The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 475 - Why Do I Have To Apologize

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Chapter 475: Why Do I Have To Apologize

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If this were to reach Ji Cheng’s ears, then the Film Academy’s reputation would be ruined!

Furthermore, it was Sun Yiwu who personally looked for Lu Man.

“As for these things, did you already tell Professor Chen?” Teacher Yao asked.

“I’ve told her already, I explained everything very clearly,” Lu Man answered.

“When you say that it’s Ji Cheng’s movie, I believe you, but claiming that Sun Yiwu personally gave her a call? That’s too surreal,” Counselor Chen sneered, “Even if she had acted in Director Sun Yiwu’s movie before, how could their relations.h.i.+p be so good? Why don’t you say that Director Sun Yiwu directly personalized a movie for you.”

“Professor Chen,” Professor Yao said in a low voice, “You’re going a bit too far.”

“Hmph!” The counselor coldly and turned her face away.

Actually, she was just not willing to admit her mistakes.

Now it was just hard to back out of this troublesome situation.

“I also heard that Director Ji Cheng is planning on filming his own movie, and had put in a lot of effort. With Director Ji Cheng’s personality, the movie should be quite good, and this is also an opportunity for Lu Man.” Professor Yao tried resolving the situation. “Although the school does not allow Year One and Year Two students to film, the truth behind it is that they are scared that students would be cheated. But if the opportunity is really good, then the school would not ruin the student’s chance either.”

Professor Yao asked politely, “Professor Chen, why don’t you approve Lu Man’s leave?”

The counselor was forced into a corner, but since Professor Yao was a colleague, she couldn’t not give her face.

While Lu Man was a student, it was not the same.

In the future, as colleagues, she still had to be cordial with Professor Yao.

“This is not easy to settle, because there has already been an exception, Zhang Xiaoying, and there are not a lot of students in the cla.s.s, letting the two of them take leave to film at once, would the other students still have the mood to continue lessons?” The counselor’s face looked troubled, “But since Professor Yao has already spoken for you, then let it be. As long as you apologize to me, I’ll approve your leave.”

Lu Man, “Apologize? What did I do wrong that I need to apologize?”

Professor Yao frowned slightly but did not say anything.

No matter what, it was better to give a face to the counselor.

“You still refuse to admit your mistakes?” The counselor asked angrily.

“There’s nothing I need to repent for because I didn’t do anything for which I should apologize It’s always been you making a.s.sumptions and slandering, I was only telling you the facts and speaking logically.”

It wasn’t her fault, so why did she have to apologize?

She won’t let herself be aggrieved like this!

She would not let what is right become wrong just so that she could get some days off school.

What was wrong was always wrong, what was right was right.

“Good, good, good.” Counselor Chen shook her head in disapproval. “Professor Yao, you saw that too, it’s not that I’m not giving her a chance, it’s just that she refuses to admit her mistake.”

Professor Yao frowned, a bit unhappy that the counselor was stirring up more trouble.

After listening to both sides, Lu Man was really not in the wrong.

She had honestly come to ask for a leave, it was one thing for Counselor Chen to not approve it, but she should not have approved of Zhang Xiaoying in front of her; one should not look down on people so much.

Moreover, she even suspected Lu Man of lying.

Anyone would be angry at being accused wrongly!

Lu Man clearly did not do anything wrong, what was the use of apologizing?

It was just that Counselor Chen really did give in because of her, and it was not good for Professor Yao to fall out with a colleague for a student.

In the end, Lu Man confirmed once again, “Professor Chen, you really won’t agree, is that it?”

“Yes, even if you want to apologize to me in the future, I won’t approve your leave request!” Counselor Chen then told Professor Yao, “Teacher Yao, you saw it, it’s not that I’m not giving you face.”

Teacher Yao’s head hurt so much that she pressed her temple, what a mess!

“Alright,” Lu Man said calmly, her facial expression did not show anything, no angry at all.

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