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"Nuonuo... Nuonuo! Your son... "

When Feng Xinglang's second call came, the little guy was no longer able to sit still.

It had been a month since he last saw his father. Although he could call his father on the phone every day, the little guy still missed his own father very much.

No one's love could replace the love of their biological father, Feng Xinglang; furthermore, Linnuo's little friend was a child who was missing five years of fatherly love!

"Mommy, when you should be reserved, you should not be, when you shouldn't be, you should be!"

Overall, the little guy was still unable to completely understand what 'reservation' meant. Perhaps from his point of view, the so-called 'reservation' was to not let Mommy get too close to her father. Furthermore, as long as her father was by his side, she would be stupefied!

The little guy said as he climbed down from his chair, "I don't want to compete with you! I want to go out and teach him a lesson: that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang, who has left his wife and children here for so long, has gone! "

Watching his son's small figure running to his husband's embrace, Xueluo felt a sour taste in his nose again.

She knew that her son wanted him to be his father! Every time he received a call from Feng Xinglang, the little guy would be exceptionally happy.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang … Why did you only just arrive!? Wife and children have been waiting for you for a long time! "

In one breath, the little fellow rushed to the great hall. When it saw its father, Feng Xinglang, standing in the great hall, it took a deep breath and rushed over.

"My good son... Quick, let your father hug you well! "

Feng Xinglang opened his arms and tightly hugged the little thing that was rus.h.i.+ng over.

"Feng Xinglang... You're so annoying! It's been so long since I've come to pick up my wife and children! "

The little fellow originally wanted to be arrogant and spoiled, but the moment he was hugged by his father, his eyes turned red.

"Sorry …" Father is truly very sorry! I've caused you and Mommy to suffer! "

Feng Xinglang kissed his son's cheek, using his tall and straight nose to gently rub against the little guy.

"Do you know how to miss your wife and children now? If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have let you hug me! "

The little guy humphed with arrogance, his little hands wrapped around his father's neck, and lightly nudged Feng Xinglang with his head.

"I really want to... Even thinking about it hurts! "

Feng Xinglang pressed his palm against the little fellow's back, allowing him to hug it even tighter in his embrace.

"As long as you know the pain!" Next time, you're not allowed to leave your wife and children for so long! Did you hear that? "

The little thing coaxed Feng Xinglang's face, looking like a restless, yet very hurt and wronged little beast.

"I heard it!" Father will never do it again! "

Feng Xinglang lightly bit his son's chubby little hand, raising his eyes to look around, "Where's your mother?"

"Mommy doesn't want to see you! She said she wanted to be reserved! "

The little guy humphed, and unhappily nudged Feng Xinglang's chest with its little head.

"He's being reserved again! Then hurry up and bring your father over to break her modesty! "

Feng Xinglang gave the little fellow a deep kiss, "Actually, your mother wants to kiss father more than anyone else!"

"No way! Mommy loves her son the most! "

The little guy humphed with arrogance, and pulled his father's hand as he walked towards the dining table.

Actually, there were some things that the little fellow understood. He knew that Mommy wanted to kiss him, but she always pretended not to miss him. Such a troublesome action!

"Father, then why hasn't my foster father returned?"

The little guy led the way as he asked.

"Your foster father..."

The moment he opened his mouth, Feng Xinglang felt that it was a little awkward: Regardless of whether he admitted it or not, it was not appropriate to call his son the foster father of the Hetun. However, the little fellow seemed to have a way with it, a way to get away from it.

"What do my son and Mommy do every day?" Feng Xinglang then changed the topic.

"Learning together with Mommy!"

The little guy sighed, "Sigh, Mommy is even stricter than the teachers in our kindergarten!"

"Harder is better. Where's your mommy? "

Lin Xueluo was not in the dining hall; there was only a kitchen servant cleaning up the dishes.

"I probably didn't want to see you, so I hid!" Mommy is so willful! "

If he had known earlier, he would have hidden himself and his father would have tried their best to look for him. It should be interesting.

"Kiss your son, help your father find Mommy, okay?"

"What's the benefit of having a son?"

"The advantage is that... You can think about it. How about you ask your father after you've made up your mind? "

"Deal!" You have to agree to whatever benefits your father wants! "

"OK!" "As long as it doesn't harm you, your father will promise you anything!" There was still a lot of information contained in those words; however, a little Linnuo, who was only 6 years old, might not be able to understand them.

Receiving the promise of their biological father, the little guy instantly became energetic and whispered into Feng Xinglang's ear. The father and son duo silently nodded their heads, and then quietly walked towards the direction of the study room and the bedroom.

In the study room, Xueluo quietly flipped through a book called "Anna Karenina" by Lev Tolstoy.

Perhaps he was just flipping through it, and not in the mood to read it.

The study door was ajar. She knew that Feng Xinglang would find her everywhere in the Pater Castle;

The woman who was reading was as quiet as a beautiful oil painting.

Feng Xinglang stopped and quietly stared at the lady sitting in front of the table, his eyes became blurry from yearning.

"My good son, close the door behind you."

"..." Another little trick?

The little guy ran to close the door of the study, but he was still in the study.

"Good son, dad will discuss this with you: Can you give me some privacy so that I can have a chat with your mother about love?"

"Of course not!"

The little guy hummed, "I knew you were playing hooligan with my mother!"

In view of his son's unfathomable love, the helpless Feng Xinglang could only allow the little fellow to observe and observe on the side: a hug, a kiss, can still be considered to be something that a child can watch!

Feng Xinglang walked towards the lady.

Xueluo lifted her head and met the deep gaze of the man, which almost made her want to drown in his gaze, and lightly quivered her lower lip.

"You're back?"

the woman asked softly. There was no blame, no complaint. It was simply the longing of a wife for her husband.

"Wife... I missed you! "

The man reached out his long arm and pulled the woman who had stood up into his embrace, hugging her tightly.

The tight, seamless embrace brought both their hearts closer together. Xueluo breathed in the man's scent, which was exclusive to this man's masculinity.

He didn't know why, but he should clearly be angry, yet Xueluo couldn't help but wrap his arms around the man's waist …

The man's warm and urgent lips kissed Xueluo's neck a few times.

Xueluo wanted to avoid the man's kiss, so she could only bury her head deep within the man's shoulder …

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