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Chapter 848: A Million Times for You (210)

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Mr. and Mrs. Lin nodded in unison. “Don’t worry, we’re both on Mingxi’s side now and we won’t breathe a word about it, not even over our dead bodies.”

“Bring some bodyguards along with you wherever you go for safety precautions. Leave the rest to me, you don’t have to worry. Now that they’ve met with a mishap, there are going to be a lot of prevailing problems.”

“Sorry to trouble you, Ms. An.”

“Don’t say that, Beicheng and I are a family too,” said An Xiaoning, who left the hospital after comforting Mr. and Mrs. Lin for a while.

She headed straight back to the Gu family mansion.

At this moment, the guards on the Gu family mansion reported, “Missy, bad news. Young Sir’s corpse has gone missing.”

An Xiaoning screeched in shock, “What!?! Have you checked the surveillance camera footages?”

“We don’t have the right to do that.”

“Check the footages immediately!” An Xiaoning ordered in exasperation. How could a dead person go missing without reason!?!

After watching the surveillance camera footages, An Xiaoning discovered that Gu Dongcheng’s corpse was taken away by a figure dressed in black, who was swift and fluid with his motions. It was clear that he or she was extremely skilled in martial arts.

What did that person take Gu Dongcheng’s corpse away for?

Regardless of how hard An Xiaoning had racked her brains, she could not guess their intentions.

Where could his spirit be now? An Xiaoning wondered to herself at the thought of the fact that Gu Dongcheng’s spirit had yet to be taken away by the reapers.

The hospital!

An Xiaoning prepared the necessary items and drove back to the hospital.

Her eyes darted around as she scanned her surroundings while wearing a cap and a surgical mask.

In actual fact, the last thing she wanted to do was to visit the hospital in the wee hours of the night.

The hospital contained the most number of spirits and supernatural beings.

They were practically lurking in every corner.

She boarded the elevator and headed to the intensive care unit.

She swiftly strode toward the observation gla.s.s and craned her neck to peek inside.

Just as she had expected, Gu Dongcheng’s spirit was standing right beside Gu Beicheng’s bed.

She hushed the bodyguards standing by the door and bent forward to stick an amulet on the gla.s.s.

She then quickly sprinted toward the back of the intensive care unit.

She whipped out her hooked rope and latched it onto the anti-theft window on the second floor. She swiftly leaped up and continued to climb up using the rope, all the way to the sixth floor. She then pasted two amulets on the anti-theft window before sliding down slowly.

She panted to catch her breath and returned to the intensive care unit afterward.

The nurse opened the door of the ward and allowed her to enter alone.

Upon the sight of her, Gu Dongcheng tried to escape through the window but was hindered by the amulets outside it.

“Go ahead and run, show me how you’re going to do it,” she sneered.

Gu Dongcheng remained silent and tried to exit from the main door, but to no avail.

An Xiaoning took out two more amulets from her bag unhurriedly and chanted a few curses, after which the amulets propelled toward Gu Dongcheng. He tried to deflect and hide from them. However, the amulets would take chase accurately regardless of where he tried to run. Finally, they managed to land on his head successfully.

A silence filled the room.

An Xiaoning opened the door and exited while he followed behind her abidingly. The absurd sight of an amulet following behind An Xiaoning’s footsteps caused the bodyguards and staff members’ jaws to drop in shock and bewilderment.

After taking a few steps, An Xiaoning turned around and said to a nurse who was taking a video with her mobile phone, “You’re not to film this and upload it online.”

The nurse frantically switched off her mobile phone and nodded profusely, frightened beyond words.

An Xiaoning picked out a room on the first floor of the Gu family mansion and pasted amulets all over the door and windows. After bringing Gu Dongcheng inside the room, she removed the amulet on his head.

“Is this the ending you wanted?” she questioned.

Shaking his head, he answered, “No. at least, I didn’t want my father to die.”

“But you shot him dead with your bare hands.”

“That wasn’t me,” said Gu Dongcheng, who seemed to know that he could not escape An Xiaoning’s clutches.

An Xiaoning scoffed and said, “If you didn’t do it, was it a ghost, then? Do you want me to show you the surveillance camera footages?”

“Show them to me.”

An Xiaoning did not expect him to really ask to view the footages. She instructed the bodyguards to send the footages to her mobile phone, after which she played the video clip and showed it to him.

He was the only one watching, for she did not dare to see it.

She did not want to witness his cruelty when committing the terrifying act.

She observed Gu Dongcheng’s facial expressions carefully and questioned, “Are you thrilled to watch the process of your murder?”

“Would you believe me if I said that I didn’t do it?”

An Xiaoning sneered, “You’re not a man at all if you refuse to own up to your actions. You only managed to succeed because they didn’t expect you to be so brazen as to kill them and hence didn’t have their guards up against you. You’re so maniacal and malicious that you went through with killing all your family members in your very own home.”

“I said, it wasn’t me! I was being manipulated. They said that they would help me kill Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi, they didn’t say that they would allow me to die.”

“Who are they?”

Noticing that he was keeping mum, An Xiaoning added, “Your corpse was taken away, I don’t know what they’re going to do with it. Do you have any idea?”


“I’m telling you, you’d better tell me the truth. I’ve sent my people to surround the people who had manipulated you. You didn’t want to see this happen, did you? You wanted to kill Beicheng and Mingxi, but you ended up killing your father as well. Do you think your late biological mother will forgive you for your actions when you meet her again in the netherworld? News of you murdering the Gu family members are all over the internet and broadcasting platforms right now. Soon, the entire S Nation will find out about how vicious you are. No one expected that you would be the cause of the fatal disaster that Grandpa had warned us about before he pa.s.sed on. If Beicheng and Mingxi die, your uncles and cousins are going to stand to gain from your relentless act and be ent.i.tled to all the a.s.sets and shares left behind. You’ll then become a tool that left the money in their pockets. You ended your own life for the happiness of others. That’s the kind of karma sinners like you shall receive.”

One would usually realize what was most precious to them only after they’re dead.

Your life is the most precious thing ever that no amount of money can buy.

Once you’re dead, none of your material possessions or spouses would belong to you!

“Just who was controlling you? Do you still plan to keep it a secret?”

Gu Dongcheng looked up at her and finally spilled the beans, “I’ll take you there, but there are quite a few of them. Bring more bodyguards with you.”

An Xiaoning parked her car at a spot farther away from the factory and alighted, after which the large entourage of bodyguards followed suit. They proceeded to get into position and waited on standby along the various exits of the roads. The remaining bodyguards then followed her while Gu Dongcheng led her to the abandoned factory.

“I’ll go in to take a look,” said Gu Dongcheng.

An Xiaoning pasted a different type of amulet on him, one that would prevent him from escaping.

Gu Dongcheng returned after a long while with tears streaming down his face uncontrollably. “What’s wrong?” An Xiaoning asked.

“They’re preparing to conduct an experiment on my body. I don’t know what experiment that is…”

“How many people are there inside?”

“About six or seven. The others may be sleeping.”

An Xiaoning turned around and instructed her bodyguards, “Surround this factory and spread yourselves around the area. I’m afraid there might be secret pa.s.sageways here. I’ll go in to take a look. All of you must rush in as soon as you hear me whistle.”

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