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Chapter 426 Meeting Li Youmo at Fragrance House Again

“Second Sister, shall we follow?” He Yufen watched the horse carriage draw away. She wrung her handkerchief as she spoke to He Yuxiu softly. When she thought of King Xuan, Feng Yuran's handsome appearance and the way he turned to look back when he got onto the carriage, He Yufen's heart jumped wildly. Her face grew hot. She felt that Feng Yuran had turned to look at her.

“Elder Sister, do you really think King Xuan was looking at you? Dream on, he won't like you.” Now that there was no one else around them, He Yuxiu did not have to act as if they were close. She gave He Yufen the side eye and berated her jealously. Feng Yuran was obviously looking at her, not He Yufen.

When she thought of how her uncle and father decided to marry her to King Xuan, He Yuxiu could not control the jealousy she felt!

The riches and luxuries that were about to land in her hands were slipping away. How could He Yuxiu calm down?

“Second Sister, you don't think His Highness was looking at you, do you? Look at you, it'd be not bad if a rich playboy likes you. If Father and Second Uncle had not done anything, you would already be someone's concubine now.” He Yufen did not back down and retaliated meanly.

This struck a nerve with He Yuxiu. When she thought of how lecherous Yu Mingyong looked, and then of King Xuan's handsome face, she felt like throwing up. Furthermore, Yu Mingyong did not have a future to speak of. “So what if I become a concubine? You would be a concubine too in the King's Manor. Even our high and mighty aunt is a concubine as well.”

She gritted her teeth viciously as she spoke uncaringly.

However, that shocked He Yufen. She hurriedly held a hand against He Yuxiu's mouth and rebuked her quietly, “Do you want to die? How dare you say something like that.”

He Yuxiu only came to her senses then. She looked around her and saw that no one had noticed them. She heaved a sigh of relief and shook He Yufen's hand off her mouth. He Yuxiu cursed softly, “If you haven't been lovesick, would I say that?”

Yet, she did not dare to say anything else after that!

“Misses He, please return to the manor with me. Your father should be there.” Madam Lian approached with the help of her maid and said courteously.

“Yes, we will do whatever you say, Madam.”


To outsiders, the He sisters became gentle and innocent once more. The two both had unique features and were beautiful. They were adorable and left a favorable impression.

Madam Lian could not help but nod with satisfaction. She did not like Consort Xuan much. The He sisters were beautiful and adorable, but Consort Xuan treated them as if they were ferocious beasts and even made a fuss. Madam Lian did not understand why. Didn't First Miss He just obey her father and gave King Xuan something?!

They were relatives and it was just a small matter. However, Consort Xuan made it seem as if they were enemies. She was too much.

It could partly be because Consort Xuan was too young and ignorant. She would make a fuss at any small matter and wanted everyone to know that she had suffered a grievance. Secondly, it was also because her biological mother pa.s.sed away young and no one taught her how to behave as a legitimate wife. She was a little petty.

King Xuan was known to be a licentious person for years. This situation seemed more like it was set up by King Xuan intentionally. Perhaps the prince wanted to take the opportunity to bring that girl into the manor. However, the consort, his legal wife, had no sense. It was no wonder there were rumors recently of how the prince and Consort Xuan didn't get along.

It seems that the insensible Consort Xuan really did not know how to hold on to a man's heart!

“Madam Lian, get on the carriage first. I will help you.” He Yufen held on to Madam's Lian arm gently with a smile. He Yuxiu had gotten on the carriage first with a look of innocence. Right now, she stood awkwardly at the carriage door. She could neither board nor get down. She looked at her elder sister and felt embarra.s.sed and angry.

“Second Miss He, you go on in first. I will come with your elder sister immediately.” Madam Lian laughed. She pointed into the carriage and comforted He Yuxiu.

The two sisters did not have any motive at all and were very likable, especially Second Miss He. She was a frank and adorable girl. Why would she make trouble? That Consort Xuan was really petty!

Madam Lian grumbled about Mo Xuetong's pettiness to herself. However, she did not expect that she would one day get into an argument with He Yuxiu as well.

“Why aren't we returning to the manor?” Mo Xuetong asked curiously. She lifted the curtains slightly and looked at the scenery outside. They were not taking the path back to King Xuan's Manor.

“I've been busy recently and it is rare that I am free. So I'm going to take you out and have fun.” Feng Yuran said with a smile. His handsome eyes were filled with lazy laughter. His lips curled up as he looked at Mo Xuetong, whose face was filled with delight as she lifted the curtains furtively. “Just look openly if you want to. Anyway, everyone knows that this horse carriage belongs to me. It's no big deal even if you take a look out there.”

“Do you think others think you're going to the brothel again?!” Mo Xuetong pulled the curtains down and teased him sweetly. She blinked her lively eyes.

“Oh, that's for sure. If you reveal your face again over there, others would definitely think that I've found a vixen and we might be…” Feng Yuran said seriously before he turned to look at Mo Xuetong with a smile. He trailed off, and everything he wanted to say was implied.

Mo Xuetong could not help but feel shy. When she saw the crafty look in Feng Yuran's eyes, she immediately felt embarra.s.sed and angry. She reached out to pinch the flesh at his waist.

Feng Yuran cried exaggeratedly. “Ah, that hurts. Tong'er, are you trying to murder your husband!”

Mo Xuetong said with a glare as she lunged at him and covered his mouth upon hearing him yell. “Don't yell. Someone might hear you.”

They were on the streets. If someone were to hear the cries in the horse carriage, she would be too embarra.s.sed to go out in the future!

She could hear Feng Yuran's light laughter by her ear. He reached out to hug her at her slender waist. His gentle breathing was right by her ear and was thick with affection, “Tong'er, are you sending yourself into my embrace?”

His handsome face was filled with delight. He was extremely pleased.

He was not only thick-skinned but was also extremely shameless. He was as direct as a child and was not the arrogant, ostentatious, and charming King Xuan that rumors said he was. Rumors indeed could not be believed.

Mo Xuetong was speechless. she pouted slightly and tried to peel his fingers off her. However, he hugged her waist tightly and had no intention of letting go.

Judging by the happy smile on his face, he had no intention of letting go as well.

Mo Xuetong's eyes twinkled. She immediately pasted a pitiful expression on her face. She did not struggle but laid on his broad chest instead. “I'm hungry!”

Her obedient act pleased Feng Yuran. He reached out to stroke her hair and then pinch her soft cheeks. He said with a smile, “Did you not eat your fill earlier? If I knew that you weren't full, I would have told the Qin Manor that you were hungry and asked them to prepare food for you to eat on the way out.”

“You're the hungry one.” Mo Xuetong pushed herself off him when she heard that he was teasing her again. She glared at him and then shook his arm, saying, “You said that the buns at Fragrance House are very tasty. Shall we go and eat that?”

Fragrance House was the place they visited last time. Back then, Ling Fengyan was still playing with both King Chu and King Yan. Meanwhile, Mo Xuemin had been meeting You Yuecheng in secret there. There was one good show after another. That was why they did not have the time to try the crab roe buns which was the most famous dish there. When Mo Xuetong recalled what Feng Yuran said about them in the past, she started to feel hungry for real.

She looked up at Feng Yuran pitifully.

Feng Yuran reached out to hold up Mo Xuetong's chin. He kissed them gently and asked with a smile that squinted his eyes, “Tong'er wants to eat that?”

Mo Xuetong wanted to pinch him. However, she was tiny and weak. Even though she had pinched him forcefully, it just felt like an itch to him. It did not hurt Feng Yuran at all.

He reached out to pinch her nose with an affectionate smile. “You little glutton!” Then, he quickly retracted his hand before she could swat at it.

However, the teasing note in his eyes made Mo Xuetong flush. She felt shy and annoyed. When Feng Yuran saw that she was really angry, he did not tease her again. Instead, he called out lazily to the driver for them to turn into the Fragrance House.

The horse carriage arrived at Fragrance House shortly and the two alighted. They entered the building. Even though it was already past dinner time, the Fragrance House was still very crowded. When the staff saw Feng Yuran, he immediately led them to a s.p.a.cious private room upstairs.

When the doors were pushed open, Mo Xuetong did not expect someone she knew to be inside. It was a handsome young man who was none other than her new cousin-in-law. It was said that he and Feng Yuran had similar tastes but did not get along well. He was Li Youmo!

It was evident that Li Youmo did not expect Feng Yuran to appear at this time. He raised his brows and then stood up to bow. Then, he asked curiously, “Your Highness, what are you doing here at this time?”

“You don't have to be so polite. You and Consort Xuan are considered relatives, so you can dispense with the formality.” Feng Yuran said with a smile and reached out to stop Li Youmo from bowing to Mo Xuetong.

Mo Xuetong hurried forward and said with a smile, “Cousin-in-law, you don't have to be so polite. Does Cousin know about this? We are cousins but are as close as sisters. There is no need for such formalities.”

Mo Xuetong heard from her cousin that Li Youmo treated her cousin well after marriage. He did not have any bed servants unlike what the rumors said. He did have a concubine, but that was from before he got married. Ever since her cousin married Li Youmo, Li Youmo never visited the concubine again. Instead, he treated Mo Xuetong's cousin wholeheartedly. Mo Xuetong was very satisfied with that. As such, she was not as resistant against Li Youmo as before.

When Mo Xuetong saw how familiar Feng Yuran and Li Youmo were behaving, she knew that Li Youmo was also a sheep in wolf clothing. She immediately understood that Li Youmo's bad reputation was like Feng Yuran's. They were not real. She had not entrusted her cousin to the wrong man.

“My Lady, you are too kind.” Li Youmo did not insist and bowed to Mo Xuetong.

They settled down. Then, a staff served tea and cakes before leaving.

Feng Yuran placed a crab roe bun on the dish in front of Mo Xuetong. He said gently, “Try this. It is fresh from the wok and the ingredients inside are the best.”

Mo Xuetong picked up the bun and took a bite. A thick fragrance filled her mouth. She could not help but smile and nod furiously, “It's good!”

“Eat more if it's good. I'll get them to serve another two more portions. We can eat it for supper tonight.” Feng Yuran's eyes held affection and love for Mo Xuetong that could not be hidden. He placed another two buns onto her place. A hint of gentle laughter flashed in his eyes as he looked at the sweet smile on Mo Xuetong's side profile. His Tong'er was so easily satisfied. Something this small could make her so happy.

Mo Xuetong glanced at Feng Yuran, sensing his heated gaze on her. However, she did not dare to do anything. Instead, she turned her head around and ignored him.

“Your Highness, you didn't ask me to come today just to watch you and Consort Xuan's display of affection, did you!” Soft laughter could be heard by the side. “Then I have to return earlier and be affectionate with my wife too.”

Mo Xuetong flushed when she heard that and lowered her head. She immediately felt embarra.s.sed.

“You must be jealous. Bring your wife next time as well.” Feng Yuran said lazily, putting down the chopsticks in his hand.

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