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Chapter 1034 - I'll shout for help!

When Xia Zhengyang called, he was in a state of endless sadness and depression.

"Hey, Xueluo, I'm your uncle."

"Uncle, why are you so early?"

Xueluo braced herself to answer the call from her uncle, Xia Zhengyang.

"Xueluo, is Feng Xinglang by your side? "He seems to have turned off his phone …"

"I'm not at home, I'm at the hospital!"

"Hospital? Is he sick? "

"No, Duo Duo has twins. I came to see her at the hospital."

"Oh, then congratulations on behalf of uncle."

After saying that, Xia Zhengyang returned to the main topic at hand, "Xueluo, can you help Uncle make a call to Feng Family? I want to ask for Xinglang's help! "To draw him …"


"Xueluo, it's better for you to think of a way to deal with this matter regarding Xia Yihua! I'm hanging up! "


Did this child eat gunpowder early in the morning?

After being hung up by his niece all of a sudden, Xia Zhengyang was unable to recover from his shock.

"Wow, Lin Xueluo, to become the Madame Feng, this aura is really worthy of respect!"

The unsuspecting Yuan Duoduo began to praise Xueluo, "Previously, you were the only Nuonuo in front of the people from Xia Family, but now you can say whatever you want! "You are strong enough!"

"But, who is that Xia Yihua?"

After he finished praising, Yuan Duoduo seemed to have realized that Xueluo had mentioned the name of a somewhat familiar person.

, Xia Yiqi, Xia Yishu's … Didn't you just say that a Xia Yihua came?

"It's my uncle's illegitimate child!" I just brought him back to Xia Family a few days ago! "

Xueluo let out a dejected cry.

In any case, since Uncle Xia Zhengyang had already started to publicize Xia Yihua's ident.i.ty, there was no longer a need for him to hide things for him.

"Ah?" Your uncle really made a Xia Yihua? Or an illegitimate child? "Son?"

"Yeah, he's already 17 years old. My uncle hid it well! A full seventeen years? He sure is diligent! "

Xueluo said bitterly.

"Heh, then isn't it going to be a lot more lively in Xia Family? With your aunt's fierce tigress temperament, she definitely won't let Xia Zhengyang go. We have to mess with him! "

"My aunt and Eggy both took out their sabers and stabbed him …"

"Using a blade to chop people? It was necessary! It fits your aunt's personality! "

But after he finished speaking, Yuan Duoduo sighed once more, "I feel that your aunt is rather pitiful now too! He had painstakingly given birth to three of his daughters, but not only did Xia Zhengyang not appreciate it, he even made an illegitimate child out there … If it were me, I would even feel like dying! "

The two women were silent.

Maybe because they were both women, and both were mothers, they could empathize with Wen Meijuan's state of mind.

"Then what does your aunt plan to do now?"

Looking at his daughter who was in the room next door being petted by Sister Yue, Yuan Duoduo sighed and asked.

"I don't know," Xueluo also let out a sigh. "When my aunt heard Feng Xinglang's words, she said that she would first stabilize my uncle Xia Zhengyang, and then, accept Xia Yihua!"

"F * ck me!" Wasn't your family's hoodlum too heartless? Only he would be able to think of such a thing! "

"Then what else can we do? Divorce? "Divide up property?"

Xueluo's eyes suddenly turned red:

"My aunt truly loves my uncle! In order to marry my uncle, she almost broke all ties with the Wen family! And in order to give birth to a son for my uncle, to satisfy my uncle's wish of respecting a son, even though her body at that time did not allow it, she still risked her life to give birth to Yishu for my uncle … But my uncle, for the sake of his own selfish desires, has made an illegitimate child with another woman! My aunt is sixty years old, and what she needs is not money from the Wan Cheng Family, she just wants to be together with my uncle. "

"Is there no law against this sc.u.mbag who betrayed his marriage and love?"

Yuan Duoduo was also angry.

"My uncle is such a thief, my aunt can't even beat him! You don't know how much my uncle doted on that Xia Yihua! "

"Then let your Feng Xinglang be righteous and help your aunt! Xia Zhengyang's actions are truly outrageous! "

Xueluo was silent for a moment, then her expression became solemn.

"But right now, I am already starting to suspect that my Xinglang is very likely to be in cahoots with my uncle! Because my Xinglang was also an 'illegitimate child', and wasn't well-received in the Feng Family at that time … I think he will definitely help the innocent Xia Yihua! "

It was really a man who knew his wife well!

"At this point, Xia Yihua is indeed innocent. After all these, Xia Zhengyang is the one who is the most shameless! "

The two women sighed again.

"Oh yeah, about that, does your family silently know that Doudou and Yaya are his daughters?"

This topic could help Xueluo relax for the time being.

"He should know by now... All the doctors, nurses and guests said that my Doudou and her wife are like Bai Mo … "Sigh …"

Yuan Duoduo sighed helplessly, "Xueluo, how foolish do you think Bai Mo must be to not suspect that his daughter is his own son?"

Slightly paused, Yuan Duoduo suddenly became serious, "However, I think that our old man should already know about it!"

"Haha," Xueluo laughed, and then blurted out, "Gentleman Bai already knew!"

"Ah?" When did the old gramps know? "

"He knew it when you were pregnant! Think about it, the Gentleman Bai is so cunning, with that deceptive trick of yours, how could it escape his notice! "

Yuan Duoduo was shocked!

That's right, this old tutor had crossed more bridges than she had walked on … Was it because of her ability to take the initiative to attack?

Except, wasn't the old tutor hiding a bit too deeply? It was simply Alex Scott!

"Then... Then Bai Mo, he … Does he know yet? " Yuan Duoduo asked in shock.

"Look at him happily hugging his daughters all day long, kissing them and rubbing them together. Do you know, it doesn't make any difference anymore!"

Xueluo could see clearly from the sidelines.

"Xueluo, that... Then … Then do I have to admit it to him personally? "

Yuan Duoduo was guilty, "Or wait a little longer?"

"Take advantage of your weak body and admit to him that it's undoubtedly the best time! He can't hit you, and he can't scold you either. The key thing is that Gentleman Bai and his two daughters are protecting you! What are you afraid of? "

Hearing Xueluo's a.n.a.lysis, Yuan Duoduo also felt that this was indeed an opportunity.

He had just given birth to a child, so no matter how wronged Bai Mo was, he shouldn't be so rough with her.

Moreover, it was indeed her, Yuan Duoduo's, fault. Worst case scenario, she would really be beaten up, it was not a big deal.

"Alright! Although my attack power is a bit weaker now, I still have some defensive power! If I really can't take it anymore, I'll shout for help! "


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