolded him, she left with one hand on her back and the other on her belly.

"Little girl, come over and let uncle hug you. Uncle has good lollipops on him. "

Feng Xinglang leaned forward and made an alluring gesture towards Xueluo who was holding the folder.

"President Feng, do you need to explain to me the reason for the child in Nina's womb?"

Xueluo did not want to continue living in suspicion. She trusted her husband, Feng Xinglang, but all the rumors and slanders in the company were so overwhelming that even the strongest of them would be shaken.

"Whose child this staff is willing to conceive is not within the scope of my CEO's authority!"

It wasn't that he didn't want to explain it to his woman, it was just that the time wasn't right yet.

"The entire company says that the child in Nina's womb is your … You want your own son, little friend Feng Linnuo, to personally interrogate your father? "

He knew that a man cared a lot about the feelings of his own son. Actually, other than using his son as an excuse, Xueluo couldn't think of any other way to threaten this handsome and rich man in front of him.

"It's a test tube baby! Father was truly unlucky! It's probably a foreign species. Once the child is born, you will be able to tell it at a glance! "

In order to dispel the woman's unease and suspicion, Feng Xinglang explained in a reserved manner.

"If it really was my seed, would I dare to leave her in the GK VCs?"

"The most dangerous place is the safest place!"

Xueluo muttered. But she still believed the man's explanation.

"Then why is Nina deliberately blurring the relations.h.i.+p between the child in her womb and you?" Xueluo asked again.

"There are too many benefits of purposely getting involved with a president like me. It can fake the might of a tiger, and can also guarantee the safety of her mother and her son! "

Feng Xinglang carried the woman in his arms, "Nina, this woman has a high IQ and EQ! You can't play with her! If you accept all of her trickery, you will win! "

"But she's not worried about how I, this president's wife, feel, isn't she?" Xueluo snorted in dissatisfaction.

"It's a little too much! I will criticize her later on! "

"Feng Xinglang, I discovered that you were especially protective of Nina. Could it be that you two really have something up? "

"My lady wife, please believe me: I would rather castrate myself than touch her!"

"... Didn't you just say that Nina was pregnant with a test-tube baby? You can get pregnant without touching it! "

"The little girl is getting ahead of herself again, isn't she? You won't believe me until you make your husband swear to it? "

Feng Xinglang raised Xueluo's hand and kissed it, "Actually there's another way, letting your husband and the child in Nina carry out a paternity test, wouldn't that be letting the truth be known?"

"There's no need for that... I believe you! "

"That's good then!"

… ….

Waiting …

Sometimes, waiting was just a helpless option. It was a painful ordeal; the path to wait was a long and tortuous one. Sometimes it was a kind of beauty, sometimes it was a kind of cruelty.

Feng Xinglang had raised tens of billions of liquid funds, but he never expected that the people who asked for that would actually have other requests.

Feng Xinglang hesitated...

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