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Chapter 1019 - The Good and Evil of Human Nature

After sentencing Lan Youyou, she was sent from the prison to a prison outside of Shen City to serve his sentence.

was more or less surprised to be convicted of poisoning.

Although this plan was considered perfect, it wasn't impossible for Feng Xinglang to 'go all out' to sentence her for attempted murder!

With Feng Xinglang's intelligence, how could he not understand the inklings behind it?

Could it be that the man had shown him mercy once again?

After the interrogation two months ago, Lan Youyou had not seen Feng Xinglang ever again.

Lin Xueluo had actually come to the jail twice before, and she rejected both times. Because Lan Youyou didn't want to see Lin Xueluo's arrogant face!

The victor was the king and the loser was the bandit; Lan Youyou only hated that she did not grab the best opportunity to completely smash Lin Xueluo to death!

There's still a chance, isn't there? It had only been four years!

Thinking about the five years of time she, Lin Xueluo, had been brought to the Pater Castle by the Hetun, her life shouldn't have been too comfortable!

Perhaps the only person he missed the most was his daughter.

If Lin Xueluo did not die, would she torture her daughter even more?

She might not dare to do it openly, but Lin Xueluo did not know how many evil methods she would use to make her daughter suffer!

Who knew if Feng Lixin, that weak and useless man, would be able to protect her.

On the third day of being transferred to a prison at the outskirts of Shen City to serve his sentence, Feng Lixin once again brought his daughter Feng Tuantuan to visit him.

This time, he was not stopped, and there was no excuse. Through his own channels, Feng Lixin smoothly saw his wife who was serving the sentence.

"Clang! Clang!" "Bang …"


Feng Tuantuan rushed forward, but was blocked by a gla.s.s wall. The little cutie couldn't hear what Mommy was saying, but she could feel that Mommy was very happy with her arrival.

Feng Lixin specially woke up early in the morning to dress her daughter up beautifully. He was dressed in a small dress that was n.o.ble and elegant, like a princess or a fairy. He was cute and beautiful.

Lan Youyou knelt on one knee on the ground, so that she could look down on her daughter. Since Feng Tuantuan could not hear what her mother had said, she could only kiss the Lan Youyou inside the gla.s.s again and again.

Her daughter's simple yet persistent actions caused Lan Youyou to be unable to hold back his tears.

There were too many things blocked off by this gla.s.s wall!

"Man, come here and talk to Mommy."

Both sides of the phone were connected, and Feng Lixin pressed speaker.

This way, not only would it be convenient for her daughter to hear Lan Youyou's voice, it would also be convenient for his daughter to eavesdrop.

In these two months, Feng Lixin and his daughter spent every day and night together, causing Feng Lixin to be exceptionally calm.

Maybe it was just like what his brother Feng Xinglang had said: his own happiness was in his hands! No need to chase after that ethereal thing!

Every day, he would carry her daughter in his arms, kiss his, tell his stories, accompany her to the amus.e.m.e.nt park, and learn all sorts of things that piqued his interest.

With this little elf by his side, it would be hard for him to live his life in peace!

There was one more crucial point: he no longer had to worry about his daughter being taken away by someone!

In retrospect, all the instability in the past originated from this woman!

Now that this woman was imprisoned, he and his daughter were able to lead a peaceful and peaceful life.

This kind of mismatched item, would complement each other with Feng Lixin, and would repress each other!

"Clang! Clang!" Clang! Clang! Clang … Did you hear Mommy's voice? Did you hear that? Clang! Clang! Clang … Quick, talk to Mommy! "

Lan Youyou was a little haggard and thinner. She was wearing the uniform of the prison. Inevitably, it would cover her with a desolate aura.

"Mama... They heard it all! Are you all right? I missed you so much. "

"Mommy also wants to see more …"

Lan Youyou cried once again. Perhaps in her life, she had drilled countless horns, recklessly and wildly!

After knowing the truth, he really wanted to kill Feng Lixin personally and throw this little thing that should not have been born far away …

But at this moment, Lan Youyou seemed to have realized that the only thing that was restrained in her heart, was this little thing!

Thinking of something, Lan Youyou immediately wiped away her tears, and Li Jun asked his daughter in a calm voice, "Man Man, tell Mommy, did Lin Xueluo mistreat you? Did she hit you? "

"No... Aunt and Uncle are very nice to the group! "My aunt is a good person. She never fights against anyone!"

The little cutie spoke truthfully about her aunt, Lin Xueluo.

"Good people? Hehe, she, Lin Xueluo is so vicious, how could she possibly be a good person? You don't dare to say whether she hit you or not? "

"No!" Uncle and mom really haven't fought in a long time! My aunt loves the ball, and she makes it a princess meal every morning. The princess meals that his aunt and uncle cooked were both beautiful and delicious … "I really like eating princess meals made by my aunts and uncles the most!"

"Shut up! Shut up! That b.i.t.c.h Lin Xueluo, if she didn't want to win the hearts of others, she just wanted to poison you to death! Anyway, she won't have any good intentions towards you! "

Before Lan Youyou could finish speaking, Feng Lixin had already picked up the receiver and pressed 'free'. This way, his daughter Feng Tuantuan would not be able to hear it.

"Youyou, Xueluo treats Yuan Dan very well! She had a kind heart! She was never angry because of your persecution of her. This is the most precious thing about Xueluo! "

"Pfft!" That malicious woman Lin Xueluo, she only knew how to show off! Feng Lixin, it was you who were too stupid! "

"Alright, Lan Youyou!" You better stay inside and wake up! Once you realize the extent of Xueluo's sincerity and friendliness towards others, your four years of imprisonment will not have been in vain! "

"Feng Lixin, you idiot! You were deceived by that b.i.t.c.h Lin Xueluo! "

Lan Youyou roared hysterically.

Facing the woman's furious and sinister face, Feng Lixin slowly became calm.

"Youyou, I will take good care of my daughter. It will guide her to the right view of life! "

Feng Tuantuan couldn't hear what his mother was saying, she just felt that her condition was still not good, so she liked to yell like this.

The little cutie leaned over and shouted into the receiver, "Mama, listen obediently to the police uncle! Have a good night's sleep in there! We'll be waiting for Mama at home with Papa! "

"b.a.l.l.s, you stupid thing! How can you be as foolish as Feng Lixin? "

Feng Lixin did not let him finish, and hung up the phone.

"Man Man, say goodbye to Mommy!"

"Goodbye, Mama!" I'll come see you next time! "

The little guy waved his little hands towards Lan Youyou, who was furiously hitting the gla.s.s wall with his mother's hand.

Feng Lixin immediately carried her daughter, half covering her eyes, and quickly walked out.

Lan Youyou could not help but feel somewhat unresigned in her heart when she was judged to have deliberately murdered someone who caused trouble by poisoning their car.

However, the verdict was still the same. He had to continue living his own life!

In the entire process, the two Feng Family brothers did not have any obvious protection, nor did they ask anything about it. It was as if it had become a private grudge between Lin Xueluo and the two women!

Fortunately Xing s.h.i.+si had woken up, and his recovery was not bad. If the situation is optimistic, the chances of standing up again are high.

Only later on did Xueluo find out: It was her husband, Feng Xinglang, who had gone through great pains to get the orthopedic expert to come back from Worcester.

Compared to the heartless and cold-blooded Hetun, Feng Xinglang was even more righteous.

And also because of Xing s.h.i.+si's wife who was protecting him!

Men understood their wives. Knowing that this silly woman would feel guilty because of Xing s.h.i.+si's injuries.

Xing Ba and Xing s.h.i.+'er were very grateful to Feng Xinglang!

But regarding the cold-blooded act of foster father Hetun wanting to send Xing s.h.i.+si back to the Pater Castle for him to kill himself, they didn't dare to get angry, nor did they dare to say anything!

Linnuo's little friend had already started school. So I'm not very idle every day.

Feng Tuantuan was originally going to be sent to a small kindergarten cla.s.s this semester, but because of Lan Youyou's case, it was delayed until now.

When Xueluo returned from the academy, she was fiddling with her castle building blocks, looking depressed and depressed.

Xueluo could already walk two steps forward. However, because of the pain, the way she walked was not that beautiful.

"Man, why is there only one person playing? Where's your big brother Nuonuo? "

"Big brother Nuonuo went up to do his homework …"


His son could take the initiative to do his homework? The key was, did he have any homework to do?

"Why do you look so unhappy?"

Xueluo asked tentatively. She knew that Feng Lixin had brought Feng Tuantuan to the prison to see the serving Lan Youyou.

"They went to see me today with Papa. "My Mama is not well yet!"

"Is that so?" Xueluo paused for a moment before asking, "Did your mother scold you again?"

The little guy nodded, "I am still shouting, so fierce, so fierce. I'm scared watching it all! "

Xueluo squatted on the tatami, and hugged Feng Tuantuan who was frowning tightly in her arms.

"No need to be afraid, and no need to worry. The uncle inside will take care of your mother's illness for her."

The little guy nodded with grievance, and buried his tear-filled face into Xueluo's shoulder.

"Uncle, mom, I cursed you again today …" "I don't like being scolded at all!"

Xueluo's heart warmed, "Why?"

"Because aunt is a good person! My uncle's mother is good to big brother Nuonuo, and to the group! "I really like my uncles and aunties!"

"... Aunt really likes it too! "

As Xueluo sobbed and sobbed, Xueluo's emotions were mixed: It looks like this little fellow already has her own way of dividing good and evil.

In these two months, Cong Gang seemed to have changed.

Most of the time, he sat alone in the garden, lost in thought.

Wei Kang asked Basong many times: When placed the Boss under house arrest in the Feng Family, what exactly happened?

Basong only said that Cong Gang had been starving for two or three days. Probably the aftereffects of being starved.

As for the matter of Feng Xinglang stripping the BOSS 'clothes, Basong did not mention anything.

Firstly, it was because it was detrimental to the face of the BOSS.

Secondly, he might be punished inappropriately by the 'escort'.

"Boss, this afternoon Feng Xinglang went to the drug treatment center. and gave an item to Lan Youyou's care. "

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