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Chapter 1055 You're so bad!

The sun shone brightly in front of the French windows.

A light breeze blew, causing the curtains to flutter. It was as if a young girl's dress was dancing in the wind.

A handsome man with clear, cold facial features and a robust physique sat lazily in a large chair. It was hard to tell whether he was at ease or not, but there was a hint of unknown sadness and depression in his expression.

Feng Xinglang could understand a woman's love for her son. It was just that the woman seemed to have overlooked what had happened to her husband.

To be honest, asking Feng Xinglang to take the initiative to go to that place that had once hurt his entire body was truly a bit too much!

However, it was unknown whether this little brat was bewitched or instigated by others. He refused to return home on his own and instead shouted at his own father to bring him back!

Feng Xinglang suddenly felt as if his entire world was trying to force him!

Nina walked in, placed her cup of coffee lightly on the desk in front of the man, and picked up the remote control that had been tossed into the corner. She opened the curtain wide enough for more sunlight to s.h.i.+ne through.

"Why are you all opening it? Close! "It's too dazzling!"

The man with his eyes closed said angrily. He liked Nina's understanding. But today, he seemed to be opposing him.

"Such a beautiful and moving sunny day is not something that happens every day! Wouldn't it be a pity if we failed? "

Nina has a very 'S' figure. In the big 'S', there was also a small 'S' hidden, making the man's blood gush out when he looked at it.

But in Feng Xinglang's eyes, it was fine if he was addicted to it, he could only watch from afar and not play around.

Think of the structure that was similar to his...

Thus, he calmed down!

"Joe's back." Nina was gentle.

Feng Xinglang raised the coffee cup in his hand and took a sip, then said indifferently: "If you're back, then so be it, don't tell me you need me, the president, to personally go and receive you?"

Nina gave a slightly indignant snort, "It would be unkind of you to throw a weak girl like her into South Africa for a few months!"

Feng Xinglang smiled evilly, "Then what do you want me to do? Take her in as a concubine? "

"I'm afraid... You will never think of that again! "

Nina stepped forward to ma.s.sage Feng Xinglang's shoulders, "Because you are a rather petty man!"

"Why does it sound so bad?" Feng Xinglang snorted.

"Alright then, I'll go and tell Little Qiao: Our president still misses her! You don't even need to sweat so much. Just pick up a son for free.

Nina's words slightly startled Feng Xinglang, "What do you mean? Nina has a child? From South Africa? "

"Not picked up! It had to be his own! Because it's still in my stomach! "

Nina smiled coquettishly, as if she had succeeded in a conspiracy, "I like to see your disappointed and disappointed expression! It's so cool! "


After not seeing him for a few months, the young Qiao who was originally as beautiful as a flower had become much rougher and more open-minded.

Instantly, it destroyed the graceful and beautiful appearance that Feng Xinglang had in mind.

Feng Xinglang's gaze fell on Little Qiao's undisguised stomach.

By the looks of it, it should be four to five months.

"I sent you on a business trip, but you didn't want to be idle either. It's a bountiful business trip!"

Feng Xinglang's tone was very gentle, but it was extremely sharp to the ears.

"President Feng, are you expelling me?"

Joe looked nervous, but he also seemed to be trying to be calm.

"How is that possible!? President Feng is a first-rate citizen, how could I do something that violates the laws of nature! "

"Thank you, President Feng."

"You came to work so hard with a big belly, didn't the child's father feel sorry for you?"

"This child... "No dad!"

"... No father? "

Feng Xinglang knit his brows slightly, but did not probe too deeply into the matter.

Regardless of whether the child's father was a leathered or a black-skinned, interracial or alien, all of this had nothing to do with Feng Xinglang!

Furthermore, Feng Xinglang was not the type of person to care deeply about the private life of his employees!


After Joe left, Nina asked in a provocative manner.

"A little! What a delightful girl … A good cabbage has been stirred up by a pig! " Feng Xinglang sighed.

"The key problem is: So what if he did it? And he even threw a withered branch and a ruined leaf under the eyes of our President Feng, so that our President Feng can watch and make trouble for him everyday!"

Nina took over Feng Xinglang's words and casually added.

Feng Xinglang looked at Nina, his eyes slightly narrowed, and smiled, "Nina, I can't leave you anymore … What should I do? "

"Fake!" What other meaning could you have for me other than exploitation? If you want to sleep with me, I can take off my clothes and lie down right now! "

Nina came closer and undid the words in her front lapel.


Feng Xinglang's eyes instantly dimmed down, and there was not the slightest bit of emotion between a man and a woman in those eyes.

"Nina, my feelings for you are purer than running water!"

If not for Little Qiao's sudden appearance, Feng Xinglang might not have had such a sudden thought.

The phone call was to Yan Bang.

There were not many opportunities to receive Feng Xinglang's calls! Therefore, Yan Bang accepted it almost instantly.

"Bon, I'll have Nina send ten million to you in a moment."

Yan Bang who was on the other side of the phone was silent for a second or two, "What do you mean? I am not so poor that I cannot turn the pot upside down! "

"I know your president Yan is a rich person … However, isn't it appropriate for us brothers to owe you something that our blood brothers should repay? " Feng Xinglang said indifferently.

"I'll send it to you personally! Don't let that dead transvest.i.te, Nina, who's neither a man nor a woman, come over here! [I get upset every time I see her!] Be careful that I don't kill her! "

Feng Xinglang used the hands-free landline in the office, so Nina, who was at the side, could naturally hear him as well.

Feng Xinglang glanced at Nina, "Nina is mine, you can't touch her!"

"Aren't you disgusted if you get a dead transvest.i.te by your side?" Yan Bang's rude words were not nice to hear.

"None of your business!" It's good that laozi likes it! "

Feng Xinglang scoffed, "Let's go over at noon. There's something I need to discuss with you! "I'm hanging up!"

"Waiting for you!"

After a few seconds of silence, Feng Xinglang finally raised his head and looked towards the window towards Nina.

"Don't lower yourself to the same level as a lunatic!"

"Feng Xinglang, must Yan Bang die?"

Nina turned around and suddenly asked.

The corner of Feng Xinglang's lips slightly hooked up, "Why do you ask that?"

"I know I shouldn't have asked. He just felt that... Yan Bang did not have to die! I believe that you have a solution that is both the best and the best! "

Na turned her head, as if she didn't want Feng Xinglang to see her face.

"He's blindly trying to figure out the Holy Will again!" Feng Xinglang said indifferently.

"Feng Xinglang, you are so bad! It's true! "

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