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Chapter 1084 - Quickly hit me!

The one who spoke was Basong.

Basong followed beside his wife the entire time, not moving an inch away from her. He just never stretched out his hand to help, allowing the children to cry.

From Fang Yi Yan's worry for his wife Xueluo and the jokes made by the volunteers, it could be seen that this guy called Fang Yi Yan seemed to have had a past with Lin Xueluo.

Basong had no interest in the past; but now, Basong had to kindly remind Fang Yi. Because with Feng Xinglang's strong possessiveness, if Fang Yi Yan got beaten up, it was as if he was sending himself to the door!

However, Basong's words were not nice to hear. To Fang Yiyan's ears, it was ear-piercing!

"Is your Second Young Master going to hit me just because I sent his wife home?"

Fang Yi Yan asked calmly.

"Basong is right, my Xinglang is right …" "Stingy!"

Xueluo agreed with Basong and took off the suit jacket on her shoulders, returning it to Fang Yi Yan: "Fang Yi Yan, don't worry, with Basong here, I will be very safe."

Since Lin Xueluo had already said so, Fang Yi Yan naturally did not continue to insist on sending her back. That would be forced.

"It seems your husband is very nervous about you!"

Even though his words were tepid, he could smell a bit of bitterness within them.

"Dean Fang, farewell!" Be careful when you drive! "

With that, without waiting for Fang Yi's reply, Xueluo turned and got in the car door that was already opened for her.

It was not impolite, but to prevent the night from talking too much. Xueluo was very clear that she was a married woman and had always been thinking about her own husband and son, Nuonuo.

sent the drunk Big Bangbang back to Yulong City. Even when he called, he did not see him return to Feng Family.

Xueluo thought: If she can make Yan Bang lie down drunk, then who knows how drunk he will be!

His big brother, Feng Lixin, was the same as well. He had already spoken with him beforehand: You have to watch over Feng Xinglang and let him drink less; how much alcohol do you have to bet before you can make Yan Bang drunk?

When they were near the Feng Family villa complex, Xueluo turned to look at Basong who was driving the car.

"Basong, about Senior Fang, if President Feng doesn't ask …"

"Don't worry, Madam. If President Feng doesn't ask, of course I won't say anything. If he asks, I'll just say that I don't know the surname of that volunteer."

Basong's comprehension ability seemed to have improved a lot after a trip to the Pater Castle.

Xueluo was silent for a moment. She originally wanted to explain something, but she felt that the more she described, the more innocent she would be.

He didn't want Basong to mention it to Feng Xinglang, but he didn't want Fang Yi Yan to suffer. He didn't want his husband to get into any unnecessary trouble.

Xueluo thought: Am I too nervous? Maybe husband Feng Xinglang had already forgotten about Fang You Yan!

Moreover, even if someone were to mention it in front of him, it would only be a few years ago when his past was sealed away! Would her husband, Feng Xinglang, be that nervous of her?

What had happened to him?

She was just like a young girl who didn't know anything about the world. She actually wanted her beloved man to be nervous about her? Lin Xueluo, you are now a housewife with a husband and children!

Fang Yi Yan watched Xueluo leave with his eyes. He stood on the spot for a long time without moving an inch.

It was not that he did not want to move, but he did not know where he should go.

A few years ago, after Xueluo went missing, Fang Yiyan had also sought Xueluo out from all over the Shen City. And wherever she might have gone. It was just that there was an endless sea of people and there was no way to find it. Besides, he had a sick mother to take care of.

After a slight sigh, Fang Yiyan turned around, wanting to get on the car and leave. However, the moment his hand touched the car door, he was patted on the shoulder by someone behind him.

"Don't be in such a hurry to leave! Let's talk! "

Fang Yi Yan turned his head and saw Feng Xinglang's sinister face. A face with an uncertain smile.

"Feng Xinglang? Why, why is it you? When did you come here? "

Fang Yi was surprised: Could it be that Feng Xinglang had just arrived? Or had he been here for a long time?

"As you bid farewell to my wife! To be more precise, I parked my car and was just about to enter the orphanage when you and my wife came out! "

It was not hard to tell from Feng Xinglang's words that he had witnessed the entire process of his wife saying goodbye to Fang Yi!

As for whether Basong, who had a keen sense of smell, had discovered anything, it was unknown.

"What, you're hiding here sneakily, don't tell me you want to beat me up?"

Fang Yi Yan glanced at Feng Xinglang, his eyes no longer showing any signs of the cowardice of a immature student, there was more of the steadiness of many years in them.

"Shouldn't you? Lin Xueluo has this' husband ', and the' son ', yet you are so close to her … Do you have a bone itch or a skin itch? "

Feng Xinglang said coldly as he stared at Fang Yi Yan's gentle face.

"Feng Xinglang, I'm afraid you are mistaken. Xueluo and I are only volunteer workers."


Before Fang Yi could finish, Feng Xinglang slapped him hard across the face.

"Are you the one who called him 'Xueluo'?"

Feng Xinglang's vicious eyes flashed with a ruthless cold light, "At most, you can only call her Madame Feng, do you understand?"

Fang Yiyan subconsciously touched his sore cheek: "Feng Xinglang, are you that unconfident?! The time I have called her Xueluo, isn't any shorter than yours! What if I had to keep on calling her Xueluo? Are you going to bite me or kill me? "

Even though Fang Yi's words were offensive, they still sounded gentle and refined.

Feng Xinglang was too lazy to say anything more and used his st.u.r.dy body to knock the half head shorter and thinner Fang Yiyan back into the carriage.

With a ripping sound, the dagger in Feng Xinglang's hand cut open Fang Yiyan's suit jacket in an instant.

"If you don't wear your own clothes properly, why would you be so courteous as to give them to someone else's wife? I will teach you how to wear your clothes today. If you miss someone else's wife, then you are guilty! Do you understand? "

Not only did Feng Xinglang cut open Fang Yiyan's suit, he also made him look like a beggar with his s.h.i.+rt and pants.

"Feng Xinglang, you will pay the price for your actions today!"

Fang Yi Yan resisted with all his might, but how could he be a match to the strong Feng Xinglang!

It was inevitable that he would be beaten.

Not only was he beaten up, Feng Xinglang had also pulled out Fang Yi Yan's car keys and locked the car, causing the beggar like Fang Yi Yan to s.h.i.+ver in the cold night wind!

To say that he was dressed like a beggar was an understatement; Fang Yiyan was almost alone with his men!

"And to f * cking wear red … It's really abnormal! "

Feng Xinglang stared at Fang Yi coldly, then waved the dagger in his hand and left.

All of this was captured by the camera not far away from the orphanage.

So what if they did? Feng Xinglang would never care about it!

They thought that they would be able to see the father and son sleeping soundly on the main bed of the third floor, but unexpectedly, their only son, Linnuo, was on a huge bed.

His son Linnuo had called him twice, saying that his scoundrel's father had sent the drunk Big Bangbang back to the Yulong City, asking him when she would return;

Looking at his son who was sleeping alone on the ground, Xueluo felt extremely guilty. The child in the orphanage was a child and needed to be taken care of, but his own son was also a child!

This Feng Xinglang was really something: He actually abandoned his son to compete with others?!

Originally, Feng Lixin wanted Nuonuo and Bandits to sleep with him, but the little thing refused to sleep with it no matter what, so it just went back to the master bedroom on the third floor and waited for its mother and father. He even chased away Nanny An who came upstairs to sleep with him.

In the little guy's opinion, sleeping by himself was better than sleeping with a slug or a nagging Grandma An!

Actually, Feng Lixin had already come to visit three or four times, and only after the little guy was soundly asleep did he finally rest at ease and sleep.

Xueluo who had quickly finished was.h.i.+ng up, hugged his sleeping son into the crook of his arm and kissed the little fellow who had been left cold for the entire day.

At this time, she didn't feel like calling that man anymore.

She had thought just now that that man would be nervous because of her foolishness …

It seemed like the value of his son and himself was not as important as those red wine and white wine!

Half an hour later, before Xueluo could fall asleep, she heard the sound of water splas.h.i.+ng in the washroom. A few minutes later, a warm embrace that was filled with water carried the mother and child over.

Xueluo originally wanted to hold back. She could understand that her husband was out there, but she couldn't accept that he had left his son to have a drink with someone else.

The angry woman was in the arms of the man; she just didn't want the man to touch her.

"Stop poking! You've already made your husband bow... "Take a look."

Feng Xinglang held onto Xueluo's hand, but was shaken off by the woman.

"Why did you only come back now? actually allowed Nuonuo to sleep at home alone? "

"I went to the orphanage to pick you up. I didn't expect to meet Fang Yiyan... After chatting with him for a while, I came back a little late! "

Feng Xinglang squinted, and looked at the woman's stunned eyes.

"Ah?" You, you went to the orphanage? "And, you saw Fang Yiyan?"

Xueluo was startled, "You … What did you talk to him about? "

"When two men are together, what else can we talk about?!" This senior of the university is really something, after so many years of not seeing him, even if I don't notify him when I return to the Shen City, this will allow me, the husband, to welcome him into the university! "

Feng Xinglang spoke leisurely with a hint of tiredness.

"You all … You. You didn't. You didn't bully him, right? "

Xueluo was startled, then stammered as she asked.

"Bully him? Come on, I'm not a Gay for your husband, so I'm not interested! "

Beating him up, as well as crippling his clothes, shouldn't be considered bullying!

It was very obvious that Feng Xinglang did not want to properly answer the woman's question.

It was probably Fang Yiyan who was too embarra.s.sed to tell such an embarra.s.sing thing. Especially the junior, Lin Xueluo.

Xueluo felt that she was just thinking too much. Feng Xinglang didn't even think about what Fang Yi was saying …

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