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Chapter 978 I'm worried you'll bite me!

Slowly, the black figure crouched down and carefully supported Feng Xinglang's injured leg with the supporting instrument, placing it on his own knee.

He carefully checked the way the device was worn and its function.

Roughly three minutes later, a scorching warm current started from Feng Xinglang's injured knee and snaked through his leg, flowing into a small portable container.

It was the familiar smell of herbal medicine!

Somehow, it allowed Feng Xinglang's furious heart to slowly calm down. He relaxed along with the clenched fists in his robe.

The injured and broken leg, after being washed with the Chinese medicine, seemed to have every cell heated up until it warmed up to the heart.

The black shadow repeated the seemingly simple but highly skilled cleaning step.

This kind of comfort caused Feng Xinglang's aura to become deep and comfortable.

His sharp eyes opened wide as he looked down at the intruder who was cleaning and soothing his injured leg.

It was the same familiar face: thin and resolute. Every corner of his face was so distinct … He deserved a beating!

This continued for more than ten minutes.

In the process, Shadow had been kneeling on one knee beside the chair, acting as a footrest.

Then, the medicine wrapped around his body. It made the blood flow even more smoothly. dredging meridian, warming the texture.

Feng Xinglang patiently waited for the black figure to finish taking care of his injured leg.

And then …


A punch or a slap in the face sounded too noisy in the dead of night!

Thus, Feng Xinglang's gaze landed on the black figure's disobedient ears!

"You dog... I have finally caught you! "

The black figure felt pain in her ears and was forced to raise her head, meeting Feng Xinglang's playful and dark face.

"Second Elder... Long time no see! "

Cong Gang's voice was hoa.r.s.e, as if she had spoken it from the depths of her throat.

"Long time no see?" That shouldn't be … It doesn't seem to be the first time you've done something so sneaky and sneaky, does it? "

Feng Xinglang's lips became even colder and more emotionless as she bit the words she was about to speak.

"Touching a dog..."

Cong Gang paused, "I really did do it before … Second Lord! "


To be honest, Feng Xinglang really wanted to smash this Cong Gang fellow who deserved to be beaten to death!

After looking at each other for a long time, Feng Xinglang let out a cold snort of extreme dissatisfaction from her lips.

"Speak, what are you trying to do?"

Feng Xinglang hissed, suppressing the anger in his heart.

"You didn't drink the milk?"

What he received instead was Cong Gang's casual question. He glanced at the wastebasket and frowned slightly.

"Who borrowed your guts to dare to so brazenly give this daddy a medicine?"

Feng Xinglang asked with a face full of anger.

"You are so pretentious …" If I don't take one pill, I'm afraid you'll bite me! "

As Cong Gang listened to Feng Xinglang's furious words, he also meticulously bandaged the other party's hair.

"Actually, you don't feel much better than a dog!"

These words made Feng Xinglang's hands completely itch.

A backhand slap on the face was fast, but with different targets and different effects.

Cong Gang dodged the slap from Feng Xinglang with his superior technique.

His palm struck empty air, and Feng Xinglang, who had used too much strength, nearly fell out of his chair.

Cong Gang still reached out his hand to block it.

Originally, Cong Gang wanted to comment that Feng Xinglang was more and more of a woman, but seeing as how Feng Xinglang was such an explosive beast, Cong Gang decided to hold it in.

"Don't dodge if you dare!"

Feng Xinglang who had steadied his center of gravity looked at Cong Gang with disdain.

"Do you think I'm as stupid as Yan Bang! He's a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t, but I'm not! "

Cong Gang began to tidy up the medicine boxes in an orderly manner.

"Why do you insist on killing Yan Bang?"

Feng Xinglang narrowed his cold eyes and asked harshly.

"Yan Bang?" Cong Gang gave a bland snort, "He's just a sacrifice under the protection of your father, the Hetun! It has nothing to do with me! "

Pausing slightly, he sighed softly, "I've merely rehea.r.s.ed the conflicts that I've been hiding for the next few months, years, or even decades!"

Cong Gang's answer was very profound. But it was completely within the scope of what Feng Xinglang could comprehend.

"Cong Gang, what the f * * k are you trying to do?" Feng Xinglang asked again.

"What do I want to do? You, Feng Xinglang, know this very well!"

Cong Gang closed the medicine box and looked into Feng Xinglang's eyes.

It was very calm, but it was also very calm.

Feng Xinglang hated the most, who seemed to be able to read his mind.

He felt that he was completely unprotected in front of Cong Gang, unclothed and naked!

"I'm not as smart as you! That's why I don't understand! I want to hear it from your own mouth! "

Seeing that Cong Gang was silent, Feng Xinglang asked with a hoa.r.s.e voice, "Tell me: what is a preview? You played tricks on me by kidnapping my son, causing me to fall into the ravine and almost lose my life … Is this what you meant by rehearsing ahead of time? "

Cong Gang quietly looked at Feng Xinglang, and Youyou said, "So what? What can you do to me? "

This tone, this tone, this reckless att.i.tude …

"Cong Gang! Don't force laozi to kill you! " Feng Xinglang hissed fiercely.

"Is that so? Then I shall quietly wait for you to come and kill me! "

Honestly speaking, at that time, Feng Xinglang had really been infuriated to death by Cong Gang's words.

His frosty face, his sharp eyes that were ready to devour, and his rapidly rising and falling chest …

Every single one of them expressed: He, Feng Xinglang, is truly very, very angry! He was on the verge of losing control!

"Let's talk about this after you have the ability and courage to kill me!"

Cong Gang slowly stood up and picked up the medicine box on the carpet.

"Cong Gang, what the f * * k do you want to do?"

Feng Xinglang almost went berserk.

"Calm down!" You woke up a family of elderly women and children, and even crippled your own leg. You still can't deal with an uninvited guest like me.

Cong Gang laughed indifferently, "Feng Xinglang, you should just bear with it! Just bear with it! "

These words, if one could not kill Feng Xinglang with anger, it was enough to cause Feng Xinglang to be injured internally from his anger!

In fact, while Feng Xinglang was infuriated, he had time to think about one thing:

If he called Basong and Basong over, would he be able to take Cong Gang down in one go?

Fortunately, Feng Xinglang chose not to take the risk!

At that time, he did not know that Xing s.h.i.+si was not in the Feng Family at all; however, Basong was one of Cong Gang's people.

If Feng Xinglang knew Basong's true ident.i.ty, he would probably be angered until the point of internal injuries!

"Cong Gang, let's talk. What do you want? I will try to satisfy you. "

A foot high, a foot high? A foot high?

Feng Xinglang was always able to adjust his own emotions when he was angered by Cong Gang to the point where he was about to vomit blood.

"After a week of applying the medicine, you can take two steps off the floor! It's just a small fracture of the fibula, don't keep leaning on the wheelchair. It will make you look more like a cripple! "

Cong Gang's warning made people even more uncomfortable.

Perhaps this little injury was nothing to Cong Gang; he could get off the ground in two or three days, but Feng Xinglang had already been lying on his wheelchair for almost a month.

For people like Cong Gang, his philosophy was to overdraft his own life and health for the rest of his life.

Feng Xinglang, on the other hand, spent the rest of his life thinking about how he would be accompanied by his wife and children, living a blissful life together with his children and grandchildren.

The difference in philosophy has determined a different pursuit of the way of life.

"Cong Gang, can we still talk properly? What do you want, you can tell me! "

Feng Xinglang forced himself to let out a breath of air, "Don't make me regret it, when I picked you up, I might as well pick up a dog!"

"So, you are too merciful!" At that time, you should have already ruthlessly watched me die, and not raised a tiger to become a threat! "

Cong Gang's answer had already made it clear: They could no longer converse happily.

"You really think you're a tiger? In my eyes, you will always be a dog! "

Are you angry at him, Feng Xinglang?

Naturally, they would also bring him, Feng Xinglang, to ruthlessly mock and ridicule him, Cong Gang!

Cong Gang laughed without batting an eyelid, "Feng Xinglang, your way of deceiving yourself is really unique! You think I'm a dog, but I'm a dog? Do you have that much power to control me? "

"I don't need to control anyone! I see you as a dog, but that only means that the low blood that flows in your bones will always be the status of a dog in my heart! It's that simple! "

Feng Xinglang also became addicted to being sarcastic and sarcastic towards Cong Gang. Do unto another what they do unto you!

"But I, as a dog, think of you as a monkey now!"

Just like that, Cong Gang lightly glanced at Feng Xinglang who had been enduring his anger the entire time, and faintly smiled.

"Cong Gang, I really want to f * * king kill you!"

In this war of words, the outcome was already very clear.

"If I am not mistaken, there is a pistol hidden in the secret compartment of the second drawer on your right! You can take it out and point it at my head. "As long as you pull the trigger, I will become a dead dog as you wis.h.!.+"

"You want to die?" I'll help you! "

Feng Xinglang really did take out that gun from the second drawer, and aimed at the Cong Gang that was inches away from him.

Not only was Cong Gang fearless, that resolute face even had a faint smile that was similar to ridicule.

"I'll give you ten seconds to pull the trigger. "Ten!"





Feng Xinglang really did not think that Cong Gang would be like a desperate guy that recklessly forced himself to do things!

At that time, Cong Gang was very close to him, and was only two to three meters away.

Even if he, Cong Gang, was able to escape into the sky, he would not be able to dodge safely with such a short distance.

Furthermore, Feng Xinglang's spear techniques had always been very accurate!

If Feng Xinglang really pulled the trigger, seeing blood was certain. Even if he didn't die, he would at least draw some blood!

It was only later on that Feng Xinglang finally understood why Cong Gang wanted to force him to use such a ruthless method on him!

"Two …"

"Feng Xinglang, if you don't shoot, I will leave … … "After a busy day, I still need to hurry back to make supper!"

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