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Chapter 747: Palpation

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Tian Guozheng was pushed into a meeting room in his wheelchair.

As soon as he entered the door, Tian Guozheng put his hands together and apologized to both sides, “I'm really sorry. I'm talking with several local people about the zebu business. After the breakfast meeting, my stomach is full. They still won't let me go, so I can't excuse myself. Brazil is a good place to discuss everything except cattle breeds. That one's a problem…”

His show of weakness and his sincerity made everyone let his tardiness slide with a smile.

“I've invited several doctors this time, and I feel embarra.s.sed about it.” Tian Guozheng looked at his butler, smiled, and talked about today's most sensitive topic sincerely, “Ever since I came to Brazil, I've been injured multiple times, but not to the extent of having the need to go through surgery. This time, my health consultant told me that I have to do surgery, and I'm really scared…”

Everyone in the room showed cooperative smiles.

“As you can see, Cuba Town's conditions are just average. It's only suitable to treat some minor diseases, and my body is not suitable for long-distance travel. Therefore, I can only ask you to come here. After some thinking, I believe that there is strength in numbers. I hope you can give me more therapeutic plans as a reference,” said Tian Guozheng as he held up a teacup on the table.

The butler immediately came forward and began to distribute a stack of materials, and said, “This is Mister Guozheng's recent test reports. Please don't take it away. After reading it, please put it back in the bag…”

Ling Ran also got a kraft paper bag similar to an XL-sized archival bag.

When he took out the data inside, he saw various reports, especially imaging scans.

The first thing every doctor did was to look at the medical imaging scans. Ling Ran was no exception.

MRI scans.

CT scans.

X-ray scans.

Everyone looked at them one by one with a solemn expression.

“So… what do you think, everyone?” Tian Guozheng was a firm man. At this time, he was a little uncertain.

For a person, being able to use his knees or being able to walk were two different things. No matter how level-headed he was, he would feel uneasy when he faced a group of highly professional doctors.

“Doctor Ling, go on and voice your thoughts.” Brent Wallace gestured for Ling Ran to speak.

In the United Kingdom, Brent Wallace's position in the field of Orthopedics was similar to Zhu Tongyi's position in China. The two people's age gap was not huge. Just like Zhu Tongyi in China, Brent Wallace had become a leading figure who was semi-retired from the frontline of the medical world.

Even if he were to perform surgeries, he would only do guided surgeries. Wallace's original plan was to perform the surgeries with his apprentice. Since Ling Ran was there, he changed his plans.

Now that the British people took a step back, Department Director Li from China also could not be bothered to compete. He also did the same thing. “Doctor Ling, go on ahead.”

Once both parties modestly declined to speak, everyone's gaze focused on Ling Ran.

Tian Guozheng had also been a vagabond for many years. At this moment, he instantly noticed that the incredibly handsome young doctor in front of him was in control of the situation.

Tian Guozheng could not help but look at his butler, who shook his head before he nodded.

Then, Tian Guozheng looked at Tian Qi, his niece, who looked back at him and was full of pride and confidence.

“I'll perform a physical examination,” said Ling Ran as he took out an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. After wiping it all over his hands, he went to the front and performed palpation on Tian Guozheng before he made a few gestures in the air.

Ling Ran's actions were simply pleasing-looking to others. It was as if he was greeting them and attracting their attention.

But for Ling Ran, he had already dissected Tian Guozheng's knees.

Actually, since this was a surgery in the field of orthopedics he could get all the information he needed when he referred to the X-rays and MRI scans. However, Ling Ran did not mind spending a few seconds to verify the situation using the Virtual Human.

In Ling Ran's point of view, the room was already flowing with blood. The cut femoral artery was like a slit up hose which could not spray out water but could only let it flow out.

At the same time, the uneven level of bone fragments also made the shape of the Virtual Human horrifying, as if its leg was cut in half.

“Doctor Ling?” Tian Guozheng focused on Ling Ran.

Ling Ran hummed before saying, “It's a relatively simple meniscus injury, cruciate ligament injury, and osteochondral fracture. The recent pain you're feeling should be mainly caused by cartilage fragments… ”

Tian Guozheng smiled. “You make it sound simple, but I don't think it's simple at all.”

“The surgery will take about thirty minutes or so,” Ling Ran said, “If we were to do it now, it should be over by lunch.”

“Haha, it's that simple…?” Tian Guozheng obviously did not believe it. He smiled and looked at the other doctors.

Wallace smiled and nodded at him.

Tian Guozheng was stunned for a moment. “The previous doctor did not describe it in such a simple fas.h.i.+on.”

For a moment, the room was in silence. Department Director Li coughed a couple of times and said, “Nothing is a small matter in terms of surgery. From the perspective of a patient, we have to say that surgery is neither a small matter nor simple. Of course, there are simple and complex distinctions when it comes to surgery techniques…”

Tian Guozheng understood it at once. People who were doctors also needed verbal skills to avoid shouldering responsibility, and that was why they made certain surgeries sound very difficult.

“So, should I have had my surgery earlier?” asked Tian Guozheng.

Department Director Li hesitated for a moment and said, “You have your own reasoning if you want to delay the surgery. Regardless of what the surgery is, there will always be risks. Statistics are for doctors. But for patients, if a risk occurs, they will have to suffer through it completely, isn't that right?”

Tian Guozheng nodded and looked at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran said, “You should have had surgery earlier.”

Tian Guozheng was stunned again, and he smiled as he said to Tian Qi, “This is interesting.”

Tian Guozheng rarely praised people. He then turned around and was ready to receive the look of grat.i.tude. But Ling Ran was expressionless.

“Interesting,” Tian Guozheng repeated with a smile, and he looked at Department Director Li and Wallace before he said, “How are you going to arrange the surgery?”

This time, it was Department Director Li's turn to be stunned.

If this were an outpatient consultation, Department Director Li would have already cla.s.sified Tian Guozheng as a difficult patient. In fact, Tian Guozheng now looked like a difficult patient. He not only tested doctors, but he also tried to partic.i.p.ate in the doctor's consultations and treatment process.

If he were any other patient, Department Director Li would have slapped him.

Unfortunately, Tian Guozheng had a special ident.i.ty. So, even if he were a difficult patient, Department Director Li had to be patient as he said, “An arthroscopic surgery is generally relatively simple. We will do some physical examination for you and make some preoperative physical adjustments, mainly fluid transfusion and medication. If there is no problem, the fastest for you to go for surgery would be half a day, it will take two or three days if it's slow. The wound for this surgery is very small, and it's only on the knee, so you don't have to worry…”

“I see… I've heard that although there are only small wounds in arthroscopic surgeries, there are still some downsides to it…” Tian Guozheng was hesitant. He had not had surgery for two years to treat the pain, and there was obviously a reason for it.

“Mister Tian, why don't we perform a checkup for you first?” Department Director Li looked at Ling Ran and Wallace before he took the initiative to stand up. He was rather familiar with the situation in front of him.

Sure enough, Tian Guozheng nodded.

“If possible, we can find a few more patients with similar diseases, and we will have several similar surgeries along with yours,” Department Director Li added, and Tian Guozheng nodded again.

Tian Guozheng looked at Department Director Li, who knew what he wanted, and he almost wanted to ask him to be his chief surgeon. However, Tian Guozheng asked, “Why did you recommend Ling Ran to operate on me, Department Director Li?”

Department Director Li knew the meaning behind Tian Guozheng's question. He glanced at Ling Ran and smiled in resignation. “Doctor Ling's skill is better. In terms of arthroscopic surgery, Doctor Ling's surgery records are better, and the patients' recovery after surgeries are better.”

Department Director Li did not intend to compete with Ling Ran for the position of chief surgeon. He earnestly admitted this fact with the thought of being generous to the end.

Wallace, the British doctor, also supported and boasted about Ling Ran. Department Director Li did not recklessly fight for it. Even if he won the battle, he would just win over operating on a difficult patient. Department Director Li really did not want to fight.

Tian Guozheng listened to Department Director Li. The words he wanted say, which was, “You, come and operate on me.” immediately died in his mouth. Department Director Li spoke nicely, but as a patient who was frightened by the surgery, Tian Guozheng really could not give up on a doctor with better skills just for a doctor who could speak pleasantly.

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