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Chapter 1095 - Foolish son and treacherous father

The sharpness of Feng Xinglang's words and sharp thinking would force a majority of people to let him lead them by the nose.

Without question, at this moment, Xueluo had also fallen into a strange loop of her husband, Feng Xinglang.

"Feng Xinglang, stop being so fierce towards my mother! "You're so annoying!"

Linnuo's little friend went forward and hugged Xueluo's waist, pressing his little face against Mummy's body, stroking her waist.

"Mommy, don't be mad at your son …" Your own son knows he's wrong! "

At this moment, 'admitting his wrongs' didn't mean that the little guy was actually aware that he was at fault for breaking into the Fang family. He just felt that he had infuriated his mother, and that was his fault.

Xueluo was silent as she let his son prop him up. He was pretending to be cute as he begged for her forgiveness.

Xueluo seemed to be confused: "Who exactly caused Mother Fang's death?" Could it be that it was just as Feng Xinglang said, a result of him lying to Fang Yi Yan in good faith?

"Xueluo, even if it's a white lie, there will still be a day when it will be seen through."

Feng Xinglang's words were much gentler, "Perhaps, what Mother Fang hates the most in this life is being deceived! Especially the one who deceived her, is her own biological son! "

Feng Xinglang said those words with a motive in mind.

It was because her mind was abnormal because she had been cheated by her feelings. Xueluo more or less knew something.

Sighing lightly, Feng Xinglang stroked his son Feng Linnuo's little head, "Our son's personality is a little strange, but he really didn't think that his son would be harmed by his mother. "He just stated a fact to Mother Fang."

"But... But Aunt Fang, she … " Xueluo choked up.

"How about this, I'll bring Nuonuo and devoutly wors.h.i.+p Mother Fang."

Linnuo's little friend was just about to say something, but his little mouth was covered by his father, Feng Xinglang, preventing the little thing from screaming.

Lowering his head, he signaled the little guy with his eyes. Only then did the little guy understand and tightly pursed his lips.

"There's no need..."

Xueluo heaved a long sigh, "The one Fang Yi Yan doesn't want to see the most right now is probably you two!"

Feng Xinglang was silent for a few seconds, before replying in a low tone. "Then father and son, we'll listen to you."

Although the woman had heard his argument, she seemed to not have completely let it go.

"Xinglang, take Nuonuo and go back first. I want to stay in the orphanage for a few days. "

Xueluo's mood was terrible. She still couldn't accept the fact that her mother had died. She wanted to leave, did not want to see Feng Xinglang and his son, and even more so, did not want to see Fang Yu.

"Mommy, you can't stay here! The children here are so strange. "Ugh …"

Of course, the little guy didn't want Mommy to stay and take care of these stupid kids; but before he could finish, his father, Feng Xinglang, had already covered his crying mouth.

"Xueluo, I know of Nuonuo's ill intent. But even if he was beaten to death, it would not solve the real problem. Using violence to suppress violence like this would only be counterproductive. "

Feng Xinglang stepped forward and embraced his wife's shoulders, "We must use our actions to reform our children."

"Your son is already like this, how can he be sentimental?" Xueluo bitterly sighed.

Feng Xinglang turned his head and looked at the orphanage, "How about this, every on Sunday, we will bring Nuonuo here to take care of this group of children, and let him personally experience the importance and value of giving out his love!"

Xueluo's sorrowful eyes lit up, "Is that alright?"

"I think it's feasible! And it's quite necessary! "

This was the alternative way Feng Xinglang could console his wife: Wisdom and strategy existed side by side.

"I don't want a son by blood …"

"It's not up to you!"

Feng Xinglang took out the power of a father and scolded him harshly, "Also, when adults speak, children are not allowed to interrupt!"

The little fellow pursed its lips, feeling extremely wronged. Under the meaningful gaze of its father, it did not say anything.

Seeing his husband Feng Xinglang admonis.h.i.+ng her so thoroughly, the anger in Xueluo's heart subsided.

Under Feng Xinglang's embrace, they half pushed half entered the carriage.

"Ah... "It hurts!"

Just as he sat down in the wide nanny van s, little friend Linnuo shouted out loudly in an exaggerated fas.h.i.+on.

There was even a wound on the little PvP's. Although it was painful, it was not unbearable either. Moreover, the little guy's tolerance was much greater than that of his peers.

Obviously, he was calling for Mommy Xueluo to listen.

"Mommy, the PP for my biological son hurts so much …" Can you hug and kiss your son? "

The little guy acted cute, acting like a spoiled child. Then, taking advantage of Mommy's heartache, he successfully climbed onto her thigh and hugged her tightly like a small koala.

Of the father and son, one was responsible for acting cute while the other was responsible for cheating, successfully conquering the woman in anger.

Captain Jian impatiently waited outside his courtyard.

Seeing the three of them bringing Feng Xinglang and his family home, the nanny van walked up to them immediately.

"President Feng, hurry up and come back with me. Someone is accusing you of running away from prison! If it's really a conviction, then it's as simple as not detaining him for 10 days! "

"Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d is so full?"

Feng Xinglang stared at the Captain Jian coldly, "It's that guy again, Fang Yiyan?"

"It's that old fogey with the surname Fang this time!" The rank of Major General! "

Captain Jian urged, "Hurry up and come with me to rectify this, there's still time!"

"The rank of Major General?" "It's that strong?"

"Nuclear submarines! Do you think you can pull it? "

"Alright, alright, I'll talk to my wife and kids for a bit."

"Alright, alright, alright. But you have to cut to the chase!"

Xueluo walked up and asked anxiously: "Captain Jian, will my Xinglang be alright?"

"If we don't hurry back, there really is a problem!" The Captain Jian spoke the truth.

"Jane, you go away first. Don't scare my wife and children!"

Feng Xinglang supported Captain Jian away and pulled Xueluo, who was carrying his son, to the side.

"Wifey, looks like this Fang Yiyan isn't planning on letting me go." The legal process only took about 10 days. Don't worry too much. Take care of Nuonuo at home, don't let this little thing go out and cause trouble! "Also, remember to never answer Fang Yiyan's call!"

Xueluo nodded, "I understand. I will take good care of Nuonuo. "

"My good son, you're not allowed to cause any more trouble with your mother! The more ruckus you have, the longer your father's prison meal will last! Do you understand? "

"I understand!" Your own son will obediently listen to Mommy! "

Even though the little guy said this, he was still thinking of Little Jiu Jiu, "Is the major general really that strong?" Is he stronger than my foster father?

After kissing farewell to his wife and children, Feng Xinglang got into the eye-catching sports car and sped towards the jail ahead of Captain Jian.

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