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Chapter 677: Willing

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It was drizzling outside early in the morning, and the air was fresh.

At the arrival hall in Beijing, there were green and flouris.h.i.+ng devil's ivy and spider plants that welcomed the customers who would never look at them properly.

Huo Congjun took firm steps out of the pa.s.sageway, then he smoothly took his seat in the car that was sent over by the pharmaceutical sales company.

"Department Director Huo, should we go to the hotel or hospital first?" The pharmaceutical sales representative who sat beside the driver seat politely asked. Even though Huo Congjun was not his customer, helping out each other in the company was a job that he could not avoid.

Huo Congjun smiled in a friendly manner and said, "Send me to the hotel, please. Oh, I've said that I wanted to rent a car…"

"We have rented one for you. It's in the hotel parking lot."

Therefore, when Huo Congjun arrived at the hotel, he quickly took a shower and changed his attire before he made a call to Zuo Cidian.

Two hours later, Huo Congjun came to the Emergency Department of Donghuang Regional Hospital.

Ling Ran was busy working in the emergency room.

For Ling Ran, the workload from the Emergency Department of Donghuang Regional Hospital was slightly lighter, but it could somewhat fulfill his demand. After all, the surface area of Donghuang Regional Hospital was bigger, and it was equipped with more hospital beds. If he was willing to work, there would always be a high number of patients in the Emergency Department.

"Ling Ran." Huo Congjun frowned and walked over with bigger steps.

"Department Director Huo, why are you here?" Ling Ran was performing a physical examination for a patient, and he did not stop working even when Huo Congjun came over.

"For a meeting," Huo Congjun answered Ling Ran with the simplest words. He then asked again, "Why haven't you come back yet? The hospital beds in Yun Hua Hospital are all empty now. If you're still not coming back, the Medical Affairs Department will pa.s.s our hospital beds to other departments."

Ling Ran raised his head swiftly. "How can they take our hospital beds?"

"I know, right? But you're not with us, so we can't do anything. Some departments do not have sufficient hospital beds, and they want to put their patients in the Emergency Department. I can't say no when the hospital beds are all empty. There are still patients who are admitted through other connections coming over. In hospitals nowadays, empty hospital beds are an attractive resource…" Huo Congjun kept nagging, and his main point was empty hospital beds.

In fact, the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital operated like this before Ling Ran joined. The unused hospital beds would be lent to other departments, and normally, they did not have any comments about it. Anyway, the observation room in the Emergency Department also did not inspect their hospital bed turnover rate.

However, while it was easy when a person's living condition turned from a frugal lifestyle to something luxurious, it was difficult to revert back to a frugal lifestyle. Huo Congjun was used to the feeling of Ling Ran taking up all hospital beds, so he actually did not want to give out the hospital beds anymore.

Ling Ran obviously cared about this more than him. He frowned and said, "Their speed in contacting patients for freelance surgery in Beijing is very slow, I also can't do anything about it…"

There were not many elderly patients with liver cancer. Besides, they also needed to consider the patient's personal preference. Even the few hospitals that Ling Ran contacted could not possibly supply him with a continuous stream of medical cases.

Huo Congjun chuckled. "If they cannot supply you with a medical case on time, you can just go back to Yun Hua Hospital. When they collect enough medical cases, you can come back for freelance surgery at that time. If things simply don't work out, we can let the patient come over Yun Hua for treatment. "

Ling Ran thought about it, and it seemed… very logical.

Ling Ran slowly nodded. "I will go back to Yun Hua Hospital in two days…"

When he said this, Ling Ran raised his head again and looked at Huo Congjun before he asked, "Which day are you going back?"

"Tomorrow morning," Huo Congjun directly answered.

Zuo Cidian coughed violently.

Huo Congjun just came today, and he was leaving tomorrow in the morning. This was completely different from his daily working mode.

But Huo Congjun did not care too much about it. He looked at Ling Ran and said, "I can book a business cla.s.s couch. If we leave tonight, we will still be able to make it."

Undue delays might bring trouble, so why should they stay for another night?

So, Ling Ran seriously considered it.

Zuo Cidian was slightly anxious. Once they got back to Yun Hua Hospital later, the chances for him to practice his skills would be lesser. However, they would absolutely not be able to continue not going back to Yun Hua Hospital and working in another's place. After all, the number of patients in Donghuang Regional Hospital was not high.

"Doctor, doctor…" Another patient with blood all over his body was pushed inside. A girl by the side of gurney shouted loudly while she wiped her tears.

"Coming," Zuo Cidian answered before he walked over.

These days, the main reason for him and Ling Ran being able to stay happily at Donghuang Regional Hospital was because they had superb medical skills, high efficiency, and high proactivity. Zuo Cidian and Ling Ran worked for free, so the other doctors naturally did not reject their presence.

If they did not work efficiently and proactively, Donghuang Regional Hospital would still send them to the General Surgery Department out of respect for the department director of the General Surgery Department.

And that was naturally because there was no way they could approach Colles' fracture in the General Surgery Department.

Zuo Cidian learned to perform two cases of Colles' fracture over the past two days. Although it was the simplest type of surgery, if it were to be categorized, there were still many types of it. Zuo Cidian also worked very hard, and it was only then that he managed to somewhat set those fractures.

The patient laying on the hospital bed also had Colles' fracture a.s.sociated with other symptoms. Zuo Cidian chuckled, took a pair of scissors, and walked forward.

"Hi, did you break your leg while riding a motorbike? I'll remove your clothes now." As Zuo Cidian spoke, he was about to cut the patient's s.h.i.+rt.

"Wait, don't cut my T-s.h.i.+rt. My daughter gave me this." The patient was in a rather good mood, and he smiled as he said, "Wait for a while, I'll take off my T-s.h.i.+rt."

As he spoke, the patient moved his body and tried to take off the T-s.h.i.+rt that was stained with blood.

Zuo Cidian looked at him in resignation and said, "Your ribs might be injured as well, don't use too much strength. It's just a T-s.h.i.+rt. Even if you tell your daughter, she will understand, right?"

"That's not okay. This s.h.i.+rt is newly bought. I've only worn it for a few days, and not only have I made it dirty, you want to cut it into pieces? That's ridiculous. Help me, please," the patient said and continued struggling to move on the hospital bed.

Zuo Cidian looked at the girl beside the gurney, she cried so much that no tears flowed out of her eyes anymore.

The girl said, "I'm the one who ran into him."

"Alright." Zuo Cidian could not say anything. Since the patient insisted on this, he could only help him take off his T-s.h.i.+rt.

When the T-s.h.i.+rt was taken off, Ling Ran walked forward and helped in performing a physical examination.

The girl started to cry again.

"It's not a severe injury. He only has a bone fracture on the arm and multiple lacerations, but it's not a big problem. You just need to handle the bone fracture and lacerations next, then admit him into the hospital and observe him for two days. He should be alright by then." Ling Ran looked at the girl, and the words he spoke could pretty much be considered an explanation.

The girl cried out loudly, "I can't hold my tears back, I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't be crying, but forget the fact that I ran into a human, I would normally cry for days even when I hit a dog…"

The patient heard and rolled his eyes. "What do you mean by running into a dog?"

The girl immediately apologized. "Sorry, I'd rather hit a dog…"

The patient quietly turned his head around and looked at Zuo Cidian before he extended his arm.

Zuo Cidian came forward, bent the patient's arm, and started to perform a manual reduction.

Ling Ran helped from the side, and the two of them completed another case of Colles' fracture very soon. Zuo Cidian was extremely confident now. He looked at Huo Congjun, and he wanted to perform a manual reduction on him so badly.

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