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Chapter 1135 - Charming Is Enough …

"Lan Youyou is your wife, why are you asking me!"

Feng Xinglang replied lazily.

The military region hospital's medical notice was still credible.

Lan Youyou's health care had told Feng Xinglang: Although Lan Youyou resisted in the end, two-thirds of the medicinal liquid had already been injected into Lan Youyou's body.

And with Lan Youyou's weak physique at the time, he shouldn't have been able to endure the fierce corrosion of the medicinal liquid.

The compa.s.sion of men and women; even an unpardonable prisoner, in the moment when his fragile life was about to die, had to gain the pity of others.

Feng Xinglang was a person who valued relations.h.i.+ps greatly. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been sad because of Yan Bang's death.

Sometimes, Feng Xinglang would also ask himself: If that woman was not the woman that he had feelings for; if that woman was not the woman that his brother Feng Lixin loved so much that she came back to him from death's door; if that woman was not his niece's mother … When he made his move, how could he not bear it?

Feng Xinglang was not a villain, but he was also not a good person!

To be so cruel to a beautiful woman, more or less, it gave birth to a man's kind feelings for the fairer s.e.x!

"Xinglang, the military district's hospital said that Youyou won't be able to live for long … She cried and said she wanted to. Seeing that there are so many of them, I want to bring her back to the Feng Family and take care of her later affairs. "

He only stopped breathing for a moment, then explained anxiously, "Let her live in the small villa next door, I will keep a close eye on her, and not let her hurt Xueluo and Nuonuo again."

"Alright, if you want to bring your wife back to settle down, no one will stop you and no one will stop you!"

Feng Xinglang exhaled slightly, "You don't need to care about our group, and you don't need to care about any of us!"

Feng Xinglang knew clearly, when he returned to the Feng Family this time, the only one who could hurt him was Mo Ranran!

He would not allow it, and would not give Lan Youyou the chance to hurt his wife and children again.

It would only make things difficult for Mo Ranran!

But if Mo Ranran wanted to be Feng Lixin's woman, he had to go through Lan Youyou's trial!

Otherwise, even if she had feelings for her brother, it would be impossible for her to become Feng Lixin's wife and lover, and become the Feng Family's other mistress.

"Xinglang, I will keep a close eye on Youyou! She doesn't have much time left, I think. "

"Enough, stop dawdling!"

Feng Xinglang stopped Feng Lixin from talking further. "You are the boss of the Feng Family, are you afraid that my little brother will bite you?"


Feng Lixin choked with sobs, "Thank you!"

"You really want to thank me? "Then, tonight, I will devote my life to you!"

Feng Xinglang snorted evilly. It was just that he didn't want the two brothers to be too polite and unfriendly.

If he wanted to do something for his wicked wife and do his duty as a husband, he needed to be so considerate of his younger brother's feelings.

Maybe when Feng Xinglang agreed so readily, it was also to the credit of Yan Bang.

Yan Bang's death made Feng Xinglang value his brotherly relations.h.i.+p even more.

After hanging up the phone, Feng Xinglang's handsome face had a cold expression.

He did not know what he was thinking, but he could feel that at this very moment, his heart was definitely not at peace.

Feng Xinglang looked around and saw his son sleeping on a small bed not far away. There was a folded duvet with a duvet covering it. The little guy was sleeping soundly, and his chubby little face was flushed red.

How could this Cong Gang be so biased?

Why didn't he find a duvet to cover himself with?

With this complaint, Feng Xinglang felt his old waist ache even more. It was a hard wooden bed! He had actually slept for an entire night!

It didn't matter if he slept like this all the time. The key point was that he always slept on a high-end, high-end, latex mattress.

After kissing his son's warm little face, Feng Xinglang began to look around.

It was a simple wooden house that he had built before he left. Simple as a primitive man. It was more or less the same as Cong Gang's description. There was no place in the village, just the forest on both sides of the village. It wasn't strange for a wild animal to appear out of nowhere.

On the right, there was indeed a graveyard. Even during the day, it would make people nervous, needless to say, at night.

Although Feng Xinglang did not believe in the words of G.o.d and ghosts, but it was still very uncomfortable to be neighbors with these dead people.

When Feng Xinglang went downstairs, he saw Cong Gang sitting alone on the wooden table in the inner corner, peeling a Brazil nut.

There were already plenty of pine nut at his side; the sealed box on one side was almost full of pine nuts.

"You didn't sleep all night, and you're going to peel this thing?"

Judging from the numbers, it would take about seven to eight hours. Furthermore, Cong Gang's peeling speed was not fast.

"Since you've taken over the bed, find some work to do." Cong Gang replied indifferently.

"Your pig's brain?" You don't know how to find a few wooden boards to build another one?! "

Feng Xinglang snorted, picked up the sealed box and poured some pine nut seeds into his mouth.

Cong Gang did not answer and started to pack the pine nut

"You said that a living person like you lives in a pile of dead people … What's wrong with your brain? "

Feng Xinglang glanced at the grave again.



Feng Xinglang smirked, "Aren't you afraid that they'll come out in the middle of the night to chat with you?"

"Other than you two father and son, there should be no one else who can cause such a ruckus in the middle of the night! Whether dead or alive! "

Cong Gang's words, were filled with a little bit of arrogance … Resentment?

"Pretending to be ghosts!"

Feng Xinglang lightly snorted in disdain, "You are truly a different kind of f * * king person! It's neither human nor ghost! "

Just as he was about to move the chair over and sit down, he felt an intense pain at his waist. Feng Xinglang subconsciously pushed himself with his hands.

"Why the f * * k didn't you get me a blanket?" Feng Xinglang complained.

"You're too delicate!"

Cong Gang glanced at Feng Xinglang's waist.

"Your father's delicate body is too precious! It's not something that someone as crude as you can compare up to! "

Feng Xinglang was unhappy with Cong Gang's att.i.tude of not seeing him as a master.

"Jiao Jiao is really Jiao, this expensive … Only Yan Bang would hold you up in his hands! "Don't be too arrogant!"

Talking with Cong Gang, Feng Xinglang had always been filled with anger.

Sometimes, Feng Xinglang was also confused: What was the reason why he had so 'humiliated' her, leaving her, this arrogant dog, alive until now? Even if he were to die hundreds of times, it would not be a waste to blame him!

"If you have the guts, don't lick your face to save me!"

Feng Xinglang snorted with anger.

"I only saved you to relieve my boredom! "Don't think too much!"

Cong Gang suddenly said something sarcastic, causing his anger to rise.

"Hungry!" Get something to eat! "

Feng Xinglang was too lazy to speak anymore to Cong Gang, this guy who was playing tricks on him.

Looking at Cong Gang's skinny but vigorous back, Feng Xinglang suddenly had a very evil thought:

If he were to strip this fellow naked and leave him on the business street … Would he be so depressed that he wanted to die?

When Feng Xinglang and his son returned to Feng Family, it was already a sunny day outside.

Because Big Brother Nuonuo didn't go to school, Feng Tuantuan stayed at home and refused to go.

"Uncle... Big Brother Nuonuo... You're finally back! It's been hard waiting! "

Xiao Ling ran over, but did not pounce on Uncle Feng Xinglang who was waiting for her to send him off, but instead directly ran to the little friend Linnuo who was holding a big red Chinese knot in his hands.

This bright red Chinese knot was given by Cong Gang. Since there was nothing more interesting in the cabin, the little guy accepted it.

"What are you doing, slug? "So annoying!"

Although he scolded her in this way, the little guy did not push Feng Tuantuan who was in his embrace away. He let her hug him for a while before he tore her arms away from his body.

"Did big brother Nuonuo think too much?" the little cute girl asked.

"I didn't!"

The little guy found a place to hang the Chinese Knot, "Why should I think of you? "So annoying!"

"Bundle, where's your aunt and uncle? "Don't tell me you're studying early in the morning?"

Feng Xinglang looked towards the direction of the study room. That evil woman was coming back. He had to make his woman stay under his nose 24 hours a day.

"Xinglang, you're back?"

Xueluo carried a pile of doc.u.ments out from the study room, "Great, I'll leave the team in your hands! You can go to work today with two kids. "

"What do you mean?"

Feng Xinglang squinted his eyes as he sized up the woman with light makeup.

"I'm going to the talent market. There's a big job fair today! "

For the sake of this recruitment, Xueluo had already prepared for more than a week. She had been cultivating for more than half a year now, so it was time for her to show off her skills.

"My, Feng Xinglang's, wife, is going to the talent market? Am I hearing things? "

Feng Xinglang frowned, "Are you saying you want to help your husband?"

"I'll find myself a job!"

Knowing that her husband's test was really sad, Xueluo sneaked around all the while trying to find information on his own resume. The online effect was not ideal, so she wanted to go to the talent market to get a feel for herself.

"It's getting out of hand again!"

Feng Xinglang wanted to take the resume from Xueluo's hands, but Xueluo dodged to the side.

"I didn't mess with you! I really have to find a job to support myself! "

"What the heck... What was going on? Did the Old Mo not give you enough pocket money? Husband has it, get as much as you want! "

Of course, Feng Xinglang would not agree to let him go to some cla.s.s to earn some money, "Your husband is honored to be able to spend money for me!"

"Xinglang, it's not a matter of money! I don't want to waste my life in the future. "

Xueluo bent his body, wanting to avoid Feng Xinglang and run out of the living room. Yet, he was still stopped by the man.

"So profound …" Do you have the heart to leave your husband and children to serve others? "

Feng Xinglang embraced Xueluo's waist, put his face close to hers and fiercely sucked on her cheek.

"Everyone who lives in this world must show their worth in life! Feng Xinglang, you cannot be too selfis.h.!.+ "

Xueluo had thought of sneaking off to find work first, but in order to avoid the trouble of finding a man and not letting her go, she decided to be honest with him first.

"My good son, your mother wants to heartlessly leave us father and son to serve others. Do you agree?"

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