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Chapter 387: Leaving j.a.pan

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Mitsui Kazuo was dead.

The news was even more shocking to the politicians of East Asia than Takemiya Hiro and the four Demon G.o.ds’ sudden death and the crus.h.i.+ng defeat of the Fourteenth Brigade.

Most of them had dealt with Mitsui Kazuo before and had heard of many of his incredible stories. As the last boss at the Mitsui Group, he was one of the main contributors to the rebuilding of postwar j.a.pan. He was also the maker of the golden era in j.a.pan. He and his friends in the government had lead j.a.pan, a war-torn nation out of recession and deprivation and became the second strongest economy in the world. Their economy mighty have even threatened to surpa.s.s the Americans in the 80s.

The Mitsui Group owns many companies that were familiar to Chinese and Korean citizens: Sony, Toyota, Tos.h.i.+ba, Sanyo, just to name a few. As the leader of the Mitsui family, the old man possessed unimaginable clout both in the political landscape as well as in the world of commerce. His influence could be felt across the entire East Asia.

However, Chen Fan had killed this legendary figure without any difficulties.

The leaders in East Asia couldn’t help but feel threatened and in disbelief.

Chen Fan’s previous victims, such as Takemiya Hiro, Lord Susano or the soldiers of the Fourteenth Brigade were from a different cast than those in power, so their demise in the hands of Chen Fan didn’t make them feel threatened. However, Mitsui Kazuo was a role model among the elites, and his death was much closer to home to politicians and tyc.o.o.ns. The family lord of the Lee Family of the Samsung Group, for example, was inspired by Mitsui Kazuo in his youth and held the old man in the highest regard.

Therefore, when the Lee Family Lord heard the death of Mitsui Kazuo, he was disheartened beyond measure.

The news had taken the oxygen out of Lord Lee’s lungs. His face turned dark as he murmured: “How dare he? How dare he kill that old man?”

This went on for a while until some servants started to worry about Lord Lee’s mental stability. When they came up to Lord Lee to check on him, the old man pushed them away with great force and ordered the death of Lee Hyeok-Gyu with resounding resolution. He then sent out an envoy to China to officially apologize to Chen Beixuan.

The death of Mitsui Kazuo had scared many mighty figures in east Asian. It had become evident to them that Chen Fan wielded enough power to crush an army, and he would not hesitate a second to use his power, regardless of the implication. Anyone who messed with him would have to pay a price, regardless of the person’s prestige and power.

The prime minister was shaken to the core. He scrambled to call upon the Americans for their a.s.sistance to bring Chen Beixuan to justice. The Prime Minister’s office had to push aside many other important matters in order to focus on dealing with Chen Beixuan.

However, unknown to the j.a.panese, Chen Fan was already on a cruise s.h.i.+p back to China.

Chen Fan wagered that the death of Mitsui Kazuo should serve as a lesson for the j.a.panese bureaucrats. They would think twice before making a move against Chen Fan next time.

“Mr. Chen, Miss Yukis.h.i.+ro, the banquet is about to start. Miss Kon Jen’yu is going to perform for our guest tonight. Would you two like to interact with her on stage? “The manager of the cruise was a courteous looking young man. He asked Chen Fan and Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa politely.

They were on the cruise named Queen Elizabeth

The cruise s.h.i.+p departed from Hong Kong and headed north along the Chinese coastline, then headed east toward Korea and then j.a.pan. It would remain at the port of Osaka for a while before it headed back to Hong Kong.

The entire trip took ten days and it was sold as a ten-day East Asia Package at some of the most high-end travel companies.

The s.h.i.+p only weighted thirty thousand tons, much smaller than the Swan Princess that Chen Fan was on during his sojourn in Hong Kong. However, the inside of Queen Elizabeth was equally as opulent and comfortable as the Swan Princess. Chen Fan and Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa had booked the VIP pa.s.s that came with the entrance ticket to the banquets.

Kon Jen’yu?

Chen Fan crooked his head and was unfamiliar with the starlet’s name.

Most well-established performers would not take jigs on a cruise s.h.i.+p. Chen Fan had met Yun Qianqian on the Swan Princess only because Nie Yuanhu and his son were throwing a party on the cruise s.h.i.+p.

“Very well, It’s time to loosen up a little bit.”

Chen Fan registered an expectant light in Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa’s eyes, so he nodded his consent.

Ever since he arrived in j.a.pan, he had been entangled in battle after battle: Kitaniwakawa, Takemiya Hiro, the four Demon G.o.ds, and the Fourteenth Brigade. He barely even had time to relax and have a good night of sleep. The tense situations didn’t allow Chen Fan to lower his guard while he was in j.a.pan. However, they were about to leave j.a.panese territory and the China sea is only a few leagues away. Chen Fan thought that it was about time to loosen up a bit.

“Terrific! We will hand out the invitations right away. Please enjoy your meal.” The manager bowed slightly and then backed away from the table.

After the manager was gone, Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa frowned and asked: “Master, what if the j.a.panese recognized us during the banquet?”

“So what? we are almost out of the j.a.panese territory and entering the China Sea. Are they going to send more fighter jets after me?” Chen Fan yawned and then said jeeringly: “I bet the j.a.panese are relieved that I am gone now.”

Chen Fan’s last comment had caught Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa by surprise, but soon she saw the truth in it.

It was better not having to deal with the problem at all than overcome the problem.

The government would have to keep their guard up as long as Chen Fan was still in j.a.pan. The Prime Minister’s office was already on the brink of collapse under the immense workload. To think that the Americans in j.a.pan would be able to bring Chen Fan to justice was also just wishful thinking.

It would be easy for Chen Fan to deal with the American threat; he only had to hide inside a large city such as Tokyo. There were only ten thousand American soldiers in the entire j.a.pan and even if they all gathered at Tokyo, the city was still too large for the Americans to comb through.

Therefore, the j.a.panese officials must be relieved after learning that Chen Fan had left j.a.pan. It was simply too costly to fight against Chen Fan. All their previous actions were simply a bluff, intended to scare away Chen Fan. Not even the Prime Minister himself had faith in the American’s ability to make a change.

“You have made a powerful nation become wary of you. Master, you are so bada.s.s.” With that thought in mind, Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa looked at Chen Fan with a great measure of respect. All her doubts about Chen Fan’s power had evaporated.

“Stop staring at me, eat your food now. We still have a banquet to attend.”Chen Fan patted the girl’s head and said: “Ah, right, don’t call me master when we are in China. It’s kinda weird. Just call me Young Lord.”

“Yes, Mas… Young Lord.” Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa lowered her head coquettishly, making her look like a well-trained obedient servant girl in the old times.

The banquet was held at the largest ballroom on Queen Elizabeth.

People on the cruise were elites from all over the world. There were celebrities from Hong Kong, Super rich from South East Asia and Zhong Hai, and elites from Korea.

The cruise stopped at many ports, and people were constantly getting on and off the s.h.i.+p. However, only those who had over ten million worth of a.s.sets would have received the invitation.

“I have heard Mr. Kon was in Korea as a guest on a talk show. She got on board when the s.h.i.+p stopped in Korea. As soon as she was aboard, the cruise manager requested her to perform on the stage.”

A man carrying a wine cup in his hand put in.

“Kon Jen’yu is very popular these days. Her songs are all over the internet. My little one is a big fan of her and wanted to meet her for a while. I must ask her for an autograph when I see her later.”

A tyc.o.o.n with a puggy and greasy face said.

After Chen Fan and Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa changed into more decent clothing, they walked into the ballroom and joined the crowd.

In order to avoid the j.a.panese government’s detection, Chen Fan had changed his appearance to that of a young college student. He and Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa looked like an odd couple while standing together. Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa was wearing a white dress that revealed her soft shoulders. She had kept other parts of her body covered, but somehow still seemed to have attracted much attention.

Since most of the people at the banquet were shrewd businessmen, they knew they couldn’t judge a person by his appearance. Therefore, no one dared to look down on Chen Fan.

Many even suspected that Chen Fan was an heir of the super-rich in China, otherwise, he would not be able to have such a drop-dead gorgeous companion.

The two of them each picked a gla.s.s of wine and found a seat. Even as they were about to sit down, someone shouted at them in surprise.

“Miss Yukis.h.i.+ro?”

Chen Fan looked back and saw a spirited middle-aged man saunter toward them. The middle-aged man had a stately demeanor that contrasted with his glinting eyes. He trailed behind two bodyguards that were obviously powerful Internal Force users. Chen Fan could sense the Internal Force emanating from their body at a distance.

“Mr. Qi?” Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa was taken by surprise to see the middle-aged man as well. She hurried to fill Chen Fan in. “Young Lord, he is Qi Dongsheng, Qi w.a.n.gsun’s father.”

“He is Qi Dongsheng?”

Chen Fan shot a knowing glance at the middle-aged man.

He was the boss of the Dong Sheng Group, the tyc.o.o.n of Northern China. In Chen Fan’s last life, he had pushed Qi w.a.n.gsun into a corner and eventually spurred him to run away from him to the USA. Qi w.a.n.gsun had remained in the United States of America for the rest of his life in Chen Fan’s last life. This time, Qi w.a.n.gsun’s fate was altered for the better thanks to Chen Fan. If Qi w.a.n.gsun were to marry Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa while she was possessed by the Demon G.o.d, he would be manipulated by the possessed girl with ease.

Qi Dongsheng didn’t recognize Chen Fan, he walked past Chen Fan with a broad smile on his face, and had not spared a glance at Chen Fan.

“Miss Yukis.h.i.+ro, what a small world! I have heard some news about your family, is everything OK?”

“I am fine. Thank you for your concern.”

Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa gathered herself and said coldly.

If not because he was the father of Chen Fan’s friend, she would not even readily offer a reply.

However, Qi Dongsheng didn’t much mind Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa’s cold tone since that was how he remembered how she was. He carried on a short conversation with Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa and as the rest of the guests recognized Qi Dongsheng, they all stayed away from him.

Qi Dongsheng didn’t start to notice Chen Fan until he had prattled on for ten minutes. He gave Chen Fan a curious look and asked: “You look so familiar. Please remind me who is your father?”

“I am Chen Fan and I am Qi w.a.n.gsun’s roommate.” Chen Fan furrowed his brows and replied in Chinese.

“Ah-Ha! I apologize for not recognizing you. You look rather different than your picture.” Despite Qi Dongsheng’s words, he sounded contemptuous.

Qi Dongsheng’s reaction made Chen Fan knot his brows even tighter.

Why didn’t Qi Dongsheng recognize him?

Didn’t his son tell him everything, tell him what Chen Fan had done to help the Qi family? Even if Qi w.a.n.gsun had omitted the details, why didn’t Meng Zhong bring it up either?

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