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Chapter 125: Do you want to kiss me?

Feng Xinglang said leisurely. Her expression was so captivating that it made women fall in love.

"..." It was only then that Xueluo realized: he had been tricked by this man. Her face instantly flushed red.

This man was too bad, too bad. Inadvertently, he had fallen into his trap, and was being played by him skillfully.

"Mr Feng, here are your chopsticks and bowls." Yuan Duoduo meticulously brought out the tableware and placed it next to Feng Xinglang.

"Thank you." Feng Xinglang picked up his chopsticks, and went straight to the point towards the plate of Red Braised Meat. But the meat was not in his mouth, and was sent into Xueluo's bowl instead, "Eat more meat. Only by getting fat can you feel better. "

Xueluo was so embarra.s.sed that she couldn't respond to Feng Xinglang's unstoppable words: To argue with him, is undoubtedly making fun of the Because it was as if Feng Xinglang had become the center of attention in the cafeteria, especially the female students, who were all chatting as they paid attention to him.

The only thing Xueluo could do was to bury his head in to eat, and reduce the feeling of his own existence. He quickly left after finis.h.i.+ng his meal. Right now, she wished she could find a crack in the ground and escape.

Seeing Xueluo obediently eating it, Feng Xinglang did not continue teasing her.

Probably because he was hungry, Feng Xinglang ate a bit ferociously, but his appet.i.te did not decrease in the slightest. Thus, looks were very important.

Feng Xinglang suddenly stopped eating as he held his breath and pushed the other end of the chopsticks against his stomach.

"Mr Feng, what's wrong?" Yuan Duoduo sensed that Feng Xinglang seemed to be suppressing some kind of pain.

"Oh, it's too fast. My stomach hurts a little." Feng Xinglang replied indifferently.

Stomach pain? Xueluo's movements froze: She knows that Feng Xinglang has a stomachache. When you work, you forget to eat. Because of First Young Master Feng Lixin's condition, Feng Xinglang had no choice but to push the task of getting the GK over to the evening. Most of the time, they had to take care of Feng Lixin during the day and also had to busy themselves with matters of the group at night.

"Mr. Feng, are you in pain? Do you need to go to the infirmary? " Yuan Duoduo asked in concern.

"No problem!" "He won't die!" Feng Xinglang s.h.i.+vered as he continued to eat.

However, Xueluo's heart was in so much pain.

Inadvertently, Feng Xinglang cast a sidelong glance at the Xueluo who had been busy eating. The woman didn't seem to be nervous about his stomachache, let alone feel her heartache.

More or less, Feng Xinglang was a little disappointed. He only added another piece of Red Braised Meat to Xueluo, and did not question him directly.

Before he even finished eating, Feng Xinglang was driven away by a phone call.

Watching the man's tall and straight back, Xueluo suddenly put down his bowl and chopsticks, "Duo Duo, I'll have to trouble you to clean up today. I'll come tomorrow. I'll be leaving first. "

Xueluo did not chase after Feng Xinglang. Instead, he took the small path and quickly left the canteen.

In the parking s.p.a.ce outside the school gates, Feng Xinglang had just started up his provocative pitch black Ferrari when he saw from the rearview mirror a young and energetic figure chasing after his sportscar, running all the way.

Lin Xueluo?

Why was this woman chasing him? Could it be that he wanted to scold her for coming to her school to pester her for lunch?

Feng Xinglang's time was precious, but he still stopped the sports car that he had just started and rolled down the window.

"Quick, Zhang... Open your mouth! " Xueluo had finally caught up, panting heavily as he crawled through the window.

Why did he stop the car? Waiting for the woman to chase up and scold him? Was this the rhythm of being actively abused?

Feng Xinglang pursed her lips.

However, the woman had already caught up to him and made him 'open his mouth'. What sort of joke was this?

"You want me to open my mouth? Do you want to kiss me? " Feng Xinglang's alluring smile was filled with a different kind of charm.

"..." Xueluo was convinced by this man. No matter what he said, it was normal.

However, when the man opened his proud and thin charming lips, Xueluo reacted quickly and shoved a pill into Feng Xinglang's mouth.

"What is it?" Feng Xinglang frowned, he instinctively wanted to spit out the pill.

But Xueluo tightly covered his mouth with her hand, "You're not allowed to spit it out! This is a piece of Das.h.i.+ aluminum magnesium carbonate. It's used to relieve your acute stomach pain. "

Feng Xinglang's heart was suddenly scalded by the woman's words. So this woman had caught up to his car while panting heavily just to get him some stomach medicine? He looked deeply into the woman's eyes, full of uncertainty.

"The rest of the medicine, you put it in the box. If your stomach hurts again, take one. However, this medicine can not cure the root of the disease, can only alleviate the pain, can not completely cure your stomach disease. When we get back tonight, get Doctor Jin to prescribe some stomach medicine for you … "

Before she could finish speaking, Feng Xinglang suddenly leaned over, grabbed onto the back of Xueluo's head and pulled her into the carriage, fiercely sealing her lips.

Feng Xinglang rudely bared her fangs, her strong tongue extended forward, stirring her tongue, wantonly moving about in her mouth, inhaling and inhaling. Her deep kiss that carried the scent of tobacco and medicine took over Xueluo's breath!

To force her nose, lungs, they were all filled to the brim with the smell of Feng Xinglang! Such a powerful and unforgettable aura!

The oxygen ran out and he was forced to split his lips. Xueluo's face was already flushed red.

Giving a medicine to him, to think that he would be taken advantage of by this man, Xueluo was furious and angry at the same time.

Isn't this too shameless? The man was beyond saving.

Once he was free, Xueluo immediately ran away like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

He lightly touched his lips: there was still the smell of the demonic man on it. The acrid scent of tobacco lingered in the tip of his nose and mouth along with the taste of the powder that had been dissolved in his mouth.

Was he going crazy? Such a love for a man's kiss? No, no. She didn't have a good impression of that man! How could she, Lin Xueluo, fall in love with a man like that!

Was that his lips, his tongue, or his soul?

Xueluo did not dare to probe further. His heart was in a mess.

In the dorm, Xueluo, who was still in a daze, almost b.u.mped into Yuan Duoduo, who was about to go out.

"Xueluo, where did you go? You ran so fast, yet you bullied me so much? " Yuan Duoduo complained.

"Oh, I. I went to the commissary. " Xueluo tried to explain.

"I thought you were chasing Feng Xinglang!" Yuan Duoduo casually replied.

Suddenly, Yuan Duoduo noticed Xueluo's change, "Xueluo, how did you kiss? It looks like there's a hematoma. "

"Ah?" "Is that so?" Xueluo panicked, and instinctively licked his lower lip, the salty liquid in his mouth stimulated his hematoma, making it even more painful.

"Take a look for yourself." Yuan Duoduo picked up the mirror on the desk and held it in front of Xueluo.

It was only then that Xueluo realized that his innocent lower lip had actually been bitten by that man and bled!

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