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Chapter 1487: Great to Have You (47)

The pain was only temporary, and most of it had subsided by the time Mu Wansheng came to again.

She was in high spirits and continued to stay in the hospital with Fan s.h.i.+xin.

It was a fresh day for her.

Mu Wansheng and Fan s.h.i.+xin only returned to S Nation in November.

She was extremely thrilled and agitated, because it had been a long time since she last saw her daughter, Fan Mianmian. Although they had video calls regularly, she still missed her greatly.

Mu Wansheng could not stop looking at herself in the mirror. Although she looked more or less the same as she did before the accident, her current appearance was not identical to her previous one.

Her voice was restored back to how it was, however.

She no longer had to wear a veil to hide her scars.

She could show her face to the public openly.

She no longer had to feel ashamed and embarra.s.sed when holding onto Fan s.h.i.+xin’s arm.

There was new hope in life for her.

The moment they disembarked from the plane, Xiao Bai and the rest applauded enthusiastically to welcome them home. Mu Wansheng was on cloud nine because she could finally stand in front of everyone unashamedly.

After the fanfare, Fan s.h.i.+xin proposed to her in plain sight.

Mu Wansheng was entirely caught by surprise.

He was by my side every single day. When did he prepare the ring?

Mu Wansheng was dumbstruck while staring at Fan s.h.i.+xin, who was holding the ring in his hand with one knee on the ground.

She then said, “Yes.”

Fan s.h.i.+xin brought her home to get their clothes changed before heading straight to the Civil Administration Bureau without even stopping to visit their daughter.

Mu Wansheng was amused by how eager he was. She said, “I’m not going to run away, we can always do it tomorrow too.”

“We’ll get it done today.”

“Alright, it’s your call,” she agreed. She then changed into another outfit and dolled herself up.

Upon arriving at the Civil Administration Bureau, Mu Wansheng said, “s.h.i.+xin, aren’t we supposed to be dressed in white instead?”

“It’s alright, our outfits are very matching. The visual effects of the photo are going to be beautiful.”

“You have a point.” After taking another few steps forward, she stopped and asked, “s.h.i.+xin, should we inform your parents first?”

“It won’t be too late to inform them after we’ve collected our marriage certificate.”

“There’s a candy store over there, shall we buy some wedding candy before getting our marriage registered?”

“The candy isn’t important… the most important thing to do now is to get our marriage registered. Everything else can wait,” he said while grabbing her wrist.

He then brought Mu Wansheng to the entrance of the Civil Administration Bureau.

“Are you getting married or divorced?” the staff asked.


“The counter for registering your marriage is over there. Ah, you look really familiar. Are you Fan s.h.i.+xin? You’re so much more das.h.i.+ng in person! I signed up for a blind date with you in the past!” the staff said while staring at him in shock.

Fan s.h.i.+xin was at a sudden loss for words. Feeling a little awkward, he thanked the staff and brought Mu Wansheng to the marriage registration counter.

They proceeded to have their photo taken, sign the marriage agreement, and exchange vows. When it was time to stamp their thumbprint onto the certificate, the female staff at the counter remarked, “You two look really familiar.”

Fan s.h.i.+xin smiled courteously without uttering a single word.

The staff was as slow as a sloth when getting the paperwork done. She constantly stared at them while smiling like an idiot.

“I really find you two very familiar-looking. Are you famous?”

“We’re not. Will you please hurry up and give us our marriage booklets? Thank you,” Fan s.h.i.+xin answered eagerly.

Mu Wansheng chuckled, finding him to be extremely adorable.

When handing them their marriage booklets, the female staff said, “Congratulations.”

Fan s.h.i.+xin was over the moon.

Mu Wansheng stared at the photo of them smiling widely. From now on, she was his lawful wife and they were a complete family.

After exiting the Civil Administration Bureau, Fan s.h.i.+xin proceeded to buy lots of wedding candy and even informed his parents of the good news while on his way to the Fan family home.

They went to pick their daughter up gleefully.

Fan Mianmian had grown taller and chubbier. Mrs. Fan had dressed her up in a princess outfit, accompanied by a floral hair clip on her braid.

Upon the sight of her mother, Fan Mianmian hugged her and said, “Mommy, you’re finally home. I missed you so much.”

Hugging her back tightly, Mu Wansheng said, “Mommy missed you too. My baby has grown taller.”

“I’ve gotten fatter too. Grandma said that I’m a little piggy.”

Mu Wansheng smiled and asked, “Are you a piggy, then?”

“No, of course not. I’m Daddy and Mommy’s pretty little princess.”

Once again…

She self-proclaimed that she was a princess.

“Son, when is your wedding going to be held?” Mrs. Fan asked.

“Within the next few days. We’re in no hurry. We’ve already registered our marriage anyway. We’ll hold the wedding after having our bridal photos taken.”

“Good idea. However, you guys will definitely be very busy with the wedding preparations. Just leave Mianmian with us. We love her so much. She’s such a mischievous little imp.”

Mu Wansheng agreed with a nod, “Sure.”

They returned to Wei Ni Estate.

As soon as they entered, all of Fan s.h.i.+xin’s subordinates who were on duty sprinted toward them and surrounded them excitedly.

“Chief, congratulations!”

Beaming with joy, Fan s.h.i.+xin said, “Let your actions do the talking. Our wedding is to be held in a few days’ time. Come with your red packets ready.”

Clutching his chest, Xiao Bai said, “Are you out to kill me? Everyone’s getting married and yet I’m still old and single. We’ll have to empty our pockets again this time, now that Chief is getting married. Ouch!”

Fan s.h.i.+xin glared at him and said, “I’m giving you guys an important task now. Make the necessary preparations for my wedding. Here’s my card.” He handed them his card and said, “It doesn’t have to be the most expensive, but it must be the best.”

Xiao Bai swiftly grabbed the card and exclaimed merrily, “Yes, Sir! I don’t have to fork out my own money for the wedding red packet, then. I’m going to use your money, Chief!”

Fan s.h.i.+xin said, “I want a clear list of all the wedding and banquet expenses. I’ll tally the sums after the wedding.”



On the following day, Mu Wansheng and Fan s.h.i.+xin proceeded to have their bridal photos taken.

Fan Mianmian was again sent to her grandmother’s house.

Mu Wansheng decided to patronize the same bridal store that she went to prior to her marriage to Luo Hang.

She wanted to see if the customer service had improved and to have the wedding photos of her and Luo Hang deleted. Although it happened a long time ago, she felt the need to replace them.

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