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Chapter 1038 - G.o.dfather? A G.o.dson?

Feng Xinglang rolled his eyes at Yan Bang, and at the same time looked behind him, "Where's Xia Yihua? Why didn't you bring it with you? "

"He asked Baotou to go call him! It will be here shortly! "

Yan Bang's eyes inadvertently landed on Feng Xinglang's wrist, reached over to pick it up, as if he was a bit disappointed, "The watch I gave you, why are you not wearing it yet?"

"The design is too substandard, so it's lost!"

Feng Xinglang replied indifferently.

"Lost? "Can you not be so cold in my heart?"

Yan Bang's ferocious face was covered by a trace of rare loneliness.

Feng Xinglang stopped in his tracks, turned and looked at Yan Bang, and thought for a second or two.

"Let Baotou hold Xia Yihua down first. After I have chatted enough with him, get Baotou to bring him out!"

He thought that Feng Xinglang was ashamed of losing the watch that he gave to him, but did not expect Feng Xinglang to only care about his conversation with Xia Zhengyang.

Yan Bang slightly nodded his head, it could be considered that he agreed.

Xia Zhengyang had long since been waiting in front of the private room of Xuanyuan Hall and was eagerly waiting for Yan Bang to bring his son, Xia Yihua, to attend the banquet.

"President Yan... President Yan... For you to be able to honor me, I have truly been fortunate for three lifetimes. "

Xia Zhengyang respectfully extended his hand, but Yan Bang did not shake it.

"Clear it up: I, Yan Bang, reward Feng Xinglang for his face, not yours!"

This was exactly how Yan Bang did things. Most of the time, they would only do things according to their preferences.

"Haha, I, Xia, thank the President Feng as well!"

Xia Zhengyang's face did not hurt because of Yan Bang's lack of respect. As long as he could fish out his own son Xia Yihua, he could do anything he wanted.

"Where's my son, Xia Yihua?"

Actually, Xia Zhengyang had already noticed that his son Xia Yihua was not behind them from the beginning.

"Don't worry President Xia. Painting is my son, President Yan will ensure his safety." Baotou had already gone to call him! Let's go in and chat. "

Feng Xinglang first walked into the private room, leaving behind the anxious Xia Zhengyang who was standing at his original spot and stretching his head out to take a look.

After waiting for a while, and still not being able to find his son, Xia Zhengyang could only brace himself and go into the private room.

The room wasn't big, but it was more than enough for three or four people to eat.

Yan Bang sat beside Feng Xinglang, and shot a glance at Feng Xinglang's face without batting an eye.

"President Yan, my son is mischievous with his paintings. I'm worried that he will behave so atrociously, so I might as well go and fetch him."

Without seeing his son Xia Yihua, Xia Zhengyang felt extremely uncomfortable.

"Sit down. It will be here in a moment!" Could it be that you are more familiar with the Yulong City than Baotou? Furthermore, with Baotou here, even if you want to draw, you can't be wild! "

Feng Xinglang drank a mouthful of tea poured by the servant and said indifferently.

Xia Zhengyang sat down, but it was as if he was sitting on pins and needles. From time to time, he would take a glance outside the room.

Seeing that Xia Zhengyang was in such a state, and considering that the following topic was not pleasant to discuss, Feng Xinglang pushed Yan Bang from the table and kicked him.

"What kind of petty tricks are you trying to pull?" President Xia is not an outsider! "

Yan Bang smiled quite manly. Although the scar on his face was ferocious, it gave him a man's valiant aura.


If Xia Zhengyang was not present, Feng Xinglang really wanted to smash this s.l.u.t with a brick.

Seeing Feng Xinglang's cold face, Yan Bang immediately called Baotou to rush him.

Two minutes later, Baotou brought the lively Xia Yihua in.


Xia Zhengyang practically threw himself at his son. He, who had already pa.s.sed the prime of his life, used all of his heart to love this son of his.

But Xia Yihua wasn't as surprised and enthusiastic. He pushed his father, Xia Zhengyang, away from the embrace.

"Dad, what are you doing? I am no longer a child, and yet you still carry me like this. Aren't you afraid of being laughed at? "

Xia Yihua muttered to himself. It was obvious that he thought that Xia Zhengyang's method of spoiling his had been a joke for both Yan Bang and Feng Xinglang.

"Painting makes sense! A seventeen year old man, not my family's six year old Nuonuo. It is not appropriate to carry him around! "

These words that Feng Xinglang said were undoubtedly correct to Xia Yihua's arrogant and pampered personality.

Forget about 17 years old, even if his son Feng Linnuo grew up to 27, 37, he would still hug if he wanted to hug him! He did not care about the gazes of the onlookers!

Being teased by Feng Xinglang's words, Xia Yihua pushed his father, Xia Zhengyang, even further away.

Monarch crabs usually need about 10 years to grow on the table. They have good taste, low fat, low calorie and are rich in protein and trace elements. The crab meat removed from the crab sh.e.l.l does not need any seasoning. It is fresh, tender and slightly sweet.

Feng Xinglang liked to eat, but also liked to eat a lot.

A little over 9 pounds of steamed crabs took up half the table. Because it was inconvenient for him to make such a huge thing at home, Feng Xinglang would often come to the Yulong City to eat.

Feng Xinglang only ate crab leg.

"President Yan, you eat first."

Although Xia Yihua was fearful of him, he still inexplicably admired him. At seventeen, and due to his age of rebellion, it was very easy to view this kind of ruthless and fierce boss like Yan Bang as his idol.

Yan Bang immediately took action, and brought the few torn off crab legs over to Feng Xinglang's plate. There was a bite on each crab leg that could be eaten directly.

"With painting, you've returned to your father's side. What are your plans?"

Feng Xinglang very nicely changed the topic to Xia Yihua and his son.

"Back to Los Angeles! Have my mother remarry! Then I'll be someone else's son! "

Xia Yihua was clearly acting in anger, because the words that came out of his mouth could make his father, Xia Zhengyang, die of anger.

"Brat, what nonsense are you spouting? Aren't you afraid of being laughed at! "

Xia Zhengyang scolded his unhappily.

But Xia Yihua seemed to be at odds with Xia Zhengyang.

Suddenly, he turned towards Yan Bang, and spoke very abruptly:

"President Yan, shall I be your foster son? I will honor you and collect your corpse for you in the future! "

"Cough cough …"

Yan Bang did not have much of a reaction, but Feng Xinglang, who had just drank a mouthful of red wine, choked.

Become Yan Bang's foster son?

Was he really going to collect Yan Bang's corpse for him?

What he had said back then was just a joke, but he didn't expect this brainless naughty child to actually become a reality.

Did this child grow a brain when he was born?

Needless to say, this was something that was similar to Yan Bang!

"Brat, is there something wrong with your head? "Nonsense!"

Xia Zhengyang was so agitated by his son's brainless words that he could not even catch his breath.

"You don't need to care about my matters!"

Xia Yihua said angrily.

In the past three days, Yan Bang's domineering air and domineering att.i.tude made Xia Yihua feel all sorts of envy and jealousy.

Being a man should be like Yan Bang: An overlord with his own territory!

Only this kind of a man was enough to be a man!

A child who had been spoiled since he was young and lacked discipline and discipline, it was no surprise that he would have such bizarre thoughts.

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