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Chapter 144 Li Youmo, the Outrageous Young Sir

Mo Xuetong had lunch at the General's Manor before returning home. The Xiangyang d.u.c.h.ess was Luo Xia's cousin and the two were born just days apart. They had grown up together. d.u.c.h.ess Xiangyang had married Duke Xiangyang first and then, Luo Xia married Mo Huawen. The two moved with their husbands and had not met again until Luo Xia pa.s.sed away.

d.u.c.h.ess Xiangyang had returned with her husband to the capital and went to the General's Manor to greet the Old Madam. She only realized that Mo Xuetong had come to the capital after the Old Madam mentioned it. As such, she had specially sent someone to invite Mo Xuetong over to get to know her. She had sent someone to pa.s.s on the message to say that the Old Madam wishes to see her granddaughter and d.u.c.h.ess Xiangyang wished to meet her niece. They had not made it so exaggerated like Mo Ye had.

“Miss, is that Miss Lan really going to move in?” Mo Lan followed behind Mo Xuetong and asked with a frown. She had always by Mo Xuetong's side and naturally knew that when Madam was around, Lan Xinru had tried to please Madam and her mistress in public but had pretended to be coy and gentle and flirted with Old Sir.

Once, she had gone up to Old Sir and fell intentionally. However, Old Sir had not been interested and allowed her to fall. He left without even looking at her. Then, Madam had fallen seriously ill. Lan Xinru entered the Mo Manor in the name of tending to the Madam. She dressed up seductively and visited Madam every day. The maids and nannies by Madam's side were so angry they were speechless.

Madam was gravely ill then and was not in the mood to care about all these. Furthermore, the Old Madam had sent Lan Xinru in the name of helping out the sick Madam. Fortunately, Old Sir loved Madam deeply and ignored Lan Xinru completely. He embarra.s.sed her publicly several times until she could not stay any longer. They had not expected that she would come for Old Sir again.

“Old Madam had thought about this for so long, how could she not come. Go look for Nanny Ming and discuss this matter with the two Aunties. Tell them that Miss Lan Xinru is coming to the manor to accompany the Old Madam. The eastern end of the manor has a courtyard that is refined and elegant. The scenery there is excellent. Tell the servants to clean it up. She would probably come in a few days.” Mo Xuetong pa.s.sed through a circular door and entered the gardens. She seemed to have smiled, but when Mo Le took a closer look, the smile had already disappeared.

Despite never having been a submissive sort of person, Mo Ye truly admired this mistress of hers since she started serving Third Miss Mo. She was tiny but very thoughtful and brilliant. She had gotten information from Mo Lan privately earlier and found out about the efforts Miss Lan had put in a few years ago. If she told the two Aunties that there is yet another woman who is here to steal their husband, it would be truly troublesome.

Mo Ye had been to the courtyard in the east. It was not too far away and the scenery was indeed decent. However, those were not the most important points. The main point was that the place was right beside the doors, and crossing through another door would bring one to the outside courtyard. It was not a place suitable for a n.o.ble lady.

It was close to the outside courtyard and one would meet a man not from the family if one was not careful! If Miss Lan was not careful with herself, she might step out of the line. Of course, the two Aunties would be glad to see this happen. If Lan Xinru were to create any rumors with another man in the manor, she would not be able to become Mo Huawen's main wife. The Aunties would understand when her mistress mentioned this. They might even help Miss Lan out.

Her mistress was really sly. She had, in just a few words, pitted Miss Lan against the Aunties.

However, Mo Ye also knew that her mistress' slyness was no match for her previous master. Her previous master was a cheat and lulled his enemies into a false sense of security. Fortunately, she would not be at a disadvantage serving her current mistress! Mo Ye was quite satisfied with that.

“Alright. I will go and find Auntie Qing later and tell her that the Old Madam had told Miss Lan to come to accompany us and spend the new year in the Mo Manor.” Mo Lan was an intelligent person and understood with just a little thought. She winked and her expression relaxed.

Mo Xuetong laughed when she heard Mo Lan's teasing words.

She was going to tell the two Aunties that Lan Xinru was entering the manor because Old Madam had told her to. Old Madam was someone Mo Huawen respected. Even though he did not obey her in all things, but Old Madam could still make the decision regarding certain things. In the past, when Madam was still around, she could only do things secretly. But it was different now. There was not a proper matriarch in the manor and the implications of Lan Xinru entering the manor was different.

If the two Aunties knew that Old Madam wanted Lan Xinru to become the matriarch, they would definitely think of ways to torture Lan Xinru. In her past life, the two Aunties did not have any sons and could not fight Auntie Fang for affection. They had let her have the matriarch position obediently in the end. Even so, Auntie Fang had not managed to get rid of them, which showed that the two Aunties were not easy to deal with either.

With the two Aunties around, it would not be easy even if Lan Xinru wanted to fascinate about her father! Furthermore, her father would definitely not like such a fickle woman. Otherwise, he would not have disregarded the Old Madam and embarra.s.sed Lan Xinru so much that she had no choice but to go home.

The mistress and servant got each other and started laughing when they suddenly heard someone calling out.

“Third Miss Mo, did you come from First Miss Mo's place? How is she doing now?” An indifferent voice sounded politely by her ear. Mo Xuetong could not help but stop and turned to the path on the left. That path led to her father's study. A servant was bringing two men around and they stood at the end of that path.

You Yuecheng was wearing a light-colored long robe which draped down on him tastefully. He had a wide golden belt cinched around his waist and on it, hung a beautiful piece of jade. The shape of the jade was cla.s.sic and elegant and seemed to be exuding a sense of gloom. He wore a purple gold hat on his head. His face was handsome but his expression was icy cold and slightly arrogant. He was polite, but it felt as if he was being condescending.

The other man standing beside him was the opposite. He was dressed luxuriously and wore four or five pieces of jade at his waist. His robes were long and find. The elegant robes were thrown over him haphazardly and it made one who looked at it feel uncomfortable. There was a scampish smile on his handsome face. He had not yet spoken, but his eyes had already scanned Mo Xuetong over. It made one very uncomfortable. Mo Ye took two steps forward and blocked his sight.

A trace of derision appeared in Mo Xuetong's eyes when she saw that it was You Yuecheng.

You Yuecheng was such a hypocrite. He did not like her and yet pretended to be gracious. Last night, he had plotted with Mo Xuetong against herself and knew that she and Mo Xuemin did not get along well with each other. Mo Xuemin wanted her dead. Would she still go and show concern for her? Or was You Yuecheng trying to take this opportunity to spread rumors about her being disrespectful to her elder sister and casting stones at her while she was down!

“Greetings, Your Excellency.” Mo Xuetong said gently. Even though she was smirking internally, she still had to maintain a facade. She emerged from behind Mo Ye and curtsied deeply to You Yuecheng and the other man. She got up and replied with a smile, “I have just returned from the General's Manor. What happened to Eldest Sister? Even Your Excellency is here to ask about her. Did something really happen to Eldest Sister?”

Then, she looked up with her beautiful clear eyes at You Yuecheng in confusion. She did not believe that You Yuecheng would announce what happened to Mo Xuemin in front of so many people!

You Yuecheng had not expected Mo Xuetong to not know anything. It was like hitting someone and then finding out that that person was filled with cotton and had not been hurt at all. He had agreed to accompany Li Youmo to the Mo's. He had emerged from Mo Huawen's study and met Mo Xuetong who was laughing prettily with her maid. That smile was offensive to him.

He recalled what Mo Xuemin told him and wanted to make things difficult for Mo Xuetong. He had stopped her intentionally. He wanted to use Mo Xuemin's incident to make it seem like Mo Xuetong was a bad sister who was not counseling her sister but was having fun with her maid. He wanted to make it seem like Mo Xuetong was a cold-hearted person who did not care about familial ties. He did not expect her to not even know what happened!

He could not say the mocking words he yearned to say and they remained stuck at his chest uncomfortably.

He was struck speechless, and Li Youmo took the opportunity to say,” Is this Third Sister-in-law? I am your Eldest Brother-in-law. I came because of what happened to your Eldest Sister. Is she in her courtyard? I have not seen her in a while and I quite miss her. I might as well visit her courtyard. Mingcheng, let's go together. Since First Miss Mo is about to marry me, you're no outsider and I won't mind!”

His words were extremely appalling. Even though Mo Xuemin had been reborn and had a good psyche, she almost vomited blood at what he said. You Yuecheng's haughty expression froze as he stood beside Li Youmo. Mo Lan and Mo Ye froze immediately. They have never seen someone so thick-skinned. Nothing had been confirmed and he had already addressed Mo Xuetong his sister-in-law and called himself her eldest brother-in-law.

The two had only met yesterday and he was now saying they have not seen each other in a long while. He was in the Mo's Manor but had treated it as if it was his own home and even invited a man into a lady's room. His careless expression seemed totally at ease and as if all he had said was inevitable and right.

Outrageous. This man was outrageous! Mo Xuetong needed to breathe out long and hard to fight the laughter that was about to erupt!

An outrageous man like this was indeed a good match for Mo Xuemin!

The evil vicious woman and the ruffian. No matter how many venomous schemes she had, she would not be able to win against him!

“You sc.u.m, you're bulls.h.i.+tting!” Mo Xuemin stood at the entrance of the garden with Mo Xiu. She was so angry her face was pale. She flushed and pointed at Li Youmo, shaking uncontrollably.

“Oh, First Miss is here! We are indeed connected at the spirit! First Miss, did you have the same thought as I do? A day without seeing you feels like three years, and three days without seeing you feels like nine years. First Miss, you know me so well. How about I go and tell father-in-law right now that tomorrow is a good day and we should get married quickly. Or First Miss and I would miss each other so badly it would feel like our organs are being torn apart. We might be ill before the new year is over.” Li Youmo focused on Mo Xuemin when she appeared and he swaggered up to her.

He was also considered a handsome n.o.bleman, but he felt more like a ruffian, especially when he walked. All his accessories shook when he walked and it made one wonder if any of his accessories would fall off him.

What would happen when the hypocritical Mo Xuemin meets the ruffian-like Li Youmo? Who would win? Mo Xuetong suddenly felt very expectant. She turned around and approached Mo Xuemin with concern so that she could see everything clearly!

It was unknown what You Yuecheng was thinking. He paused and then looked at Mo Xuetong arrogantly before approaching Mo Xuemin as well.

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