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Of course Feng Xinglang would give him the backdoor to push the boat with the current.

However, it would not be easy for a woman to obtain such a backdoor opportunity.

For example, right now!

It was still light, and the gentle water that it stirred gently and rhythmically beat against the inner wall of the bathtub.

The water that had not managed to seep out of the spillway spilled out from the edges and fell on the tiny grains of sand, just like the warm love of a lover.

When Xueluo finally got used to the love in the warm water, the rhythm suddenly increased in intensity.

The muscular man carried a tyrannical aura and almost drowned the pet.i.te Xueluo to death in this kind of gentle and loving village.

He knew his woman, and she had taken on that little bit of stubbornness.

If she wasn't left in the GK, she would go out and serve someone else. Feng Xinglang obviously could not allow his woman to do that!

As for that Xia Yishu …

Let his wife contact him in all directions: a woman who had ulterior motives for her husband was also good!

At least she would learn how to protect herself; she would also realize how to better defend their marriage and manage it.

By the way, I also want to let the women understand, how difficult it was for such an outstanding and outstanding man like me, Feng Xinglang, to be able to walk such a clean path and live without touching a single leaf of mine!

Xueluo tightly embraced her husband who was half turned body, as though she was giving her all to this man!

Love him, love him deeply, with all his strength!

… ….

On the second day, Feng Xinglang courteously proposed a glorious mission of personally sending Nuonuo and the group of students to school.

Because after going around the kindergarten and going back to the company, it would be between half an hour and an hour late in the evening.

"My good son, dad will personally send you to school. Do you have any beautiful words to speak of?"

Feng Xinglang's legs were being taken up by the two children. The only difference was that Feng Tuantuan was nestling in his embrace while drinking the fresh milk on the breakfast table. On the other hand, Linnuo's little friend was sitting on the other side, facing his own father.

"What is there to be happy about? Isn't it because you took over my mommy last night?

Linnuo's little friend was bored to death as he snapped his little fingers. It seemed like he was calculating the date of the holidays.

"Beautiful puffs!"

Every time big brother Nuonuo fought with his biological father, Feng Tuantuan would always be that small cotton-padded jacket that comforted Uncle.

"My family is really sensible! Come, let Uncle kiss you … "

Feng Xinglang intentionally kissed her to keep her son from being selfish.

"No matter how much you kiss, the slug is still the biological daughter of your uncle! "It's useless!"

The little guy breathed heavily through his nose, "If you have the ability, you can go for 10 days. In a month, don't hug me, your own son!" Even if you win! "


His son's words made Feng Xinglang speechless.

"Not hugging you for 10 days? that would torture your father to death! "

He tightened his arms and deliberately kissed the little guy's tender cheeks, bringing a punitive nibble with him.

"Stinking brat!" Your father can admit defeat... But you have to let your father kiss you enough! "

Feng Xinglang really liked to bite off this mischievous and stubborn little thing of his. He really wanted to suck the little guy into his own bones.

Seeing that his husband and son had such deep feelings for each other, Xueluo was moved to his heart. he was also deeply moved that he had originally possessed the courage to risk his life to give birth to his son Linnuo.

He subconsciously touched his belly. If he could give this man a daughter, a girl and a son, that would be perfect.

I don't know if I can get pregnant with such a beautiful and adorable daughter after last night's love in the bathtub!

Xueluo looked forward to it, and yearned for it as well. Even though she knew that getting pregnant was a matter of course, she had to let nature take its course!

"Uncle, can I be your biological daughter? They'll be very obedient! "

A 5-year-old little thing doesn't really understand the meaning of the word 'biological'. It was as if she felt that as long as Uncle agreed, she could become Uncle's daughter.

"That won't do! The biological father of a group was you, Feng Lixin! This is a fact that can never be changed! "

Feng Xinglang rubbed his nose with his cute face, "But I'm the niece of the Uncle! Uncle dotes on all of them! "

"Alright, then I'll just take you guys as Uncle's niece! The Uncle loves to be teamed up anyways! "

The little thing wriggled into Feng Xinglang's embrace, wrapped its neck around his neck and smacked Feng Xinglang's handsome face a few times.

Little Feng Linnuo, who was kissing the other leg, was dumbstruck.

"Big brother Nuonuo, can I give you a kiss as well?"

Seeing that Big Brother Nuonuo was staring at his, little cutie asked obediently.

"No way! His face was full of smelly saliva! So dirty! "

Linnuo turned his head away in disgust, not looking at the numb Feng Tuantuan and her father Feng Xinglang.

As expected, he was late for more than half an hour.

Precisely speaking, the one who was late was only employee Lin Xueluo, and not his CEO Feng Xinglang.

After getting off the car, Feng Xinglang held Xueluo's waist and went into the private elevator, but Xueluo struggled to escape.

"Why, you don't need to put on a show of force, do you want me, president, to send you to the Secretary's Office?"

Xueluo was startled, "You, you're sending me there?"

"Is there a better way than getting a secretary in the air in president?"

The man fished with his long arm and the woman fell into his arms. "Your goal is to learn, so you don't have to force yourself into a pitiful state! Only a fool would not use a ready-made might of a tiger! "

Xueluo felt that a man's words had a certain truth to them.

His purpose was indeed to ask Nina to be his apprentice; since he was so eager to become an ordinary employee without any privileges, but was not liked by Nina, he might as well try to borrow some prestige to achieve his goal!

He could even show off his love in front of Xia Yishu! It was a beautiful thing to both of them!

Thus, under the man's enticing words, Xueluo followed the man's wishes and walked into the secretary's office with his arms around his waist.

Xia Yishu is here, and so is Nina! There are other secretaries, of course.

"Let go of your head and let go of all your work!"

Feng Xinglang's cold voice sounded out in the secretary's office, "Let me introduce you, this lady Lin Xueluo is my, Feng Xinglang's, wife and also the president's wife of the GK Vanguard! But president's wife lowered his status, wanting to start from the bottom and compete to be an outstanding secretary. Such a pragmatic spirit is worthy of all of you to study hard! "

This tall hat … Xueluo felt that the words of a man made him suffer from an awkward illness.

How awkward!

However, even though the man introduced him in such a strange manner, he seemed to have such high intelligence. It resolved the awkward problem that would arise when Nina accepted and arranged for Xueluo to work.

"Nina, make the arrangements!"

In other words, if president's wife wanted to work in the secretary's office, Nina would have to accept!

"That President Feng … The president's wife wants to experience the life of our staff. "But …"

Feng Xinglang interrupted the words of Nina sternly, "There's no 'just'! If I tell you to arrange it, then do your job! If he couldn't even do this little bit of work … Should I give you a long maternity leave in advance? "

"Okay President Feng, I will arrange it right away!"


Feng Xinglang coldly snorted. But when he turned to his wife, he had the appearance of a gentle and refined gentleman.

"Wife, you're going to experience life here in Nina. If there's anything that's uncomfortable or uncomfortable, I have a husband to take care of it for you. "

Following that, she came over and pecked Xueluo's cheek lightly, "Love your darling! Husband went to work! Call me! Or go straight to the office and find me! "

Although Xueluo felt extremely uncomfortable, she was still surprised that such a beautiful man would show her such kindness in front of so many people.

After Feng Xinglang left, Xueluo, the little fox that had borrowed the might of a tiger, immediately withered down.

"Sister Nina, I'll be troubling you."

"..." The corner of Nina's mouth twitched, "president's wife, what are you trying to sing?"

"I really didn't sing anything! I just want to be your disciple! The last time you told me about ERP, I was already familiar with it. "

Facing Xueluo who is able to bend her back, Nina nodded slightly, "Alright, I will accept you! However, this move was just a show of force. Next time, she would use it less often! This is too insincere! "

"Definitely! "Thank you, Sister Nina!" Xueluo replied happily.

He couldn't help cursing under his breath, [It is all because you don't like me that you are forced to use this trick!]

The most surprised one, should be Xia Yishu!

Did she really not think that Lin Xueluo would come to the secretary department to 'spy' on her?

It really made things difficult for her!

Who should he show it to!

The following week, Feng Family's days were relatively peaceful.

There were still small fights.

For example, Feng Xinglang did not know how to cooperate with Mo Ranran's plans to train!

But the sport of making a daughter, he never stopped once!

Every time, it was a quality a.s.surance!

Xueluo, on the other hand, loved her work and career!

He was happily creating his dream daughter with his beloved man.

He worked hard at Nina's side, trying to understand Nina's top-notch business skills.

When he was free, he would occasionally eavesdrop on the gossip: without exception, all the rumors claimed that the child in Nina's womb belonged to the President Feng.

… ….

Originally, he only wanted someone to hand the picture to Feng Xinglang indirectly.

Let Feng Xinglang get impatient first!

But who would have thought that this person would actually find Feng Tuantuan as an indirect person to deliver the photos!

What was even more unexpected was that after Feng Tuantuan saw the photo, she threw the photo into the trash because the fear for the person that was buried deep in her heart!

Someone simply did not take into account the fact that a 5-year-old little girl was far too uncontrollable!

The envelope, as well as the picture within it, was like a stone sinking into the ocean. There was no news of it at all.

In comparison to that terrifying photo, Feng Tuantuan was even more serious about that annoying law, why didn't she allow her to marry the Big Brother Nuonuo that he liked?

And then …

And then there was no 'then'!

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