Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 696 - Please, Come Out Quickly!

Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! -

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Chapter 696: Please, Come Out Quickly!

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The main personality thought about his previous memories. He missed the warmth Lin Wanwan gave him and enjoyed the care and concern she provided. It was the same way she treated Lu Zhanbei, and this brought him out.


He liked Wanwan too.

He liked her very, very much.


Lin Wanwan looked up and smiled at him. “What’s wrong?”

The cute little puppy looked at her and asked with a tense expression, “Do you like me more, or… him?”

Lin Wanwan took a while to realize that the “him” he was referring to was the real Fu Zhinian.

To be honest, she preferred the cute little puppy. He was more clingy and knew how to act like a spoiled child. They had also spent more time together.

As for the main personality… she could only say that she felt heartache at his predicament. There was nothing more.

Lin Wanwan remembered Lu Zhanbei said before that Fu Zhinian’s dual personalities could sense each other.

If she said the truth, she might hurt the main personality’s heart.

“Both of you share the same body. I like you both the same.”

The cute little puppy lowered his head. He muttered in a voice that only he himself could hear, “Is that so? Then, if a day comes where only one of us could survive, who would you choose…?”

“Xiao Niannian, what are you talking about?”

Fu Zhinian recovered himself and revealed a smile on his face. “Nothing. I just feel really great when I’m together with you.”

Lin Wanwan was amused.

Yun Mansion was a little far away from school. Lin Wanwan was used to taking a shortcut. The gradually darkening sky and moving tree shadows made them feel like they were in a horror movie.

“Don’t be afraid. We’ll be arriving soon.”

Lin Wanwan was worried the cute little puppy would be afraid. She didn’t forget to comfort him and to speed up at the same time.

There was a big turn in front. She slowly turned the steering wheel, only to realize that the car didn’t have the slightest intention to change direction. Instead, it was as if it was drunk as it started to swing left and right.

What was going on? The steering wheel wasn’t working?

An ominous feeling flashed past Lin Wanwan’s mind. She decisively stepped on the brakes.

There was no reaction.

Even the brakes weren’t working!


Lin Wanwan felt that the speed of the car was getting faster uncontrollably. The swings were more powerful as well. She forced herself to calm down and observe her surroundings.

They were about to reach the big turn. However, the car couldn’t reach it in its current state.

It was very likely, no, it was definite they would turn over!

Fu Zhinian felt the car’s violent shakes, and his voice carried a trace of panic as he said, “Wanwan, is something wrong with the car?”

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and said quickly, “When I count one, two, three later, we will jump together!”

Fu Zhinian glanced at the scenery outside the window, which were in a blur. Fear crept up in his heart, but more of it was anxiousness.

It was going at such a fast speed. If they jumped, they would definitely be seriously injured.

He didn’t want Wanwan to be injured!

However, what could he do to help?


As Lin Wanwan counted, she looked for a suitable spot to land upon jumping.

Fu Zhinian was feeling more and more anxious. He even developed a trace of self-hatred.

He was so useless. He couldn’t even protect a girl!


Fu Zhinian clenched his fists, and a thought flashed past his mind.

If it was “him,” he could definitely protect Wanwan well!

The cute little puppy closed his eyes and shouted desperately in his heart:

Come out quickly! Please, come out quickly!

Help Wanwan! I don’t want anything to happen to her!


As her words fell, Lin Wanwan planned to push open the car door. However, her hand was grasped by a bony hand.

She subconsciously turned her head and looked straight into that cold and indifferent pair of eyes.

“Move aside. I’ll do it.”

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