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Chapter 707: A Million Times for You (69)

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Jin Qingyan remained still and wiggled his fingers underwater. “That’s right, I came here precisely because I knew you were here. I heard that you came here for the hot spring. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the few times that we got intimate inside the hot spring at home, back in the day. The thought of it still makes me smile,” he said in his unique, alluring voice.

An Xiaoning was flushed red, though she was unsure if it was because of the hot water or the anger she felt toward Jin Qingyan.

“You’re so used to spouting such lewd things without hesitation. Seems like you’ve really attained the highest level of shamelessness.”

“I only share these thoughts with you. Outsiders will never get to hear me say such things,” said Jin Qingyan, staring at her with glistening eyes.

He wished he could cup her face in his hands and kiss her cherry lips.

However, she would definitely kick him out of the pool, given her headstrong character.

What a wet blanket.

An Xiaoning was sizing him up at the same time that he was gazing at her and forming ideas in his head.

He was dressed in a white b.u.t.toned s.h.i.+rt and a pair of black trousers.

He appeared clean and graceful in the water.

“Qingyue and Mr. Ling have registered their marriage. What are you doing here instead of going to congratulate them and celebrating with them?”

“The two of them have gone on a honeymoon trip. It’s not too late to celebrate when they return for their wedding after the New Year. They’re different from others. People usually hold a wedding first before going on their honeymoon trip, yet they’re the opposite.” Jin Qingyan unb.u.t.toned his s.h.i.+rt and said, “My interest lies wherever you are.”

“Are you… going to soak yourself here? I’ll go elsewhere, then,” said An Xiaoning, who stood up immediately.

Jin Qingyan s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto her swimsuit that was wrapped tightly around her pet.i.te and slender body, which was enticing enough to cause a tension to form in his crotch.

An Xiaoning began to feel uncomfortable and disturbed by his intense stare. Just as she was about to step out of the tub, she shrieked at the top of her lungs and kicked him.

Jin Qingyan knew that her combat defense skills were formidable and had long prepared himself for her attack.

He was on his guard and defended against her strike. However, right after she broke free from his grip, she struck him again ruthlessly right in his crotch while he was not noticing.

“Can’t you kick another area? How am I supposed to pleasure you if you damage me down there? Spare a thought for yourself even if you don’t care about me. Ah!” he said, clenching his jaw in pain and staring at her.

While he was speaking, he was attacked once again.

Jin Qingyan clutched his crotch in pain and exasperation.

“I’ve been training in my free time lately, just so I could deal with you. Watch how I’m going to punish you!”

An Xiaoning did not have the upper hand since it was hard to move about in the water due to the resistance.

Jin Qingyan hugged her tightly from behind and grabbed her bosom, causing An Xiaoning to freeze in shock. She then moved her head back forcefully and headb.u.t.ted him right smack in his forehead, catching him off guard and causing him to retreat backward.

An Xiaoning quickly took the chance to slip out of the tub.

She was fuming with anger. I can’t even have a peaceful time in the hot spring!

Jin Qingyan yelled for her to stop and said, “Let’s soak in the hot spring properly. I won’t touch you again.”

An Xiaoning stopped in her tracks and retorted, “Are you sure I can believe your words?”

“Yes, I won’t touch you anymore. Didn’t you come out specifically for the hot spring? Your body is frail and susceptible to cold temperatures. Let us both get along peacefully, alright?”

An Xiaoning turned around and sat back inside the tub.

They indeed continued to soak in the hot spring peacefully.

Jin Qingyan stared at his mobile phone and did not talk to her.

An Xiaoning did the same.

The two of them hung their heads low and played with their… mobile phones.

Neither of them provoked each other.

The seemingly peaceful and relaxing afternoon pa.s.sed just like that.

As evening approached, An Xiaoning exited the hotel in a fresh set of clothes and proceeded to have dinner.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she noticed that Jin Qingyan was no longer around, thinking to herself that he must have left the place.

After enjoying a leisurely dinner on her own, she proceeded to take a stroll and let her food digest before heading back to her room to get some rest.

Since it was still early, An Xiaoning decided to watch a movie before going to bed.

Not long after she dozed off, her phone began ringing continuously. She subconsciously reached a hand out in a bid to switch on the lights.

However, she did not manage to complete her action because she suddenly realized that she was unable to move.

She opened her eyes, only to be greeted with the sight of a bizarre pair of eyes and face that were staring at her with its head tilted.

An Xiaoning’s heart almost jumped out of her chest, for she was not expecting to see a supernatural being so abruptly.

She did not notice any spirits when she first entered the room.

She could not even manage to move an inch or make a sound, and she felt incredibly oppressed by the weight on top of her, which made it hard for her to even breathe.

An Xiaoning closed her eyes again, and she held her breath with all her might. She finally woke up completely all of a sudden.

Cold sweat broke out on An Xiaoning’s forehead, and she took deep breaths of fresh air the moment she switched on the lights.

She sat up straight and stared at the ghost, which was standing by the door.

“How dare you lie on top of me!?!”

The ghost’s eyes widened in shock, surprised to find out that she could see it. Thus, it tried to scare her again and taunted with a chuckle, “Aren’t you afraid?”

An Xiaoning grabbed her bag and retrieved an amulet. “Let’s see who’s going to be afraid,” she said.

She then chanted a spell, after which the amulet darted toward the ghost.

A piercing shriek filled the air, and the ghost instantly vanished.

An Xiaoning got down from the bed and picked up the amulet. No longer in the mood to sleep, she put on her clothes and left the room with her bag.

It was extremely chilly at night on the mountain. Just as she was about to reach her car, she stopped in her tracks and stared at the man beside her car.

“Why are you still here?” she asked.

He squinted and said, “I was getting ready to leave. Why did you come out again?”

“I was pinned onto the bed by a spirit. It killed my mood for sleep.”

Jin Qingyan burst into laughter and said, “The scientific term for that is ‘sleep paralysis.’”

“I really saw a ghost. It’s not sleep paralysis.”

She unlocked her car with the key. Just as she was about to get inside the car, she stopped and turned to meet his eyes. “Can you stop getting your bodyguards to shadow me?”

“But I’d like to know your whereabouts all the time.”

“I don’t like being watched and monitored all the time. It makes me really uncomfortable.”

After all, who would enjoy not having any privacy or freedom at all?

She did not wish to live her days under his surveillance.

It was too stressful and oppressive.

She felt as if she could not escape his clutches at all.

Noticing that he was not answering, An Xiaoning thought to herself that he definitely wouldn’t agree to it. Yet, she heard his voice just as she was about to enter her car.

“Your wishes will be granted.”

An Xiaoning did not answer and instead got inside her car straight away.

He followed suit, and their cars left the place, one after another.

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