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"..." Xueluo was stunned.

Could it be that Bai Mo had some sort of obsession with cleanliness that he didn't like being close to Duo Duo during lactation?

"Maybe... Maybe Bai Mo has a obsession with cleanliness and doesn't like the taste of milk … "

Xueluo had wanted to comfort Yuan Duoduo in the first place. However, even he himself felt that the reason she said it was a little too ridiculous.

"Don't like the taste of milk? Hehe... But every day, he would hug his two precious daughters and kiss them, saying that their grandma's smell was really good. "

Yuan Duoduo let out a long sigh, "Even I feel that I was morally kidnapping him! Because I gave him two daughters, he had to marry me! Because I am responsible! "

"Duo Duo, don't think too much about it. Perhaps after Doudou and Yaya wets off all your milk, the life between you husband and wife will be normal."

Xueluo looked at Yuan Duoduo who was in a daze, and felt extreme pity for her. "Maybe Bai Mo doted on you and gave birth to twins, and wanted you to rest and take care of your body."

"Do I need to recover my body? I carried Doudou in one hand and Yaya in the other, and climbed up to the fourth floor's sunroom to look at the stars in one go. It feels even better than before you were pregnant with Doudou! "

Yuan Duoduo waved her hand pa.s.sively, and said: "Forget it, let's not talk about it anymore! "If you keep talking about it, you would think that I have a special need for that sort of thing!"

Xueluo could feel Yuan Duoduo's melancholy and hesitation. But she didn't know how to comfort her.

No one else was able to partic.i.p.ate in the matters between husband and wife. In the end, they had to deal with it on their own.

Around 4 PM, Feng Xinglang called. He probably just came back from the 'Golden City', so he was unable to find Xueluo in the resting room.

"Where? "He went to pick up my Young Master Nuo?"

"Ran Ran went to fetch them. I saw Doudou and Yaya in Bai's mansion. You can pick me up after work. "

Xueluo wanted to let Feng Xinglang and Bai Mo meet each other in order to ease the tension between the two brothers.

"I'll let Basong pick you up. If I were to take the initiative and send myself to your doorstep, that fellow Bai Mo would really eat me! "

Feng Xinglang understood his meaning; but he really did not want to see Bai Mo.

Perhaps it was not because he did not want to meet Bai Mo, but because he did not want to bring up the topic of Yan Bang.

Even if Yan Bang was truly dead, what was a fake grave?

"Then are you not afraid that Bai Mo will eat your wife?"

"He dares!"

Feng Xinglang hissed.

Xueluo purposely stayed in the Bai's mansion until Bai Mo returned.


Seeing Xueluo, Bai Mo was startled for a few seconds, but he still called out to her politely.

"Bai Mo, you're finally back. Doudou and Yaya have been calling you over and over again."

Xueluo pushed Doudou, who was in his embrace, into Bai Mo's embrace; Bai Mo's originally cold face instantly rippled with a loving smile.

"Doudou... Did she miss Baba? Dad misses you too. "

That posture, that methods, that intimate tone and doting smile, all proved that Bai Mo really loved his two precious daughters a lot.

"Bai Mo, actually, your Brother Lang asked me to come and apologize to you today. He's too embarra.s.sed to come himself, and too ashamed to come. "

Seeing that Bai Mo was in a good mood, Xueluo took the opportunity to ease the tense relations.h.i.+p between his husband and Bai Mo.

"Sister-in-law, don't fool me!" I am the same as Brother Lang, I cannot accept Brother Bang's death … A fight would make us feel better! There's nothing to apologize for! "

"..." Bai Mo's words made the smart Xueluo feel slightly awkward.

So it turned out that the feelings between these two brothers were not as shallow as he had imagined. They have their own way of communicating.

"Sister-in-law, go back and tell Brother Lang: I will be giving Brother Bang a memorial next week. The location is in Yulong City, whether he comes or not is up to him! "

"... "Alright."

… ….

The timing was good.

After giving orders to Basong, he went to Bai's mansion to pick up his wife. After closing his eyes to rest for a while, Feng Xinglang got up and left the office.

He wanted to make a trip to Yulong City.

His steps were a bit hurried, so he b.u.mped into a beautiful figure that was also in a hurry.

The elasticity is good.

It should be true.

Feng Xinglang could feel that soft feeling from his beautiful figure the first to crash into his.

He made a timely pause, and the beauty in his arms immediately bounced away in panic like a frightened rabbit.

Yes, it bounced off.

A rather successful, quite beautiful, and quite natural encounter!

The clash of youth!

An opportunity collision!

It did not come with any form of acting!

"Sorry …" Cousin. "

Xia Yishu rubbed her arm that was. .h.i.t painfully, "Actually it was you who b.u.mped into me first … "It hurts!"

Such a bold girl!

He had his own way of thinking too!

At that time, Feng Xinglang was cold.

He had the demeanor of a domineering CEO!

However, that 'Cousin Brother' sound really made one's heart tremble!

Perhaps this bold girl had really done it unintentionally … But the latter phrase, "it hurts." Why did it sound so...

Seeing that Feng Xinglang did not speak and only looked at him with narrowed eyes, Xia Yishu immediately straightened his back.

"President Feng, Nina asked me to communicate with you on tomorrow's trip. She said that she was not feeling well and would go back to rest first. "

Xia Yishu stopped acting like a spoiled child and changed into a professional OL.

"Didn't you ask Nina to dismiss you? Why is he still here? "

On Feng Xinglang's handsome face, there was a cold and harsh look; he didn't have the slightest intention to chat or joke with Xia Yishu.

That kind of expression made Xia Yishu's heart go cold to the bone in an instant.

So what?

"Do you have any reason to dismiss me?"

Xia Yishu asked with a smile on her face. That smile was filled with an incomparable stubbornness.

"I'm a Boss. Do I need a reason to fire an employee that I don't want to hire?"

Feng Xinglang gave a cold snort. The smile on his face contained a coldness that could not be seen from a thousand miles away.

"President Feng, I think you should think of a reason! Otherwise, I will go and cry to my Sister Xueluo! "

Xia Yishu's answer stunned him slightly: This girl was really sharp with her teeth.

"Do you think going to Lin Xueluo to cry will work?"

Feng Xinglang really wanted to see what kind of resistance this girl had.

"It will definitely work! Unless... Unless you don't love my Sister Xueluo! "

Xia Yishu took the travel folder and turned to leave.

That tall and slender figure and that delicate and unflirtatious manner of hers were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a strong sense of youth as they pounced towards him.

Go and cry to his wife Lin Xueluo?

If she knew that it was precisely because of her Big Sister Xueluo that he had fired her …

Of course, Feng Xinglang would not s.h.i.+ft the focus of this conflict onto his own wife!

Such an interesting little girl!

Feng Xinglang really wanted to see how stubborn she could get!

The Yulong City that didn't have Yan Bang was still functioning normally.

It was as if this world was verifying that no one was missing and that the earth could continue to revolve without a care in the world!

Shao Yuanjun sent over the business summary for the past three months. He was a distant relative of Yan Bang. When Yan Bang was there, it was not heavily used.

Feng Xinglang casually looked at it for a bit, then threw it to the side of the table.

"Second Master, Mo San said that he will be making a memorial for the Brother Bang next Sunday. Will you come? "


Feng Xinglang coldly snorted, "What are you mourning for? What was there to mourn? To mourn the fact that Yan Bang had made so many ill-gotten gains? Or had he forced so many young girls to help him earn money? A yellow, gambling, and poisonous guy like you, why are you still grieving for him! "

With a 'pa' sound, Feng Xinglang smashed the cups and on the tea table to the ground.

Who the h.e.l.l would sincerely mourn Yan Bang? They just f * cking hoped for Yan Bang to die as soon as possible! "

No one knew where Feng Xinglang's anger came from, or where it came from, but he had smashed everything that could be smashed in Yan Bang's living room.

"What's there to mourn for, a thing that deserves to die!"

In the face of Feng Xinglang's abuse of Yan Bang, Shao Yuanjun stood blankly on the spot.

Didn't they say that the relations.h.i.+p between Yan Bang, Feng Xinglang and Bai Mo was so close that they could play with a woman together?

How come at this moment, Feng Xinglang was insulting him without any concealment!

Or had he verified the phrase 'leaving the world to drink tea'?

… ….

"Uncle, Uncle!"

At this point in time, Feng Tuantuan would always be guarding the door to the living room. When Feng Xinglang appeared, she would immediately come to hug him.

"How was the little princess today? Are you happy? "

Feng Xinglang raised Feng Tuantuan who was rus.h.i.+ng over high, causing the little guy to laugh happily.

He rarely brought his negative emotions home.

"I'm not very happy with it either!"

"Why not? Did Big Brother Nuonuo bully you again? "

"Big brother Nuonuo did not bully the ball, but spoke randomly, causing Big brother Nuonuo to be criticized!"

The little guy had always been sorry that he had been criticized for queuing up to speak today.

"It's okay! Your big brother Nuonuo has rough skin and thick flesh, for example, a teacher would criticize such a small matter, and he would not even take it to heart! "

Was this his father?

He was definitely his father! Because only my biological father would understand the temperament and temperament of his child so well.

It was just as Feng Xinglang had said: Linnuo's little friend would not bother to criticise him.

When he didn't see Mommy behind his biological father, he shouted anxiously, "Where's Mommy?"

"Your mother …"

He wanted to tease her little rascal, but couldn't bear to see the little thing hopping up and down.

"Your mother went to see Doudou and Yaya. I told Basong to go pick her up, we're already on the way home. "

"Tie Ta wants to see Doudou and Yaya too!"

What Feng Tuantuan originally wanted to tell Uncle was yet another change in the topic.

"You don't even like your own children, yet you go see someone else's child!"

Linnuo muttered in dissatisfaction.

"Young Master Nuo is narrow-minded again, isn't he?"

Feng Xinglang lifted his complaining son off the ground, "Your mommy came to see Doudou and Yaya because of you!"

"For me? What a ridiculous reason! "

The little guy was becoming harder and harder to fool.

"Didn't you like Yaya?"

Feng Xinglang kissed the little fellow's cheeks, "In order for you to marry Yaya, your mommy went to find a relations.h.i.+p with her."

"What if Big Brother Nuonuo marries Yaya? You all want to marry big brother Nuonuo! "

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