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Chapter 1096 - Other people's pain and exhaustion

Watching his husband, Feng Xinglang, leave, Xueluo's heart felt a shallow pain.

The sudden death of his mother; the unforeseen calamity that had befallen Fang Yiyan; the detention of his husband, Feng Xinglang; the beating of his son, Linnuo …

It was so messy that even Xueluo's breathing seemed to carry sorrow.

"Mommy, sit down. Your son will pour you some water to drink. "

Although his own small P share was still hurting, the little guy saw the worry on Mommy's face and politely poured water for her and brought her more pastries.

"Nuonuo, do you still feel any pain from your P thigh? Let Mommy see. "

Even after being beaten up, the little thing still stuck to him. After being enraged, Xueluo's heart was filled with tender love.

Xueluo was more clear than anyone else that his son Linnuo was extremely afraid of losing his mother's love and love.

During the four to five years that the Pater Castle and his son were mutually dependent on each other, Little Thing loved her more and more.

Although he now had a biological grandfather, a biological father, as well as Xing s.h.i.+'er and the others … But no amount of love could replace motherly love.

"Mommy, there's no need to look. His son's P share is no longer painful, it's all good now! "

The little guy remembered that when Mommy came back in the morning, she beat him up and ran away from home without even eating breakfast.

"Mommy, why don't you eat a piece of egg that Grandma An just made?"

Eating a piece of egg that his son had fed to him was like chewing on wax.

She supported her son's shoulders with her hands. "Nuonuo, look at Mommy …"

After taking a deep breath, Xueluo began to earnestly talk about educating his son: "Nuonuo, do you know that life to a person can only happen once! If he died, he would never come back! Since Granny Fang had pa.s.sed away, she would never be able to live again … Son, do you understand? "

The little guy nodded. Perhaps she understood, but she couldn't have the same deep understanding as Mommy.

"Grandma Fang is my uncle's only mother... Now that Grandma Fang is dead, do you think Uncle Fang Yiyan will be sad? "

In order to let his son experience it for himself, Xueluo used himself as an example:

"If Mommy died, Nuonuo, would you be sad?"

"Kiss Mommy and you won't die!"

The little guy rushed over and tightly hugged Mummy's waist. "My son will protect you!"

"Nuonuo, if you lose your mother, you will feel terrible. If Uncle Fang Yi Yan loses his mother, it will also feel bad!"

The little guy wiped his nose and sobbed, "My dear son really didn't hurt that old granny! She asked her own son a lot of questions, and after he told her … She suddenly became sick and vomited blood. She also hid a picture of Mommy and said that Mommy was her son's fiancée. Her own son was angry, but he didn't hit her! It was she who fell down and vomited blood. "


Xueluo also knew that if it wasn't because Aunt Fang was an old man, with his son Linnuo's selfish and ruthless personality, he would probably have exploded with anger just by keeping her photo.

After a few seconds of silence, Xueluo half knelt down on the carpet and looked into his son Linnuo's red, small eyes, "Nuonuo, we all have to respect life! Do you understand? "

The little guy nodded, "I understand my son!"

While Mommy went into the study to send some emails to someone, the little guy ran into the living room with a wheeze, picked up the radio and ran into the toy room.

The phone call was to foster father Hetun.

"Aiyo, who took the initiative to call? "Look at how flattered your Twelfth Brother is …"

"Old Tweleve, I don't have time to talk to you! Get your G.o.dfather on the phone! Something big happened! "

"Father is resting!" You can only tell me now! "

Xing s.h.i.+'er did not sound anxious at all, because Xing Ba's situation had been peaceful and calm for the past few days.

He reckoned that the "big deal" that the little guy was talking about would either end up losing a battle for favor with Feng Tuantuan, or the disappointing Labrador of 'Sixteen' would end up getting knocked down by the small district's dogs while walking.

The little guy cried out anxiously, "Old Tweleve, I'm not joking with you anymore! Give your cell phone to my foster father! My son of a b.i.t.c.h has already eaten prison food for two days! "

"What?" Your father ate prison for two days? What do you mean by that? "

Only then did Xing s.h.i.+'er retract his playful intentions, and he asked straightforwardly: "Your father has always been a rampant person in the Shen City, right? Who would dare to let him eat prison food? "

"You wouldn't understand even if I told you! Hurry up and give my foster father the phone! If we're late, my father will be tortured to death! "

The little guy's knowledge of detention centres was limited to prisons on television. Prisoners there would starve, be beaten, and move violently; violent and b.l.o.o.d.y.

With regards to the matter of the Prince Xing, Xing s.h.i.+'er did not dare to delay, and following the little fellow's wish, he gave the phone to the foster father Hetun.

"Fifteen... Did you miss your foster father? "

"I'll think about you when I have time!" G.o.dfather, your b.a.s.t.a.r.d son is in jail! They have already eaten prison food for two days! "

"What?" Ah Lang was imprisoned? "Who did this?"

"It's a guy with the surname Fang!" Two guys with the surname Fang! I heard that old fogey surnamed Fang is something … "

The little fellow thought for a long time and finally recalled the rank, "It's the Major General!" Foster father, isn't the Major General amazing? Are you stronger than him? "

"No matter who he is, as long as he dares to hurt my son, I will never forgive him!"

Towards the interrogation by the police, Feng Xinglang admitted to beating up and insulting Fang Yi Yan.

With intentional injury to the crime of minor injury, security detention for 10 days.

Because of the special nature of Feng Xinglang's ident.i.ty, he was arranged to be forced to do so in the prison under the jurisdiction of the Captain Jian.

Feng Xinglang did not mention the above, nor did he apply for bail.

The first call was to Basong. Feng Xinglang allowed him to watch over his wife and son, Feng Linnuo, in the Feng Family.

The second call was to Xing Ba. Feng Xinglang told him to stay near the Feng Family to guard until he came out.

When Yan Bang came in, he was half-lying on the simple plank bed, slightly narrowing his eyes.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, keep a low profile! "Don't come back for the next few days!"

Even without opening his eyes, Feng Xinglang could still tell from the sound of his footsteps that it was Yan Bang.

"That's impossible!"

Yan Bang sat down beside Feng Xinglang, "If I don't accompany you, I won't be able to rest easy!"

"Do you want me to eat prison food for a few more days?!"

Feng Xinglang gave Yan Bang a cold glance, "This old man is a main general! Do you want to f * * king go against the wind and commit crimes? "

"I don't care about those d.a.m.ned Generals!" I'm here, so no one can even think of harming you! "

The corner of Feng Xinglang's mouth twitched, "What kind of f * cking brain are you? With how high-profile you are, if I let that Fang guy get a hold of you, you'll harm me instead! Do you understand? president Yan! "

"The sc.u.m of the yamen are afraid of him, I am not afraid!" At most, I'll just play with him! "

Yan Bang disapproved. Since it was related to Feng Xinglang, he would always do his best.

"Playing black..." Playing black! You only know how to f * * king play dirty! "

The furious Feng Xinglang raised his hand and slapped towards the back of Yan Bang's head, "Do you f * cking know how much time and energy I spent in order to wash your face clean? And to think that you would f * * king play around with laozi every now and then! "

Hearing that the commotion inside was huge, Captain Jian immediately barged in. He was afraid that if this matter didn't end peacefully, another matter would occur.

"President Feng... President Feng... Calm down. Stop fighting! If we continue to fight, someone will die! "

Captain Jian was most afraid that Yan Bang would try to force him away from the prison! This was going to be a big deal!

"Who let you in? Where did he die? Are you f * * king blind! "

Yan Bang grunted in displeasure.

"Captain Jian, you came at just the right time! "Hurry up and get that dog out of here!"

Beating someone up was actually a very difficult task. Other people would be in pain, but they would also be tired.

"Yan... President Yan, what about you? Don't worry, I will take good care of President Feng! "

The Captain Jian obviously didn't want Yan Bang to stay in the prison. With Yan Bang's bad temper, he was simply a ticking time bomb.

"With just you? I think you'll be scared stiff by the last call! I say, are you f * * king holding back your anger while you're still alive? "Is it because of that black muslin hat on your head?"

Yan Bang's words were extremely unpleasant to hear. But it was also quite sharp. The Captain Jian did want to protect Feng Xinglang, but his abilities were limited.

"..." Captain Jian was speechless.

"Yan Bang, why do you say it's so unpleasant? Everyone was trying to get something to eat! No one is easy! "

Feng Xinglang walked forward and patted on Captain Jian's shoulders, "Arrange a room for this madman next door. Any charge. "If only that Fang guy would take care of me, I wouldn't have to die so miserably!"

"Alright, I'll go handle the formalities now." Captain Jian retreated.

Feng Xinglang turned his head to look at Yan Bang, and the corner of his lips unconsciously curled up into a faint smile.

Linnuo brought the Grandma An's packed food and nutrition soup from the kitchen to the living room.

Then she ran to the study and called out to Mommy, who was working on her knowledge.

"Mommy, the food has already been packed. Let's send it to my dad now!"

Xueluo turned her head to the side to look at his excited son, and sighed lightly, "There's no need to send him off! There's food in the jail, so I won't starve your dad. "

"Mommy, the food in the jail is so bad! And it was so few! What if my dad gets hungry? "

The little guy ran over and grabbed Mommy's hand. "Mommy, don't you feel bad for my dad?"

Xueluo took a deep breath, "Nuonuo, since you, your father, has done something wrong, you should be punished if necessary! "We should just let him think it through properly in the jail!"

The little guy could understand what it meant to face the wall and think. Because he was often punished by Mommy to face the wall. As for thinking about it …

"Mommy, dad is locked in here by himself, it's very lonely and lonely! He would want his son and his wife very much! Let's go see him, please, Mommy! "

The little guy was unrelenting as he shook Xueluo's arm, waiting for her to compromise.

"Mommy wouldn't go. You are not allowed to go either! Let your father think about it alone in there! "

Xueluo flung away her son's small hands that were entangled, and became resolute and determined.

Feng Xinglang had been waiting.

However, what should have happened didn't happen. What shouldn't have happened had actually come uninvited ….

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