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Chapter 1121 - Punishment of the man sleeping on the sofa

Feng Xinglang returned to Feng Family covered in the scent of alcohol.

This was the husband Feng Xinglang didn't want to see Xueluo in this state the most!

She knew that a man would be extremely sad because of Yan Bang's death, but she couldn't lose her mind because of that, could she?

If he drove back with this alcohol smell, wouldn't he be making a joke with his own life?!

How could he have forgotten that he was already someone with a wife and child?!

Xueluo doted on the man, but when it came to the man, he did not care about his own body, so he was resentful and worried.

"Xinglang, have you eaten dinner?"

Xueluo immediately got up from the living room's sofa and supported Feng Xinglang who was walking around.


Feng Xinglang hugged the woman who helped her up, "Why aren't you asleep yet? Waiting for your husband's favor? "

Sometimes, the little love between the couple and the little love between them, also needs the environment and atmosphere to set the tone.

It was obvious that the current atmosphere and situation was not suitable for such sentimental words.

"That's right!"

Xueluo frankly admitted her concern for the man, "I was worried that you would drink and drive … Even your heart has been torn apart for you! "

"You have to have absolute confidence in your husband's alcohol tolerance and driving skills!"

Feng Xinglang came over and sucked on Xueluo's cheek, creating a warm red scar on it.

"Feng Xinglang, in the future, after drinking, you are not allowed to drive!"

"If not, I will make sure that Nuonuo does not learn anymore and will supervise you 24 hours a day!"

"You really want your own son to stay away from school?"

Feng Xinglang snorted with alcohol in his throat as he asked.

"Of course!"

Xueluo supported the man onto the sofa and answered resentfully, "Compared to his father's safety, going to school is nothing!"

Feng Xinglang curled his fingers and caressed the woman's white and heart-broken face.

"Wife, when you care about me, I'm the most charming!"

Xueluo pushed the man's hand away and said harshly: "Husbands that make wives and children worry the most, I hate them the most!"

The man smiled, a smile that carried a hint of Shang's intent slowly spreading across his drunk handsome face.

"Lin Xueluo... "I really didn't expect that I would actually fall in love with you …"

The man stretched out his voice, his voice filled with deep love, "Was it an accident?"

Xueluo took out a cus.h.i.+on and placed it under the man's head, making him feel more comfortable.

"What do you mean?"

Xueluo scoffed, "Being in love with me, how could I let you down?"

"Not at all! To be able to marry you, is the fortune of three lifetimes for me, Feng Xinglang! "

Feng Xinglang opened his palm and wrapped it around the back of Xueluo's neck, allowing the woman's lips to touch him.

It was only a shallow peck, but it did not have a deep kiss.

He knew that women did not like the smell of alcohol on their bodies.

Hearing the engine sound, Feng Lixin put on a thick pyjamas and went downstairs.

He had originally wanted to have a good talk with his brother Feng Xinglang, but he didn't expect to see the scene of the couple having a romantic relations.h.i.+p downstairs in the living room. He then returned to the bedroom on the second floor, not bothering the couple.

At that moment, Feng Lixin suddenly felt that he and his daughter Feng Tuantuan should indeed move into the smaller villa next door. Conveniently caring for each other while maintaining a certain distance.

But how could he convince his younger brother Feng Xinglang and his daughter, Feng Tuantuan?

Without waiting for Xueluo to bring over the sobering wine soup, Feng Xinglang had fallen asleep on the sofa.

"Madam, I will go call the Xiao Hu now and help him up to rest."

Butler Mo accompanied Xueluo who was in the living room the entire time as he waited for Second Young Master to return late.

"No need."

Xueluo let out a long sigh, "Let him sleep on the living room's sofa tonight."

Butler Mo understood his wife, Xueluo. To a drunk Second Young Master, sleeping on the sofa was more meaningful than sleeping in the master bedroom on the third floor. It's just that the comfort level is a bit worse.

"Ah?" Let Second Young Master sleep on the sofa? "

The one who protected him the most was Nanny An, "It's good to let Xiao Hu move him to the guest room to sleep."

"No need! Let him sleep on the sofa tonight! "

Looking at the man's drunken slumber, Xueluo insisted.

"Madam …"

"Listen to Madam, and let Second Young Master sleep on the sofa. "It can improve your memory!"

Nanny An wanted to say something, but she was pulled back, "Old An, go get Second Young Master a blanket."

Although the Nanny An did not want to part with them, her wife and Butler Mo insisted on letting him sleep on the sofa.

Relying on the effects of the alcohol, Feng Xinglang slept soundly that night.

With a 'plop', Feng Xinglang flipped his body over and landed on the floor.

"Hiss …" The sleeping Feng Xinglang groaned, and immediately regained consciousness.

Looking around, he realized that he was actually sleeping in the living room … On the floor?

Shouldn't he be sleeping in Kingsize's big bed in the master bedroom on the third floor? How could it be the living room floor?

Feng Xinglang crawled up from the floor and casually threw the duvet that was rolled up on the floor onto the sofa.

That woman was willing to let him sleep on the sofa?

How could he bear to be cruel?

This was not in line with the deep love a woman could have for him!

Feng Xinglang vaguely remembered that when he brought him home full of alcohol last night, he had felt so much heartache for him.

With unhappiness and unwillingness, Feng Xinglang walked towards the third floor.

In the master bedroom on the third floor, women and children were snuggling together, looking exceptionally warm and beautiful.

The bed was so big, yet she was willing to let him sleep on the sofa?

The man walked over, resting his hands on the edge of the bed, and looked at the two of them in their dreams. He seemed slightly annoyed that they had not brought him with them in their dreams.

Feng Xinglang reached his big hands in, stroking the woman's exquisite body.

With a slight hint of dissatisfaction, the man pressed his hand down on the woman's well-off body.

As he wished, the woman woke up from her deep slumber. She glared angrily at the man who had committed all sorts of evil, and tightly wrapped the blanket around her.

"Why are you so daring to let your husband sleep on the sofa?"

The man asked in a low voice, but snuggled close to her at the same time.

"You have such a strong smell of wine. If you want us to smell it all night, how can you bear it?" Xueluo retorted.

"What, you still dislike your own husband?"

Feng Xinglang held her tightly from Xueluo's back, and used his naughty hands to pinch her.

"Right, I hate it!" It's quite disdainful! "

Xueluo snorted, pulling the man's big hands and wrapping up his pajamas, "I left the sofa in the living room for you. I left you drunk and came back to sleep! "

"For real?"

The man took a shallow bite on the woman's delicate ear. "Are you really angry?"

"Your life is your own, and you don't care about it. No matter how worried others are, they will only be anxious!"

Xueluo humphed, and matched her movements, deliberately pushed the man away from the bed.

"Wife, I was wrong... In the future, he would definitely cherish his body! Do not forget that you are already a man with a wife and children! "

Feng Xinglang embraced the lady in his arms tightly and kissed her lightly.

He knew that women truly loved him, were reluctant to part with him, and ruthlessly allowed him to sleep on the sofa for the whole night, which was also a sign of their deep love.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang, why have you just returned?"

Linnuo's little friend squinted his sleepy eyes and stuck his little head out from Mommy's embrace.

"I'm back early... It's just the living room sofa that your heartless mother Mimi slept on all night! "

Feng Xinglang brought his handsome face closer to his. "Daddy is so pitiful, hurry up and kiss daddy, suppress daddy's grievances!"

"You deserve it!"

The little guy immediately went along with his mother, "Who told you to come back so late? Earning money or something, was it important to have a wife and son? You all aren't coming back to have dinner with your wives and children! It's really too annoying! "

"I got it, dad …" But does my own son have to be filial and filial? "

The little guy pursed his little mouth, hid in Mommy's arms and didn't say anything.

Then, she suddenly poked her head out and kissed her father Feng Xinglang's face.

He had finally apologized to his father!

In the dark study room, Feng Xinglang was fiddling with a long box.

Inside the box were two unconsumed potions: a light blue liquid that was clear and refres.h.i.+ng and looked harmless.

Only Feng Xinglang knew that these were the two doses of fatal G.o.dly poison in terms of blood.

It had already been delayed for more than a month. It was time to use this potion, which was valid for half a year.

But Yan Bang's death, had unconsciously extended someone's life.

When one life after another was about to die, it would give birth to a sense of sympathy.

It was a kind of memorial and memorial service for life.

Or perhaps, Lan Youyou should thank Yan Bang; for using his own death to cus.h.i.+on hers away.

Lan Youyou, who was in the prison, waited for more than a month, but she did not manage to find the second medicine that Yan Bang had mentioned.

The truth proved once again: Yan Bang was deceiving her! He only wanted her to be completely disappointed in Feng Xinglang, to the point of despair.

However, Lan Youyou did not know that the world outside had undergone changes.

She was still alive and well, but the abnormal Yan Bang had died before her, in order to feed the shark in the ocean.

Suddenly, Feng Xinglang slammed the box in his hands shut.

He thought of a person.

Someone he should have thought of long ago.

Cong Gang!

How could he have forgotten about Cong Gang?

Actually, Feng Xinglang had also thought of Cong Gang back then. He just felt that Cong Gang's position was the same as the Hetun's, and that they would only get rid of Yan Bang as quickly as possible.

Therefore, Feng Xinglang was able to jump over Cong Gang.

Thinking about him again, he was at the end of his rope.

In fact, probably thought of Yan Bang as a dead horse doctor.

Feng Xinglang was more clear than anyone else about the state of Yan Bang's injuries at that time. Even if he was lucky enough to escape the explosion of the cruise s.h.i.+p, he would not be able to survive that sea.

In other words, the possibility of Yan Bang's death was very high.

If Yan Bang was really dead, then wanting to 'see his corpse if he died' was undoubtedly just an excuse to deceive himself.

The ability of the sea to disintegrate a corpse was simply too powerful.

To ferocious beasts like sharks, Yan Bang's corpse was just a snack to make them hungry.

Perhaps, even though he clearly knew that the chances of Yan Bang surviving was equivalent to zero, Feng Xinglang still didn't give up and wanted to ask Cong Gang …

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