The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 816 - A Million Times for You (178)

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Chapter 816: A Million Times for You (178)

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Xiao Bai used the tray to serve three bowls of tomato and vegetable noodles.

He placed the tray on the table and used a pair of chopsticks to pick up a few strands of noodles that he threw into the small cage. The two hungry white rats could not afford to be picky with their food and started munching on it vigorously.

The three had their eyes fixed on the small cage as they watched the white rats eating happily.

After eating the noodles, the two rats lay there, not moving an inch. The three exchanged glances, then Xiao Bai opened the cage and used his hand to poke the white rat, but it lay completely still.

He whispered under his breath, “Did they pa.s.s out?”

An Xiaoning replied, “Let’s wait and see.”

Xiao Bai then proceeded to close the rat cage.

“When you went down just now, did you see the woman eating downstairs?”

Xiao Bai nodded seriously. “Yes, she was eating with the old fellow. One look and you could tell she is a brainless thing.”

“Not necessarily.” An Xiaoning took out a sharp and thin pocket knife from her bag, removed her socks, and stood on the bed. She then took the knife and started forcefully carving a hole on the wall part.i.tion.

On the other side of the wooden part.i.tion she was carving was none other than the new lady’s room.

Now, her and Fan s.h.i.+xin’s room was in the middle, Xiao Bai’s was on the other side, and the woman’s was on this side.

Without much effort, she managed to carve an extremely small hole.

Placing her eye against the wooden part.i.tion, she found that it was just enough to see the full view of the room’s interior. She had originally thought that she would be able to spy on the young lady at night, but this small hole proved completely useless for that.

She got down from the bed and told Xiao Bai, “Carry one bowl of the noodles back to your room. Pour them into a plastic bag and hide it under the bed. We’ll all pretend to be asleep and see what exactly this old fellow is up to.”

Xiao Bai immediately took the bowl of noodles back to his room.

Fan s.h.i.+xin took a bag while An Xiaoning poured two bowls of noodles into it, tied it up, and threw it under the bed. They then put on the pretense of having pa.s.sed out, with Fan s.h.i.+xin leaning over on the table while An Xiaoning was bending over on the bed.

They then closed their eyes and acted like they were unconscious.

After half an hour, a few knocks sounded on the other side of the door.

The one outside the door did not hear any sound and a smile crept on this person’s face. After taking out a key to open the door, the person strode in with big steps.

An Xiaoning and Fan s.h.i.+xin did not open their eyes and didn’t even dare to leave them half-open.

They took such pains to hold it in only for one reason: to find out what the person was up to.

From the sound of the footsteps the person took, it evidently was not the elder.

The footsteps were powerful and definitely belonged to that of a younger person.

According to their judgment, the person that entered had to be someone young.

Their guess was correct as the person who was in the room at the present moment was not the elder but the lady who’d moved in just today.

She took out a knife and first held it against Fan s.h.i.+xin’s neck to test him, then held it against An Xiaoning’s neck thereafter. If not for the high tolerance level of the two, they would not have been able to keep it in any longer.

After all, they were not completely sure if the woman was trying to test them or kill them.

After testing them out, the woman raised her hand and brought the phone in her hand closer to her lips, muttering, “Okay.”

With that, she went out of the room. From the sound of her footsteps, she seemed to have gone to Xiao Bai’s room next door.

Xiao Bai was forcefully dragged out of the room by the woman. Even then, he did not reveal any sign that would give him away.

The woman dragged Xiao Bai into the same room as the other two, allowing all three of them to stay in the same place. Very soon, the elder, who had not been seen for some time, appeared with three metal chains in his hands.

“Grandfather, there’s three of them. I’m afraid they’ll wake up. Why don’t we kill them first before getting the blood?”

“No, we can’t. After people die, their blood flows extremely slowly and it won’t be fresh anyway. Hence, blood that’s let out when one is still alive is the best.” The elder’s voice became rather desperate as he pa.s.sed her the metal chains. “Quickly, chain them up.”


When the metal chain was about to be tied around Fan s.h.i.+xin’s leg, he released a strong kick and the woman was immediately thrown to the ground. The next moment, a knife was placed at the woman’s neck.

An Xiaoning and Xiao Bai also stood up a second after. Looking at the situation, the elder who had pretended to be blind widened his eyes slightly, with not a single sign of panic revealed on his face.

“Old fellow, you’ve miscalculated.” An Xiaoning’s face turned cold and she whipped out her gun, aiming it directly at the elder’s head without any hesitation. When the bullet came out, there was not a single sound emitted by the silent pistol.

With ordinary people, when a bullet goes through their head, they would at least collapse if they didn’t die on the spot.

But the situation before them was different.

Even when the bullet went through the elder’s head, he stood there motionless. Despite blood dripping down profusely, there was no sign of him collapsing.

“Young lady, being impulsive isn’t a good thing.”

The elder’s voice had changed from what they had previously heard. Before, the voice they had heard coming from him was that of an old and feeble man. But now, it was bright and sharp. Hearing it made one feel unusually uncomfortable.

“Who on earth are you two?!”

“Who we are isn’t important. What’s important is that the three of you shouldn’t think about leaving this place alive today.” He darted a cold glare and stretched his wrist behind his shoulder, drawing out a long knife from his back and waving it toward them.

Fan s.h.i.+xin exerted strength with the knife in his hand, and the young lady let out a terrifying scream. Thereafter, blood started spurting out from her neck and splattering all over the floor.

The elder’s eyes reddened. The huge knife he wielded was actually headed towards An Xiaoning, but seeing the state his granddaughter was in, he immediately changed his target to Fan s.h.i.+xin.

As his movement was extremely quick, Fan s.h.i.+xin was about to dodge, but the knife was already about to land on him.

An Xiaoning threw a kick toward the elder, which used only about three-quarters of her strength. The elder was like a kite with a broken string and was thrown back by the powerful force at a rapid speed, breaking multiple wooden part.i.tions in the way.

“Xiao Bai, drag that woman down!”

After her words landed, the two went down the stairs at lightning speed.

By the time the two of them had left the wooden house, the elder was lying down on the ground, motionless.

“A gunshot can’t even kill him. I’m afraid his heart has only been numbed temporarily.” An Xiaoning took out a dagger and decisively slit the elder’s throat.

“There’s no gas here, let me get some dry wood and burn this place.”

“Alright.” During the afternoon when she and Xiao Bai were on the way to check the inner dwellings of the mansion, they had seen a stack of dry wood.

These dry wood were now moved over and thrown into the wooden house.

Xiao Bai dragged the woman to the first floor and hurriedly went back upstairs to get their luggage.

Before they lit up the dry wood, An Xiaoning made Fan s.h.i.+xin check the watermelon field. She and Xiao Bai then used the key to unlock the elder’s room. When they shone a torch into the room, even An Xiaoning took two steps back in shock.

Human skulls were hung everywhere in the room. There were rows of them hanging from a wooden plank. Taking a closer look was enough to make one shudder in terror.

Xiao Bai’s whole face had turned pale as he grabbed onto An Xiaoning’s arm. “Sis, who on earth is this elder?”

“Don’t know, where’s the light switch?”

“Here.” With his trembling hand, Xiao Bai reached out to a human skull and flicked the switch on it. The room was instantly illuminated.

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